Today’s Fun House (free version)

The full Fun House, including today’s film clips, about 9,000 back issues, more than 70,000 HD film clips, and more than a million images and collages, is anchored here. Today’s highlights:

  • Jennifer Lawrence fully naked in No Hard Feelings – in a 4k clip!
  • Some awesome nostalgia: Stella Stevens in Slaughter

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6 thoughts on “The Fun House is back

  1. FWIW, Greg… Detailed comment added to Hef’s 4k web clip of Asteroid City nude scene posted on Phun. Attempts to make a straightforward 2-point case calling into question the “perfect synch” between the legs & the full-nude headless reflection. Based on a frame at just the right moment, & on any frame with the book seen both in foreground & in the reflection at the same time. Please take a look. Hopefully you find it helpful toward your own determinations.

  2. From the Uncle Scoopy movie house, there is another film called Sweet Revenge from 1984 which was shown frequently on A&E for a number of years. It starred Alec Baldwin, Kelly McGillis and a very cute Helen Hunt who wore some skimpy outfits.

  3. I’d like to suggest that you fill out more of what the book is about in the Amazon listing. There is only one sentence, and for those that do not know you, doesn’t really say enough to give a taste of what is ahead.

    1. Feeling perfect. I have my size and strength back to normal, but am still in the middle of the process.

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