There has been some good nudity in Sex Education, so you might expect more in season three. WRONG! There are eight episodes. The first seven have no nudity. The last episode has this brief flash before the opening credits, then nothing else. As little as that was, it ended a long drought. Season two was even more disappointing. The last nudity was in episode five of the first season.

People wear t-shirts with sentiments like “My parents went to Paris and all I got was this crummy t-shirt.” If you watched season three, you are officially entitled to wear, “I watched season three of Sex Education and all I got was this crummy flash.”

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Of course if you are in that boat, you are still happier than the guy who keeps watching the new season of The L Word, thinking it will be like the classic episodes. Hah! You can see more nudity on an Inuit seal hunt.

She is a beautiful woman now, and is still doing full frontal nudity, but in the period from 2000 to 2003, her body was sculpted perfection, and she was one of the brightest stars in the celebrity nudity heavens. She demonstrated that perfection in such films as this one, La Petite Lili, The Swimming Pool and some lesser-known projects.

The nudity of the last three seasons:

Season 5, episode 3

This episode featured a long comic set piece centered around sex and nudity, in the manner of the American Pie films.

A lovable, love-lorn offensive lineman hopes to profess his adoration for the object of his affection, complete with a marriage proposal. He’s sort of a nerdy, tongue-tied type, so Arliss’s assistant volunteers to feed him lines while he professes his love to his dream woman from the ground to her balcony, ala Cyrano. Unbeknownst to them, the woman of the lineman’s dreams is busy getting fucked by the cool-guy quarterback at that very moment. Meanwhile, Arliss is simultaneously talking on the phone to the QB in mid-coitus, to his assistant as she prompts the lineman’s proposal, and to the owner of the team that employs both players.

The topless woman involved with both players is played by Manouschka Guerrier. For reference, here is her Facebook page.

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Season 5, episode 7

In a minor sub-plot, Camille Langfield has to make a hurried exit after being interrupted during coitus with a soccer star. In the course of the action we see her breasts and booty.

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Camille hung around the film and TV world for more than a decade in various small roles. Per IMDb, she appeared as a recurring character in three episodes of Californication, ending in 2011, but the trail goes cold on her after that.

Season 5, episode 13

A hooker comes to the office of Arliss’s CFO to collect her cash payment for services rendered to clients on behalf of the agency. While there, she flashes her breasts to the accountant for an extra C-note.

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The prostitute is played by an actress named Melynda Pecora, who has no other IMDB credits and no social media presence. She basically doesn’t exist outside of this episode and a role in Strike Force (2003, aka The Librarians) so minor that IMDb ignores it. Having noted that, I’ll add she looks naggingly familiar to me, and I’m guessing that she is known under another name. Perhaps she used this as a temporary pseudonym, ala “Keri Crawford” in the season three finale.

Season 6, episode 10

One of the sports agents is dating a beautiful model played by Krista Allen. Unfortunately Krista does not get naked, although we see her butt in a thong. What we do see, in backstage action before a big runway show, is several unidentified topless models dressing and undressing.

topless models

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Krista Allen

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Season 7, episode 6

This is one of the episodes that tried to deal with meaningful social issues in its own way. Kirby, Arliss’s friend and associate, while sometimes a loveable ex-jock, can also be totally tone deaf when it comes to his relationships with women, whom he treats as conquests. In his latest slimy lapse, he is filming his sex partners without asking their permission. Early in the episode he crows about this to his colleague as the two men view a secret tape of Kirby having sex with a busty synchronized swimmer, played by a topless Leslie Ann Woodward.

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Leslie Ann was a Versace model who has no other acting credits, but earned a certain notoriety by virtue of a marriage to a Hollywood mogul (and notorious horndog), Bob Evans. Perhaps I chose an incorrect word there. As Mae West might have said, “virtue” had nothing to do with it. The 72-year-old Evans had once been the head of Paramount Pictures, but that was some three decades before he took the 35-year-old Leslie Ann as his sixth wife. She joined an impressive ex-wife team that included Catherine Oxenberg, Ali McGraw and Phyllis George. Evans was not finished with marriage. After about a year with Woodward, he took a seventh wife. Hell, the old boy is probably not even finished now. Death only slowed him down a bit.

Back to the plot.

Kirby learns why permission is so important when he dates a powerful female body builder, who lubes him up, holds him down, and sodomizes him with a dildo, all without asking permission. That part was played by a genuine champion body builder named Carla Haug who did no other acting that I know of. She exposed her breasts for a significant duration, and also walked away from the camera stark naked.

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Season 7, episode 8

Season seven must have been their year for redeeming social importance. This time the focus was the unfair treatment of aging females versus their male counterparts. A female sideline reporter, played by Lisa Long, is told by her bosses to get some plastic surgery to look younger. She rightly fears that a failure to comply will mean that she will be replaced by a younger, sexier woman. She rebels. As she signs off from one broadcast, she tells the audience about her predicament, and tops it off by flashing her breasts to prove that she needs no enhancement.

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The rest of the series:

Seasons 1 and 2

Season 3

Season 4

Perhaps the Emmys should work like those games they play at McDonald’s. In addition to the big prizes that require a year of effort, they could also award instant winners. Any show that gets Jessica Chastain naked, for example, should be an instant winner. I have never watched this show and, god willing, I never will, but I have to give them a tip of the Hatlo Hat for this achievement, even though the nudity is way too subtle.

(If you got that Hatlo reference, you were probably around during the invention of the wheel.)

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Here’s a film clip on Zippyshare

Season 4, episode 2

Two unidentified topless women worked in Kirby’s car wash. The topless gimmick was a last ditch effort to save the business.

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Season 4, episode 5

Arliss tried to sign a top schoolboy baseball prospect, but that involved going to unusual lengths toward servicing the client’s needs. The prospect wanted to date Arliss’s executive assistant, while Arliss himself had to provide sexual services to the kid’s parents – both of them!

Ginger Justin, as the mom, exposed her nipples and offered a brief look at her bottom covered by only the thinnest thong.

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Season 4, episode 9

Two well known and gorgeous softcore actresses, Susan Featherly and Lorissa McCormas, played nude Twister with Kirby. Although there was no clear lower frontal nudity, both of the women exposed their breasts and buttocks in clear light from multiple angles. Featherly is the blonde

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The scene had absolutely nothing to do with the plot, and was completely unnecessary. In fact, it was in a cold open, before the credits. Gratuitous nudity exemplified!

Perhaps the most interesting thing about this scene is the eventual fate of Lorissa McComas. Possessed of an immediately likeable naivete and sweetness, she was loved by everyone she met. Because these qualities came across on film as well, she was highly successful as a stripper, model, softcore performer and entrepreneur. Despite all that, she could never escape an unhappy, and some say abusive, marriage. According to the authorities, she committed suicide in 2009 by discharging a shotgun into her head. Many people have questioned this official ruling, postulating that her husband was responsible for her demise. There is even a blog dedicated to seeking the truth about this matter, although efforts to re-open the case have proved nugatory.


Seasons 1 and 2

Season 3