Special request: Lisa Loring in Iced (1988)

Great request. Lisa was the original Wednesday Addams in the black-and-white TV version of The Addams Family (“Why, thank you, Thing.”), and she did some excellent nudity in this film.

Unfortunately, the available sources are crap. I did find a DVD, but the quality is poor. It’s obviously just a VHS transfer. Such a shame! This could be a terrific nude scene if anyone could find a pristine print and transfer it to Blu-Ray. There’s even a brief “open coochie” shot when she climbs into the hot tub.

Alas, this is all we have now:

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More info and pics here.

3 thoughts on “Special request: Lisa Loring in Iced (1988)

  1. Shredder (2001) is basically a unofficial remake of this.

    I expect we will get a blu-ray eventually. Lot of obscure horror getting such recently. I also hope we get one for another snowy slasher Blood Tracks (1985).

  2. She was in “Savage Harbor” (1987) with Karen Mayo-Chandler and Frank Stallone – but she may have only given up pasty-covered goods. Same with Frank, I’ve heard.
    Also in “Blood Frenzy” same year which IMDB says “One woman wears a see-through bra showing her nipples.” Not saying it’s Lisa , but we can rule out Frank, I think

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