Thanks to laterals, five Cal runners managed to evade 155 Stanford defenders.


Time had expired in the 1982 game, and Stanford’s 144-piece marching band was so certain their boys had already won, that they were already doing their thing near the goal line. Cal’s 5th runner, Kevin Man, had to wend his way through the band to score the winning touchdown. Damndest thing you’ve ever seen!

New Polish series on Netflix

Zofia Jastrzemska in episode 5

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Zofia Jastrzemska in episode 8

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The flashing scene is really well done. The series is about a Polish-Romani family that returns to conservative Poland after years of living in the UK. The daughter of the family, who has grown up in Wales and is more English than Polish or Romani, is understandably frustrated by essentially having to go back in time. (She wants to be a rapper.) In this scene, about a dozen relatives are gathered around the TV in their old-fashioned home, watching some family videos, cooing about how lovely the daughter is, when the little minx flashes the camera, bringing all conversation to an embarrassed halt.