Sydney Sweeney: Anyone But You trailer and nudity update

There’s no nudity in the trailer, but the comment section notes that a Redditor reported extensive nudity in a screening of the film (fingers crossed). See the end of the post for his full report.

From the trailer it seems like it follows the standard rom-com formula (they hate each other, they use each other, they love each other?), but it does look pretty sexy, and also pretty funny. I laughed a few times during the trailer.

A quick bikini shot from the trailer:

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Nudity review from Reddit:

Can confirm Sydney Sweeney FULLY NUDE in Anyone But You.

I was shocked at how much nudity was in the film, pretty much all of it from the two leads.

Probably the best ass shot we’ve ever had from Sydney, standing in front of Glen Powell. He opens the door and she’s nude, the camera cuts to a shot of her with one arm covering her tits, the other covering her pussy. I honestly wish I got a still image of this, its going to be reposted so often, camera lingers for a while as she speaks to him, covering up. We then see her from behind, lighting is pretty great. She shrugs and lets her hands fall against the sides of her legs, causing her ass to jiggle a bit. The camera cuts to front view again, except behind Glen Powell, this time his arm and shoulder covering her pussy and most of her tits. We cut to Glen Powell reaction, he says something then walks away, we cut back to Sydney who laughs to herself, and we get and amazing fully lit shot of her tits before she shuts the door on the camera. Her hair is tied up, so none covering her boobs,

Also a scene where both leads are taking a shower (alone) and we cut between both of them, we see a decent shot of Sydney’s tits and full body several times through the glass, and the top half of her ass.

(IF THIS CAN BE BRIGHTENED WELL, THIS MAY BE THE BEST SCENE) Post sex, we see them cuddling asleep, another shot of Sydney’s bare ass and her right boob. It’s dark, Sydney gets up and walks to the bathroom, decent shot of her ass walking away. She looks at herself in the mirror and talks to herself (mainly comedic) camera is above her shoulders. We cut back to the dark bedroom and see her walking towards the bed (camera) fully nude, her tits and pussy somewhat clear (unsure if a merkin). Camera lingers on her for a decent amount of time while she’s walking.

There are a lot of ridiculously gratuitous scenes of the two leads getting dressed/changed, never completely nude but we do get some implied nudity/sideboob apart from Glen Powell’s ass.

Unfortunately (and strangely) no nudity from the sex scenes, which causes me to worry. The movie is really sloppily edited and literally all the nude scenes are pretty gratuitous/ played for laughs and not integral to the story. The parts that are integral to the story (the sex scenes) have no nudity. So I can see, at least in the theatrical release, the nudity being removed, especially considering how explicit it was, and if they do change their mind and go for that lower rating.

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