Sue Lyon naked in Game of Murder (1973)

This film is also called Autopsy, Tarot, Angela and The Magician.

“B” movies in those days had more names than Spanish aristocrats.

You probably remember Sue Lyon. She was the original Lolita in Kubrick’s eponymous 1962 film, which jump-started her career. Kubrick and Seven Arts had signed her to a seven-year contract when she did Lolita, and they gave her plenty of work. She was cast in several major films in the following five years, working for John Ford and John Huston, and alongside A-listers like Sinatra, Burton, Anne Bancroft and George C. Scott. She carried on a public romance with the highly popular hippie-dippie singer, Donovan. She was on the A-List, on top of the world.

When that Seven Arts contract expired, the bottom soon fell out, and she was relegated to the anthology TV shows like Love, American Style, and films as bad as this. She finally gave up the ghost in 1980, when even the most insipid shows like Fantasy Island didn’t hire her any more.

Her private life was messy. When she was 14, she had an affair with a married producer. Subsequent personal events contributed to the decline of her career. She married a black man in 1971, which seems completely irrelevant today, but that was a different time, especially in the South. Interracial marriage was still illegal in some states until 1967! After that marriage failed, she married an incarcerated murderer. She had three other husbands. She got a reputation for being squirrely, and probably for good reason, as her daughter contended that she suffered from bi-polar disorder.

Lyon admitted that she was a troubled soul. She said this in 1996: “My destruction as a person dates from Lolita, which exposed me to temptations no girl of that age should undergo. I defy any pretty girl who is rocketed to stardom at 14 in a sex nymphet role to stay on a level path thereafter.”

She died at age 73 in 2019.

As far as I know, this is her only nude performance, and it’s a really obscure one. This is the first time I’ve ever watched the film, and Sue herself is not even listed in Mr. Skin’s database.

The captures are from a DVD, but not a good one. The quality is not much (if any) better than VHS.

But, dude! It’s Lolita naked!

Sue-Lyon-The-Magician-1973-vhs-1 Sue-Lyon-The-Magician-1973-vhs-2 Sue-Lyon-The-Magician-1973-vhs-3 Sue-Lyon-The-Magician-1973-vhs-4 Sue-Lyon-The-Magician-1973-vhs-5

8 thoughts on “Sue Lyon naked in Game of Murder (1973)

  1. Dynamite, Scoop – still seems like a whole mess of lost Eurotrash nude scenes by American actresses on the downturn keep gettin discovered

  2. Supposedly some see-thru action in “Una Gota de Sangre Para Morir Amando / Murder in a Blue World” (1973). Any chance they’ve surfaced?

  3. So she was too sexy for her own good. I’m guessin’ the bipolar disorder had a little more to do with her problems. That and being cast aside by Hollywood as happens to many child stars. She looks good here, too bad she didn’t get more work.

    1. That appears to be the same source I used. It’s missing two of the key scenes, but one of those is too dark, and the other is a bit fuzzy, so that’s no great loss. I didn’t do even any captures from them.

      1. Wouldn’t have known about Tarot except for Celebrity Sleuth. Another Celebrity Sleuth discovery was Heather Menzies ~ Red, White and Busted (1972). Ordered the DVD 3/4 yrs ago. Made a post at SimpCity April last yr. Tried to enhance, but sadly was a lost cause.

        Digressing …

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