Hoda Taheri and Magdalena Jacob in Mother Prays All Day Long (2022)

The two of them are credited as co-authors. Hoda, an Iranian refugee living in Germany, also directed. Quite a scene. Dark-haired Hoda goes down on Magdalena after Magdalena gives Hoda the Full Arbuckle. (You can see the bottle in several frames.)

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10 thoughts on “Hoda Taheri and Magdalena Jacob in Mother Prays All Day Long (2022)

  1. For those readers who weren’t alive in 1921, Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle was accused of raping a woman with a bottle, who later died. (The bottle was exaggeration by the Hearst scandal papers at the time.) Arbuckle was tried three times for the crime and was ultimately exonerated, but it ruined his career.

    Scoop: Not sure if rape jokes or comparing what looks to be a consensual sex scene with sexual assault, are the best looks for you, friend.

    1. Say what? There was no sexual assault or rape in the Arbuckle case, as you pointed out.

      The whole bottle thing was fabricated from whole cloth. Nothing like that, nor any other form of sexual assault ever happened. Virginia Rappe herself testified to that on her deathbed! In fact, Arbuckle could prove with corroborating witnesses that he was never even alone with Virginia Rappe.

      I was, of course, referring to the Hearst-era sensationalism that created this legend.

      When Arbuckle finally got a fair trial without suborned witnesses, or jurors with a conflict of interest, the jury exonerated him – literally within about five minutes, which consisted of one minute to vote and four minutes to compose an apology to him for his treatment by the courts.

      Because the system was corrupt AF, Matthew Brady was never charged with malicious prosecution. He didn’t even lose his job! He remained the D.A. in SF (an elected position) for another two decades.

      1. I was about to try to carefully research what an Arbuckle is. Thanks for the quick history lessons, people!

      2. If it didn’t happen, then why are you perpetuating the myth by calling it the full Arbuckle?

          1. There was a NY Post machine at the top of the long escalator at the Eastern Market Metro here in DC. I loved to scan their headlines after I had bought my WAPO from the street guy. I walked a step and then it hit me and I tried to lean back for another look.. Damn near took a tumble down the escalator.

          2. The Post was insane back in the day. I guess it still is in many ways.

            • WACKO JACKO BACKO
            • FAIRY GODFATHER (Story about a gay mob boss.)
            • CLOSE BUT NO CIGAR (Senate fails to convict Clinton)
            • AXIS OF WEASEL (France and Germany opt out, or as the Post worded it “wimp out,” on Iraq invasion.

            And, of course, about a zillion headlines about ol’ Carlos Danger.

            • Weiner Roasted
            • Hide the Weiner
            • Hung Out to Dry
            • and the best of all:

    2. I daresay no other reader here was alive in 1921, but somehow we still managed to accumulate some knowledge and clearly knew the reference. But thanks for providing a refresher from one who was there and kudos on your longevity.

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