Alice Isaaz is naked in the first episode of 66.5

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66.5 is a new original series from the French broadcast and streaming giant, Canal+. The setting is the anfractuous French legal system. The series was supposed to be released months ago (IMDb says March 10th), but was delayed for reasons that I have not been able to determine. The first two episodes finally came out this week.

The mysterious title refers to attorney/client confidentiality, as follows:

Article 66.5 of the Law n° 71-1130 of December 31, 1971 on the reform of certain judicial and legal professions provides that “in all matters, whether in the field of advice or in that of defense, consultations addressed by an attorney to their client or intended for the latter, correspondence exchanged between the client and their attorney, between the attorney and their colleagues, with the exception of correspondence marked “official”, interview notes and, more generally, all documents in the file are covered by professional secrecy.”

A communication between an attorney and a prospective client is also protected by professional secrecy, even though a client/attorney relationship is yet to be formalized.

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  1. “Anfractuous: adjective. characterized by windings and turnings; sinuous; circuitous.”

    A) I learned something new today. That is good.

    B) I am proud that UncleScoopy feels he can throw a curveball like “anfractuous” here, and the majority of his readers will catch it. That is good company to be in. (I also learned that curveball is one word, not two.)

    C) I am concerned that UncleScoopy is becoming El Guapo-esque. No doubt my vocabulary would benefit from that, but I would not enjoy having my intellectual inferiority constantly revealed to me.

    PS – Is anfractuous a word everyone else learned by the 6th grade? If so, I apologize for having boggled at it.

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