MMA fighter Karinka and her partner flash the crowd

Quite a cameltoe as well.

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Karinka, the one on the right, also does explicit modeling and outright porn. Celeb-stalker has hundreds of pics of her and several videos, including a clip of the event pictured above.

(The flashing video is innocent enough, but you don’t want to get caught looking at this link at work.)

6 thoughts on “MMA fighter Karinka and her partner flash the crowd

    1. The look like they want to look like.

      Which is fine.

      I’m just kinda baffled that anyone who fights for a living would get a boob or lip job. Aren’t they worried about getting punched and their plastic parts going splat?

      1. My question is… it legal (or should it be legal) to take those artificial additions to their body into the ring (or whatever they call it?) Seems like they could be considered unfair weapons.

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