Cassidy Hutchinson is back with more crazy Trumpworld anecdotes

I’m not going to go into them, because they will be done to death this week as she promotes her book.

I just want to make a note on a picture accompanying a Cassidy story.

One site says: “Congressman Jim Jordan is 6’3″. This makes him one of the taller members of Congress.” Yeah … maybe not.

Here is Jordan next to Cassidy Hutchinson (5’7″, so probably 5’10” in heels), Kevin McCarthy (5’10”) and Mark Meadows (6’0″).

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There are some perspective issues in that photo, but it’s clear that Jordan is much smaller than Meadows.

Matt Gaetz is reliably measured at 6’2″ according to his arrest record, but if Jim Jordan is 6’3″, then I’m guessing that Gates may actually be seven feet tall (see below). I guess that could be. He does have the forehead of Fred Gwynne as Herman Munster, who was about seven feel tall in those built-up shoes.

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Jordan’s real height? Well, he wrestled at 134 in college, so I’d say 5’7″ or 5’8″ is a decent guess.

14 thoughts on “Cassidy Hutchinson is back with more crazy Trumpworld anecdotes

  1. I should really go into politics. I’d be forty pounds lighter, six inches taller and women would throw themselves at my massive dick.

  2. Jordan was an assistant wrestling coach at Ohio State while the team doctor was molesting athletes. They reported it to Jordan. He did nothing.

    He could be 6’10” and he’d still be a small man.

  3. Jordan is clearly on the shorter side. Has he ever claimed otherwise or is it only listed on one of those noname celeb reference websites where everyone’s “net worth” is 200 million dollars? Like his policies or not, Jordan is not a stupid man.

    1. Rrrrrrrrrrrrrright. Never got it up to risk taking the bar exam. Low weasely cunning of the Trump sort maybe, intelligent no.

      He comes from nearly my neck of the woods and I’ve heard a lot about him from people back in Ohio. I have yet to hear any words like smart or intelligent.

    2. So he just plays dumb re: tv interviews and judiciary hearings …

      Indeed, then he fits right in w/the Rep current party, eh.

      1. They were both called that. But I don’t recall anyone ever disappearing Goebbels from a photo. Neither was ever called Meyer.

  4. And what’s with the indiscriminate use of “towering?” 6-2 is not towering, nor is 6-3 — and as you note in that picture with Rapey McForehead, he is nowhere near 6-2.

  5. Jordan’s plethora of insecurities notwithstanding, what is his shoe size? 😛

    Yielding back the balance of my time …

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