UPDATED: Sophie Lane Curtis topless in On Our Way (2023)

She also wrote and directed the film which reunites Franco Nero and Vanessa Redgrave, two of the three stars of 1967’s Camelot. I’m not kidding about that, even though Camelot was released 56 years ago. Nero is 81, Redgrave 86. (The third star, the late Richard Harris, would have made the movie so much better. Like Max Van Sydow and Curtis “Booger” Armstrong, he made any movie better.)

Vanessa’s grandson, Micheal Neeson, is also in the cast.

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Johnny Moronic’s film clips from this movie can be found here.

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  1. I applaud any woman that does a nude scene, but I extra-applaud one who writes herself a nude scene.

    I need a better word(s?) than extra-applaud; however, the sentiment stands.

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