As mentioned in another thread:

“The California State Censor Board insisted on having two signed affidavits from Columbia that the model doubling for Jane Wyatt in her nude bathing scene had her breasts covered. The affidavits were duly supplied though the model in question apparently was indeed bare-breasted, though as the scene is in long shot it’s virtually impossible to tell.”

Here is the scene

In case you missed the dialogue between me and “Uncle” in the other Joanne Pearce thread (Joanne Pearce naked in Way Upstream), the aforementioned “Uncle” happens to have a clip of this very rare scene from Murder East Murder West, an obscure 34-year-old TV movie. The quality is … well … I think “abysmal” is probably the right word, but as always happens in cases like this, it is the only version that we have, and therefore the best, so let’s enjoy it, because … good luck finding a better one! I don’t think this film was ever available in the States, and while there seems to have been a video tape release in the UK, I don’t know where you could find a copy today. Our only hope is that a UK channel might re-broadcast it, and that is probably a slim hope.

Here is Uncle’s film clip . You can stream it or download it. As far as I know, GoFile is completely safe.

It’s a very lively scene, so between the motion blur and the poor quality, it’s just about impossible to grab a decent frame from that clip. I grabbed the best two I could find, then shrunk them back to VHS size to make them sharper. At least you can identify Joanne and Jeroen Krabbe, and you can tell her nipples are erect. Crap indeed, but the best I could do.

image host image host

All thanks go to “Uncle” for this one.

Full list

Since they now nominate so many films for Best Picture, we have to look to Best Director to see who’s really getting respect:

Jonathan Glazer, “The Zone of Interest”
Yorgos Lanthimos, “Poor Things”
Christopher Nolan, “Oppenheimer”
Martin Scorsese, “Killers of the Flower Moon”
Justine Triet, “Anatomy of a Fall”

Nobody was getting naked in American films from mid-1935 through 1962, but Shirley MacLaine came about as close as a mainstream American actress dared to in that era. There was obviously a pent-up market for this racy fare. If my memory is correct, this shattered the record for the longest movie run in my rather provincial home town of Rochester, NY.

image host image host image host

(Way back in 2001, I wrote extensively of the film here.)

A 4K look is quite revealing. When she bent over, she did not get her cheeks far enough apart to offer a Full Heche, but you may find something even more interesting! (Or she may be wearing a modesty patch.) Good on ya, ScarJo!

image host

And then there was this …

image host

Y’all picked this as the #4 nude scene of the millennium, although it was shockingly only the second-best nude scene of 2014. (That shows you how good the best scene was.)

I don’t believe I have ever seen Joanne naked before, and here she is, with everything exposed in broad daylight.

image host image host image host

This is quite a good find that I saw on Phun today. I checked and there were no nude images of Joanne in my back issues. I double-checked with Mr. Skin to see what Joanne flesh he might have unearthed. Again the ol’ ziparoo. The only images I found in my archives were some OZ captures from Whoops Apocalypse (1987), and Señor Piel had pretty much the same thing. They’re sexy, but there’s no nudity:

image host

It was before the war, and he had some time to kill.

image host

Winston Churchill was really one of the great ad copywriters, so great that they named a cigarette after him.

It was actually two brands, if you include the ill-fated Churchill Slims, a product from the early 70s that specifically targeted female teenagers. Their slogan: “You’re groovy, baby. Groovy on the beaches, groovy in the fields and in the streets, groovy in the hills – and now there’s a smoke as groovy as you are. So never surrender that smooth tobacco taste.”


If you don’t know what this is about, this is the reference.

He was nominated for seven Oscars for five different movies. Curiously, he never won one, but the Academy did honor him with the Irving G. Thalberg Memorial Award.

Variety’s Obit

CBC’s take

My usual, rambling, almost or completely irrelevant points:

I started to write about how we lost another from The Greatest Generation, then I realized that Jewison almost missed the cutoff. (He was born in 1926, one year before the generally recognized tail end of the group.) That semi-official definition is based on anyone old enough to fight in WW2 legally, but those dates need to be flexible. My definition encompasses anyone who fought in WW2 period. My dad’s brother lied his way into the service and was part of the D-Day Invasion. (The army accepted his claim to be 18. If you were willing and eager to parachute behind enemy lines, the recruiters didn’t check your credentials too carefully.) That clearly qualified him as TGG, in my book, even though he was born in 1929 and enlisted at 15. Uncle John was not alone. Scholars estimate that 200,000 underage Americans fought in The Big One. (God only knows how many underage Russians. I suppose many millions.) There are not many of them left, no matter how young they were then.

A curious point about pronunciation. That CBC report reminded me that Toronto natives, even the news broadcasters, almost always pronounce it Toronno, without the interior “t,” just as Milwaukee natives almost never pronounce the “l.”