Turns out that the most famous Indigenous Canadian is a fraud. She’s neither Indigenous nor Canadian.

CBC obtained Sainte-Marie’s original Stoneham, Massachusetts birth certificate from Feb. 20, 1941, which says she was born to Winifred and Albert Santamaria at 3:15 a.m. Her name was Beverly Jean Santamaria.

That was attested by the attending physician on the date of her birth, and was stamped as “received” by the town clerk on the following day.

Other documents corroborate the birth certificate.

Further supporting the CBC’s conclusion is the fact that there is a trail of Buffy’s easily disproved lies (that she was taken from her Indigenous parents during the Sixties Scoop), as well as a history of her ever-changing, contradictory stories.

Her lawyer must be a real-life Lionel Hutz. Back in the Watergate days, we became familiar with the term “non-denial denial,” which was exactly the type of weak-kneed denials we saw here, essentially the final indication that the story is true. When confronted with the birth certificate, the lawyer responded, “Children adopted in Massachusetts were commonly issued new birth certificates with their adopted parents’ names.” There are four problems with that assertion: (1) It offers no timeline about when such things might have happened (was that in the 1640s?), and apparently isn’t true at all about original birth certificates; (2) The local authorities had already pointed out that this was Buffy’s original birth certificate, signed and dated by the obstetrician on the day she was born and certified by the town clerk the next day; (3) The non-specific nature of the lawyer’s statement is telling. Note that the lawyer doesn’t address Buffy’s specific birth certificate at all, although he certainly would have if could contradict the CBC story. The lawyer just tries to get us to assume that the generic claim must somehow apply to Buffy; (4) Issuing an American birth certificate to a child born in Canada, thus making that child eligible for the American Presidency, would be a federal crime.

The lawyer dug the hole even further when asked about all the other documents and family testimony proving that Mrs. Santamaria gave birth to Buffy in Massachusetts. The attorney completely side-stepped the question and asked that Buffy be given privacy! Oops. That attorney gave every clue to indicate “The story is true” except to say “I won’t dignify that with an answer.”

“Kaia Gerber turned heads at the Planet Omega’s Fashion Panel & Cocktail Reception in NYC, flaunting her spectacular legs in black stockings and a transparent black top.”


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Bonus in the gallery: she was accompanied by her twin sister mother, Cindy Crawford. It’s odd to contemplate my own reactions to seeing them together. We humans learn to recognize faces, and I therefore have a clear idea what Cindy should look like, although that idea was formed several decades ago. Therefore, my instant reaction is that the young woman who looks like Cindy Crawford is Cindy Crawford, while the GILF next to her is somebody I have to look up!

As a blonde teenager she won a recurring role on the Bold and the Beautiful. She was then a regular on the sixth and seventh seasons of the ABC sitcom Boy Meets World (1998–2000). After a few small film roles, she retired from acting in the early 2000s, only to re-emerge about a decade later as a sexy red-head on Snapchat and at comic-cons. She’s still beautiful, and now much bolder, in that she has now gone full porn, which will explain why there is no sample shown below.