I thought we had some major hefties in Wisconsin and the U.P., but we didn’t even come close. We couldn’t manage to place one in the top 50.

The winner:

McAllen, TX, ranks as the most overweight city in the country, because it has the largest percentage of adults who are obese, at 45%, with an additional 31% overweight but not obese. McAllen also has the second-highest share of obese teenagers and the second-highest share of obese children.

In addition to the general obesity statistics, McAllen residents are also very affected by diseases related to being an unhealthy weight. For example, the city has the fourth-highest share of people with diabetes and the third-highest heart-disease rate.

One reason why many people in McAllen are overweight is because they don’t exercise very much, as the city has the highest share of physically inactive adults. That may not be entirely their fault, considering McAllen has the lowest percentage of residents who live close to parks or recreational facilities.

Hey, look what it did for Danny Trejo!

‘Medical experts’ are sounding the alarm over a new bizarre TikTok trend that has people hitting themselves in the face with hammers in hopes it will make them more attractive.”

Medical experts were needed? Did they have to call in the NIH to figure out that hitting oneself in the face with a hammer might have some negative effects?

“A Maryland man led police on a wild chase from behind the wheel of two different trucks and then a stolen ambulance Saturday afternoon, striking multiple vehicles across three different highways, police said.

The suspect caused a multi-car crash on I-395 in a stolen truck before stealing an ambulance that was responding to the scene. While in the stolen ambulance, he struck at least 13 other vehicles and rammed a state trooper’s cruiser, authorities say.”

The report also has videos of the vehicular rampage

Ancient pathogens released from melting ice could wreak havoc on the world, new analysis reveals” — Didn’t John Carpenter already cover this?

“Estimates suggest we can expect four sextillion (4,000,000,000,000,000,000,000) microorganisms to be released from ice melt each year. This is about the same as the estimated number of stars in the universe.”

I too can recall when Buddy Holly played a concert in Salt Lake City in 1958 and was so inspired by the Tabernacle that he converted to LDS. The weird thing was that his drummer disappeared during the tour, and the rumor was that Holly ate him.

The real story turned out to be more interesting than I expected. And even more disgusting.

Well, I can’t tell you that I’m ready to run a marathon, but I’m more optimistic. Unfortunately, the infection is still in my system so I’ll be having good days and bad until that is solved. I may or may not be posting because although I feel great now, I felt like I might die just three hours ago, and I may feel that way again in three more.

Many thanks for all the kind words and well-wishes you guys wrote.


I learned that there are certain benefits to a forced vacation:

1. I’m an old fart who literally had not taken a day off for something like 9,000 consecutive days. Maybe a rest was due. Preferably not an eternal one.

2. My other obsession besides my websites is my lively career in senior athletics. I don’t know if any of you follow my Facebook page under my real name (you really should not because it is as boring as a Terrence Malick film festival), but if you do, you know that I finally won my personal grand slam last year – a medal in the singles events of all four “racket sports” in the Senior Olympics. Pickleball is considered a racket sport even though no rackets are involved. I guess that’s because it’s basically badminton + tennis + a whiffle ball. Anyway, I play several hours every day, so I chew Ibuprofen like M&Ms, and my legs still ache all the time. My left knee is so painful I can’t walk up the stairs some days. Well, guess what? Turns out that two weeks of doing nothing has completely restored my legs. So I guess that’s a silver lining.

3. Also, it turns out that dyin’ is a great way to lose weight. I’m back to my youthful shape.


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Moving the Bills game seems to have been the right move. Get this: ” Orchard Park, where the NFL’s Buffalo Bills play, has picked up 77.0 inches in the last 48 hours”

Sports Update: the Bills will play Sunday – in Detroit!

Weird stuff: Buffalo Channel 4 Weather has confirmed 77 inches in Orchard Park, a southern suburb, but Tonawanda, a northern suburb, has received only three inches! Orchard Park is directly in line with the eastern shore of Lake Erie, while Tonawanda is just far enough north on the Niagara River that it is out of the direct path of the lake effect snow.

… although it may or may not be a shark. Marine biologists say the dorsal fin is wrong.

Tarpon, maybe? But still, that’s one big backyard fish.

Legends of backyard sharks creep in after every storm, but this is the real deal.