Once again, Johnny does an exceptional job, and once again the nudity is copious.

Karen Black and Sally Kellerman make sexy but non-nude appearances in some of these 1978 Australian movies. Kellerman’s role involves a see-through from a film called Magee and the Lady.

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This and the next few posts will be from Defoe’s summary of the 14th Nikon Festival. The Nikon Film Festival is an annual competitive event for very short films. The length of each film must be between 120 and 140 seconds, the resolution must be at least 1080hd, and all films must be on the festival’s chosen theme, which was “Fire” for the 2024 season. There is no limit to the number of entries a filmmaker may submit.

Cecile Duflot in Derniere Valse (2024)

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Defoe’s 2160hd film clip here.

Edouard Manet’s Olympia has been re-created many times in many media. This is one of the best. I can imagine that Manet’s model looked very much like this, right down to the stubby fingers.

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Defoe’s clip from this film is here.

Marion Cadeau is a beautiful model. She looks like a young Jaqueline Bisset, ginger version.

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I really hope this is an internet hoax:

When asked about the price tag, a local Balenciaga sales representative, Geoffrey Spicoli, replied: