What a weird movie. Pinochet, the former Chilean dictator, is still alive as an immortal vampire, but he’s finally ready to die. Is it comedy? Is it social satire? Is it horror? Or is it just plain odd?

This is a B&W movie. Just for fun, I tried out an online AI Colorizer, and both versions are below.

image host image host image host image host

Here is the result from a different AI Colorizer. This one is very easy to use. It goes for a more muted palette.

image host image host

Both systems seemed to do a pretty good job at guessing the colors. The only place where they differed significantly was in the color of the table. IMG2GO guessed that it was sort of blond wood, while colourise.com came up with a faded white or gray. I have no way to know which was right. Some day when I have more time to kill, I should completely desaturate some color photos, then see how close the colorizers come to restoring the original colors.

Brilliant, funny headline! (But no actual article. From the Onion.)

Here’s another:

Resilient Aaron Rodgers Vows To Return More Detached From Reality Than Ever

“In a way, maybe this is a blessing in disguise. Although it sucks to be injured and not be out on the field with my teammates, it will give me time to reflect on the batshit things I believe in and maybe even detach from reality altogether.”