The scene that made Sydney Sweeney a legend

You never know how long these .gifs will last on Imgur (Reddit nuked it within minutes), but I happened to stumble onto this one, and it’s spectacular – upscaled, color-adjusted, showed down and in 60fps.

The sample below gives you a general idea, but you have to see it in smooth motion to truly appreciate it.


image host

12 thoughts on “The scene that made Sydney Sweeney a legend

  1. I love how the cameraman (probably a man), says “screw it!”, and zooms right in on those beauties.

    “We don’t need to see her face!”

  2. To anyone who can’t see the imgur file: as of the time of this comment, I was able to download the file from imgur and view it that way.

    1. It is still there on imgur, but I’m sure they’ll get it down sooner or later. It seems like they always do.

      But Reddit nuked the link to it immediately.

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