Lizzie has been appearing on film since Other Crap debuted on the internet, some 21 years ago, so it kind of seems like she should be old. She is not. She’s still in her thirties. She just got an early start, and it just happened to coincide with when I started this site. (The Fun House had already been around for seven years by then.)

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Also naked in this film, Laura Auclair

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I think this is Laura’s first feature film, although she has credits in TV projects and music videos. This is the first I have seen of her, but Charlie captured her dark topless scene in a 2021 TV show.

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Career highlights:

  • TV: was the co-star of the popular “Starsky and Hutch” series
  • Recording: reached No. 1 with “Don’t Give Up on Us”
  • Stage: played the part of Jerry Springer in “Jerry Springer: The Opera” in London.