Diane Lane and Amanda Plummer in Cattle Annie and Little Britches

This 1980 film is an old-fashioned Hollywood Western that glorifies outlaws and romanticizes the Wild West. It features the corny emoting of Old Hollywood legend Burt Lancaster, and you can fairly argue that it seems more like a 1955 movie than a 1980 effort, but I have to admit that I enjoyed setting my brain aside to watch this mindless whitewashing of the Doolan-Dalton gang.

Unfortunately, it’s a PG film, and the only nudity was from John Savage. Boo!

Amanda Plummer (Cattle Annie), who was 22 when the film was lensed in the summer of 1979, and future star Diane Lane (Little Britches), who was only 14, bathed in the river with the outlaw gang, but they stayed covered.

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  • The real Cattle Annie was only 13 when she was captured, but Plummer looked young enough to play the part.
  • Plummer (Honey Bunny in Pulp Fiction) is the daughter of Tammy Grimes and the stage and screen icon, Christopher Plummer.
  • The real Cattle Annie, at least according to one version of the tale, lived until 1978! She was almost 96 when she passed.

7 thoughts on “Diane Lane and Amanda Plummer in Cattle Annie and Little Britches

  1. The Draughtsman’s Contract was the first film of his I ever saw, and it was in college when my tolerance for pretentiousness was a lot higher.

    The next one I saw was Cook/Thief, which I think is inarguably a good movie (and arguably his only truly good one). Then I went back and saw some of the ones in between and they were . . . variable.

    I’m not a big art museum goer, but my approach to his movies is now like going to see some paintings: there’s going to be lot of pretty pictures and a lot of stuff that is just weird. One might say you shouldn’t need to treat a film like that, but there’s usually at least parts of his movies I find intriguing.

    As a comparison, I can’t sit through any Tarlovsky.

  2. Plummer had a quick but surprisingly hot nude scene in 8 1/2 Women, literally riding a horse bare backed

      1. Thanks Scoop – only Peter Greenaway could talk an actress into “Yes, you’ll be naked in a bathtub with a pig” & it’s one of his more NORMAL movies

        1. Greenaway is of the guys I find interesting even at his most pretentious. The nudity certainly helps.

          1. I took a date to see The Cook The Thief etc. It was fun watching people – couples mostly – walk out after about the parts you’d expect. That one was OK and he can really put a shot together, but mostly I can’t hang with his stuff.

          2. It varies so much from film to film. Some of his films are watchable, and even have some entertainment value, but at his worst he is pretentious and an insufferable bore. The Draughtman’s Contract is one of the most boring films ever made. Prospero’s Books was summarized by my Russian girlfriend as the “most pretentious ever,” although she had previously seen all of Tarkovsky’s films.

            He’s one of the best at getting people naked, and there’s no doubt that his sense of visual composition is superlative. Nightwatching should be required viewing for art history students.

            But I wouldn’t re-watch any of his films except to see the nudity. As I wrote about his films years ago, the purity of my artistic appreciation is never diluted by comprehension.

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