Barbara McNair

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Dana Wynter

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Oddly enough, I have a kind of a personal connection to this obscure, ham-handed film. I was into the beautiful singer Barbara McNair at the time, and I read about this nude scene in the latest Playboy, so I dragged my college roommate halfway across the Bronx to see it, luring him with the promise of some great lasagna at an affordable nearby restaurant. The nude scene wasn’t bad, albeit not as good as we might have expected from the Playboy article, which included these frames that never appeared in the film.

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The movie itself was shit, and as far as I could tell, had nothing to do with the Chester Himes novel except the title.

Roger Ebert said:

“If He Hollers, Let Him Go!” is trash. That it should be playing in a reputable first-run theater is astonishing; apparently it opened downtown because it has two cheaply exploited angles: nudity and racism. The ads make a lot of both. The plot is insulting garbage. The story panders in prejudice. This is an evil film, a dishonest film, an ugly film.”

The New York Times basically echoed those sentiments, calling it “contrived, unconvincing and dishonest,” and ranting against the “impossible dialogue.” The reviewer began by calling it a “lurid, cliche-flapping melodrama” and “painfully embarrassing.” He concluded by writing, “Raymond St Jacques has no business here, nor has anyone except those curious to see just how bad a picture can be.”

Yeah. I agree with them. Complete crap. Not even successful crap. The box office was minimal, despite the boost from Playboy. Why anyone thought this film would deserve a 2023 Blu-Ray release is mystifying, but it made me happy, and not just because of my personal nostalgia. The film actually has some historical importance, in that it represents the only career nudity from both McNair and Wynter, and we can now see that in (admittedly mediocre) 1080 resolution.

I want to bite … your carrot.

The only way to kill him was with a stake steak.

(It’s about Vlad Tepesh, aka Vlad III, aka Vlad Drăculea, aka Vlad the Impaler, a Romanian ruler who is said to have been the inspiration for the fictional Dracula. He was described as “a demented psychopath, a sadist, a gruesome murderer, a masochist” – a real party animal, but apparently a healthy eater.)

I never care for week two of the college season. It usually involves the top teams hosting non-conference pushovers to give the home crowd something to cheer about.

Most of the major powers did just that: Penn State won 63-7, Clemson won 66-17, LSU won 72-10, Florida State won 66-13, Oregon State won 55-7 and Louisville won 56-0. All of those were homecoming games except for Penn State, which played its first two at home. Those were the most dramatic examples, but not the only ones. In other home games involving top teams, Georgia won 45-3, Ohio State won 35-7, Kansas State won 42-13, Michigan won 35-7, Michigan State won 45-14, Washington won 43-10, Syracuse won 48-7, TCU won 41-6, West Virginia won 56-17 and Duke won 42-7. Even Army and Navy managed to find teams weak enough that they could shut them out in front of a home crowd. In Army’s case, they managed a 57-0 curb-stomping. Which team could be bad enough to lose 57-0 to Army? That would be the Delaware State Hornets. They are an FCS team, and apparently not a good one, given that they lost in week one to a Division II team!

#6 USC probably didn’t think they were following the pattern. They actually hosted their conference rival, Stanford, which normally fields a fairly competitive team. (Stanford beat USC in 2021.) This year doesn’t seem to be so normal. USC scored 49 in the first half, whereupon they emptied the bench.

However, there was a major exception to the pattern. Mighty Alabama, #3 in the nation and the perennial team to beat in college football, hosted the Texas Longhorns and got their asses handed to them. Except on Alabama’s own campus and among ‘Bama alumni, not a single tear will be shed over that one.