UPDATE #2: New Helen Mirren nudity in Caligula, the Ultimate Cut

In this update: another version of the sex scene from The Imperial Edition, and a link to Gore Vidal’s original script.

There’s a new “Caligula: The Ultimate Cut” with previously unviewed scenes of Helen Mirren (and others). Mirren even offers a Full Heche and a spread-legged shot as she rolls over. What I find intriguing about this is that the new cut allegedly consists entirely of footage never seen before: alternate takes, alternate angles, deleted scenes, etc.

Variety’s review of the film.

Red band trailer here.

UPDATE: Helen Mirren – open leg shot as she rolls over.

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Film clips here. The top one is the one with the open-leg shots.


About 15 years ago, a very poor quality alternate cut of this scene appeared in the extras of the three-disk issue called The Imperial Edition. Yes, that was yet another cut from completely different angles. Obviously, they shot a ton of coverage for this film. God knows how many more versions can be milked out of this.

Also naked in the new footage: Teresa Ann Savoy.

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Here’s a .gif.

At this moment, it seems that the only place you can buy The Ultimate Cut is Spain. Other releases, including theatrical, are planned.


Gore Vidal wrote the first draft of this screenplay, but the film bore little or no resemblance to his script, so he sued to have his name removed from the film and its publicity. You may remember all of that, but you might not remember that there was a novelization of Vidal’s original script. I have that paperback somewhere in the chaos that is my book collection. It originally sold for $2.25, but is now going for eighty bucks on Amazon Marketplace (even more elsewhere!) Instead of buying a crappy eighty-dollar paperback, you can read Vidal’s actual script for free.

31 thoughts on “UPDATE #2: New Helen Mirren nudity in Caligula, the Ultimate Cut

  1. Perhaps in light of the latest Helen Mirren scene you added, they should change the name of this release to “The Ultimate Cunt”. Just add the missing letter.

  2. I remember hearing Malcolm McDowell talking about this movie, presumably from a secondary audio track on the DVD release. In the commentary he mentioned how they were looking at the dailies and saw that in one shot you could see Helen Mirren’s “asshole” (his word), and that therefore they could not use that shot. Not because of censors but because it wouldn’t be right to release that. Makes me wonder if that footage was burned or if it will be available in the Ultimate Ultimate edition in 20 years or so.

    1. Helen said that you could also see an asshole in “Excalibur”, but she was talking about Nicol Williamson.

      (They famously hated each other going into the filiming due to previously working together on Macbeth–and possibly having an affair depending on what you read–but apparently patched things up by the end of the movie.)

  3. So we started out with the ultimate cut expecting what looked like a full Heche, but we didn’t know of the full Mirren from way back when even existed? It’s a rewrite of celebrity nudity history🙂Compared to what she did in her other roles I was sort of disappointed in the original Caligula, but this changes things.

        1. Rating the McDowells

          1. Sudden Sam
          2. Malcolm
          3. Roddy (McDowall)
          4. Andie
          5. Oddibe
          6. Pleasant Gardens Joe
          7. Quaker Meadows Joe
          8. Josh

          1. 324. Irvin
            Sudden Sam was a beast. And he made great trade bait too (Gaylord Perry).

      1. If this is how it looks in 4K, I’m wondering if someone can remaster this and release in 16K (if/when that exists). Asking for a friend.

        Miss Mirren truly is the gift that keeps on giving. With her, I get the feeling she’s proud that she did these shots so early on. Always ahead of her time.

        1. The enlargement (first pic) is a 1080hd that has been upscaled. The others are raw 1080hd caps.

          The producers have promised a sharp 4K release!

        2. As we discussed in an earlier thread (some time back), if they ever create a nudity Hall of Fame, she should be the first inductee. She is truly the Babe Ruth of cinema nudity – a pioneer whose records still hold up.

  4. Bloody hell! You just made my whole life!!!!!

    I’vwe lusted after HM since The Age Of Consent was released.

  5. Apparently Tinto Brass was not happy with this release and threatened to sue. The three way scene with Malcolm McDowell and Teresa Ann Savoy was also significantly longer in this version since it didn’t cut to the two Penthouse Pets.

    1. There’s a vintage doll: Bardot lookalike Savoy was also naked throughout another Tinto production, Salon Kitty, & maybe some other movies, then vanished off the face of the earth as far as I know – any clues, Scoop?

      1. Teresa passed away a couple of years ago. In an interview Malcolm said this version also restored her voice as she was dubbed in the original versions.

  6. 2015 interview: “Mirren admits that she did not mind baring all in one project—the 1979 erotic historical drama Caligula. Although it was critically panned upon release, the controversial film starring Malcolm McDowell and Peter O’Toole, and produced by Penthouse founder Bob Guccione, has since found a cult following. As for the reason why Mirren didn’t mind shooting her nude scene in the sexually overt drama: “Everyone was naked in that,” the actress tells People, only half jokingly. “It was like showing up for a nudist camp every day. You felt embarrassed if you had your clothes on in that movie.” Shortly after filming, Mirren described the controversial picture as “an irresistible mix of art and genitals.” The actress said that she didn’t think it was a particularly big deal to remove her clothes for a role when she was young. “Does it really matter?” she remembered thinking when first asked about appearing topless. “I was doing nude scenes [from] the first moment I started doing movies. . . . It was the era. . . . It seemed to be nothing to get your knickers in a twist over.”

    Bad-ass dame.

  7. God Bless Helen Mirren.

    That story link and the trailer are very interesting. I suspect the movie is still dreck, but the production design looks amazing.

    1. The original script/film might be interesting, but the one released by the studio greatly played up the orgies and it was nothing more than a soft core porn film with A-list actors.

      Since there was some discussion on native Americans earlier. The Mayans of Mexico developed something made out of maize that kept the skin moist. Translated in to English, it was known as soft pore corn.

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