According to Google Translate, the site says:

“The Australian TV presenter Jess Eva shared with her audience (mistakenly, she says) a nude video while she was changing clothes in her dressing room. From what she said, she had forgotten about the mirrors.”

Oh, those pesky mirrors! They’ll get you every time. And who would ever expect them in a dressing room?

Despite what you may be thinking, my headline is not a typo. Ginger is topless in a 2023 film. As Ginger Lynn, she was the queen of porn in the mid 80s, and was Charlie Sheen’s main squeeze in the early 90s. She turns 61 next month.

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Also naked in this sure-fire Oscar nominee (as you can see, best cinematography is in the bag!): Jessa Flux

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Elon Musk’s SpaceX Starship was forced to self-destruct in a second launch disaster

This brings back a lot of memories. When I was in elementary school, the teachers would often wheel an old B&W television into the room so we could watch the latest NASA launch. Failure followed failure (see video below). It seemed to us that we would never have a successful one.

But take heart, Elon. Within about a decade of those early failures, Neil Armstrong and the Buzzer were strolling on the moon and returning safely.