Shelley Hennig naked in episode 1 of Obliterated

Her booty looks absolutely great, but the scene was deliberately planned and edited to avoid exposing her nipples. That’s kind of confusing, because she just showed her nipples in a photoshoot released in the past day or so.

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You can find the rest of the season one nudity here.

3 thoughts on “Shelley Hennig naked in episode 1 of Obliterated

  1. I’ve seen single episodes where an actress showed her nipples in one sex scene and then wore pasties in another later in the same episode. I’m sure the production company decided to only give one nipple-baring scene in that episode and not two. They’re pretty stingy about those things.

    1. Who cares about nipples? We want full female genital nudity. They show explicit male nudity but female lower body is always censored.

      1. What do you mean we, Kemosabe? You’re speaking for yourself alone. Sure, I like it when a major star takes a new plunge.

        Though lately even when a female actor blesses us with a full frontal, it’s tainted by questions of is it real or one of many ways what we’re seeing isn’t what it looks like.

        I for one do not share your disdain for insufficiently sexy material.

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