Jury finds Unite the Right organizers liable for millions in damages

So, they might have to pay everything they have – possibly as much as twenty bucks each, plus some of the comic books they have stashed under their beds in their parents’ basements.

4 thoughts on “Jury finds Unite the Right organizers liable for millions in damages

  1. I will buy their Amazing Spiderman comics. Normally for ASM I gave half of what I intend to sell it for. Because I am not a cruel person I will give them 60% instead.

    I do expect a personal apology from Jon Schaffer first. It feels weird listening to Demons and Wizards now that I know their guitarist is rotting I prison for being a dipshit seditionist.

    1. When you said Demons and Wizards at first I thought you were talking about the Uriah Heep album and I thought WHAT? Never mind–obviously I’m not keeping up.

    2. Schaeffer is already out. Was the first one out. Had the best lawyer, of course. He sang like a bird. Turned states evidence, got released on something like time served and a bunch of probation. I think he gave a basic “I am so sorry I got caught” apology.

      His band bailed, nobody is interested in touching him with a night stick, he’s over. I hope he enjoyed his little coup, because he murdered his musical career.

      But also, he’s not involved in this story at all. This is about Charlotte in 2017, not the coup on Jan 6th.

  2. I hope they can make it through bankruptcy with their porn stashes intact. If they have to liquidate the hetero stuff, they’ll be OK though.

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