When we discuss films, we often discuss “gratuitous nudity,” that which is unnecessary to the plot or artistry of the film. In this case, since nudity is really the entire point of the film, we would have to discuss “gratuitous plot” – anything that interrupts the nudity.

Fortunately, there is not much gratuitous plot. They manage to get most of the exposition done while they are naked.

Ya gotta love director Nicolas Roeg. He always knew what was important.

Well, important to me, anyway.

He’s the same guy who directed Walkabout, The Man Who Fell to Earth, Eureka, Bad Timing, Castaway and probably several other nudity classics that I can’t recall immediately.

R.I.P., Mr. Roeg. We owe you so much.

Mimi Rogers

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Elizabeth Barondes

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Gabriella Hall

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Johnny Moronic’s new clips from this film can be found here.

Rest assured that there is a very good reason:

The company has acknowledged to passengers that it has no ship

That does seem like a major obstacle to a successful cruise, not to mention a significant impediment to success in the cruise indiustry in general.

Joking aside, this is a nightmare for the passengers who signed up, many of whom sold or rented out their homes in anticipation of living at sea for three years. Furthermore, the company waited so long to make the announcement that many passengers are stranded in the original departure city.

I actually watched the entire Michigan / Ohio State game instead of channel surfing. As expected, the teams were evenly matched, and the result easily could have gone the other way. Michigan won because:

(1) They pulled off two critical interceptions;
(2) They are completely confident on 4th-and-short. They have a little cannonball of a short-yardage specialty running back, and they feel that he can gain one or two yards no matter what. They’ll run him even when the other team knows what’s coming. This essentially gives them an extra down to work with;
(3) They got a really lucky call on a TD that could just as easily have been ruled an Ohio State interception. Since the replay was considered inconclusive, the call on the field would have stood no matter which way it went. It went in Michigan’s favor. Reverse that call and Ohio State wins by one.

Georgia, Washington and Florida State remained undefeated, which means that THE Ohio State University will need a miracle to get back into the playoff since there are four undefeated teams. Florida State and Michigan seem to have clear paths to their conference championships and undefeated records. Georgia faces a tough test in Alabama, but even a Georgia loss would not guarantee a playoff re-entry for Ohio State, as the playoff committee may be loath to begin a playoff without a representative of the tough SEC. Ohio State’s best bet is for Washington to lose to Oregon, which seems like a realistic possibility since the opening line favors Oregon by 7.5. A Washington loss will not guarantee Ohio State a berth, but it would get the Buckeyes back into the conversation.

Craziest stuff this week:

13th-ranked Oklahoma allowed 45 points – and still won by 24. Gotta love Big 12 football. Hope you took the over on that one.

10th-ranked Louisville will absolutely drop out of the top ten after an embarrassing home loss to Kentucky. Here’s a tip for you athletic directors: if you want to pad your record, don’t fill one of your non-conference weeks with an SEC team unless it’s Vanderbilt. Kidding aside, Louisville doesn’t really have much choice about scheduling that game because the intrastate rivalry is a big deal in Kentucky. That doesn’t work out well for Louisville since Kentucky, although only a mediocre team by SEC standards (3-5 conference record), kicks their asses pretty much every year.

As noted in the comments, Alabama pulled off a miraculous, do or die, 4th-and-31 TD to pull out the Iron Bowl in the final minute.