I’ve been in at least 50 countries, mostly for business, and I have said before that I found Denmark to be the friendliest place I’ve ever visited, with Ireland second.

Those two nations are both among the drunkest on the list, so maybe the drinking explains it.

Or it could be the red hair that’s so common in both places.

Nah, it’s the booze.

The IMDb page for this film has no votes, and says, “Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot.”

The absence of a summary doesn’t necessarily mean that nobody has seen it. It probably just means that nobody knows what this is about. I sure don’t. Maybe I should just submit a summary that says, “This film is deeply fucked-up.”

The poster should give you some idea:

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The only review I could find says, ❝River is a psychotic Trainspotting on a hallucinogenic trail.❞ Well, doesn’t that make it sound delightful!

Having noted that, I’ll add that Manon looks good naked. So the film has that goin’ for it.

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Or maybe it’s not Satan, but just one of Satan’s minions. That dude has more helpers than Santa. Wait! Maybe Santa is Satan, and is just a poor speller.

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Bec also acted in a film called American Satan, so she’s got quite a niche going on. To be fair, she was also in a Hallmark production called Christmas Tree Lane, so she’s trying to give Santa equal time.

Except for the sex scenes, of course.

Many actors try to balance prestige and commercial productions with the philosophy “one for me, one for them.” I guess her mantra is “one for me, one for Satan.”

Now I got curious. I’m wondering now whether American Satan is a Ted Cruz biopic.