Phun recently reported that were some new leaked nudes of her, and that spurred some interest, so I scanned the Fun House back issues to see what I could find.

Her nude career looks something like this (the links lead to film clips):

2013 – Dexter, s8e7

image host image host

2014 – a nipple in one frame of The Loft

image host

Circa 2014 – various magazine spreads

image host image host image host

2019 – Bliss. Collages and clips by Johnny Moronic

image host image host image host image host

2022- I got nothin’ on Christmas Bloody Christmas, but Mr. Skin had these butt shots:

image host image host

The Sloshed Step-parent notes:

“Renee Olstead, a legitimate actress and Jazz singer, in a world where no one really likes Jazz, has decided to be an exclusive content producer and I think it’s a respectable choice since she does things like show us her cooter. Renee Olstead has some ridiculously round tits, which I’ve recently learned is a choice made by the titty buyer because they want this look.”