“‘Modern Family’ star Ariel Winter confused cyclist Lance Armstrong with astronaut Neil Armstrong in Fox’s new ‘Stars On Mars’ show”

“Lance Armstrong is a real frickin’ astronaut. He is a real astronaut. He is Lance Armstrong. You need to Google him.”

Neil Armstrong walked on the moon before Lance was born.

“That was part of my, like, fear coming on this show was I was going to say something stupid,” Winter said later in a confessional. “And I literally, like, I outdid myself.” Ariel played “the smart one” on Modern Family.

“‘The Idol’ Scandalizes Cannes With Five-Minute Standing Ovation for Lily-Rose Depp’s Masturbating Pop Star, Explicit Nudity and the Weeknd’s TV Acting Debut

Revenge porn photos of bodily fluids on Depp’s face, masturbation with ice cubes, nightclub-owning scam artists and vile Hollywood sycophants populated the first two episodes of the already-controversial series.”

You’ve probably heard of some of the controversy. The show was about 80% complete about a year ago, aiming for an October debut, when they axed the director and basically started over again.

Rolling Stone reported:

“In interviews with 13 members of the show’s cast and crew, Rolling Stone has learned the drastic delay was caused by Levinson taking over as director and scrapping the nearly-finished $54-75 million project to rewrite and reshoot the entire thing.

With Seimetz out of the picture, HBO handed the reins to Levinson, only to have him weaken the show’s overarching message, many sources say, by dialing up the disturbing sexual content and nudity to match — and even surpass — that of his most successful show, Euphoria.

It went from satire to the thing it was satirizing.”

As the good lord intended!

If you created a fictional character with Jim Brown’s life, your book would be panned as unrealistic.

Imagine if Michael Jordan could also play soccer like Messi or Pele. What if Mohammad Ali could also hit like a baseball like Babe Ruth? That imaginary super-athlete existed in flesh and blood as Jim Brown, the only man I can name who, in his day, was the best in the world at two different sports (football and lacrosse). Many say he is the GOAT of lacrosse, and he has his supporters for the same status in football.

And he was also an amateur star in several other sports.

And his athletic achievements were just the beginning of his legend.

“West, it seemed, didn’t have it nearly as bad as Burt Ward. In his 1995 autobiography ‘Boy Wonder: My Life in Tights,’ Ward admitted that his Robin trunks left little to the imagination. Because of Ward’s amply sized genitals, the producers gave him unusual ‘shrinking’ pills, and equipped him with usual underclothing appliances to make him less pronounced. Ward wisely stopped taking the unnamed pills, fearing for his fertility. It’s a good thing he did. Ward’s first daughter was born in 1966.”

When I made my trip to Russia in 2013, I wrote a novel. Yes, that was a very stupid way to pass my time when I had traveled to St. Petersburg with a beautiful young woman, but I had to deal with a severe moral crisis, and I did it in the way I know how.

My indecision about that relationship led me to examine the first 23 years of my life, and I suppose I learned a lot about why and how I trapped myself in a terrible situation. I had an unusual life between ages 3 and 23, I would say it was completely unique (as far as I know), and I suppose all of that may explain why I am always so timid about so many things. My mom and dad are gone, and I have never shared the details of my early childhood with anyone, not my best friends, not my ex-wives, not my children, so before I wrote this novella, none of the incidents existed except in my memory. Now at least they are on the record.

I will not claim to be James Joyce, but I can spin a yarn purty fair, and I have some pretty good ones to spin. I finished the work off in this week of illness by adding an epilogue.

There’s no Uncle Scoopy material except for my customary tip o’ the hat to Romy Schneider, so don’t expect any discussions of sex and nudity. It’s really kind of a sad story. There are also some laughs and there was a lot of fun in my life, but I always ended up getting humiliated in some way – physically, sexually, financially. After a few anecdotes, you’ll get the idea that they never seem to have a happy ending. I was like the Moll Flanders of Howdy Doody fans.

Anyway, those of you who basically know me because we’ve been sharing these blogs for decades may be interested to see what I was like in my years growing up in Catholic schools, which I never wanted to go to and my parents never wanted to send me to. I think you can guess that I have few kind words for the Catholic Church or its representatives.

Here is the link. (Blaise Sparrow is me.)

Pooh wades into far darker territory than even Eeyore could have ever imagined. Now feral and bloodthirsty, Winnie-the-Pooh and Piglet terrorize Christopher Robin and a group of young women at a remote house.

Though made for less than $100,000, ‘Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey’ will open Friday on some 1,500 screens in North America, an unusually wide release for such a little-funded ‘movie.'”

Mr. Skin reported the following:

  • In Fair Play, Phoebe Dynevor shows her breasts as she gets out of the shower in one scene.
  • Skye P. Marshall shows her breasts when she stands against a wall in a shower scene in To Live and Die and Live.
  • In the movie Mamacruz, Kiti Manver shows her left breast as she slips a nightgown on.
  • Emily Willis shows her T&A in the B&W film Divinity, and Karrueche Tran has a sex scene in the same film.
  • “Marin Ireland shows her buns and a bit of boobage in Birth/Rebirth.”
  • Amandla Stenberg bares her breasts in My Animal.
  • Mia Goth did a full frontal scene in Infinity Pool. At least two other women did full-frontal nudity as well as some men. There was also a drugged-out orgy scene filled with special effects. The theatrical release will not be the same as the one screened at Sundance. The film had to be cut to get an R rating, and I don’t know the exact details of the cuts.

Variety’s obit.

Here’s a nice recent interview.

Of the Laverne and Shirley principals, only Lenny (Michael McKean) survives. Both Laverne and Shirley have now passed on, as have Squiggy and The Big Ragu. They all died relatively young – aged 69 to 75. (McKean is 75 now.)

I suppose I haven’t thought about Cindy Williams in this millennium. If you had asked me yesterday to guess whether she was alive, my likelihood of a correct answer would have been the same as my chance of calling a coin flip correctly.

And yet her passing makes me sad. I reacted to her passing the same way I react when I hear of the loss of a high school classmate that I remember fondly, but have not thought about since graduation.


She never did a nude scene. The closest she came, oddly enough, was when she mounted a comeback at age 50 in Meet Wally Sparks, the cast of which gave a fresh spark to the word “eclectic” (A few examples: Cindy, Rodney Dangerfield, Burt Reynolds, Gilbert Gottfried, Ron Jeremy, Jerry Springer, Sir Mix a Lot. Full list here.)

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In the first episode of I Love Lucy, somebody said “Why don’t we have a cigarette?” The result looked like this:

image host.

They took the cigarettes out of a wooden box and never identified the brand, so the show wasn’t cashing in on a product placement. It was just a general pro-smoking message! Worse yet, Lucille Ball was obviously very pregnant (in real life) while she puffed away. She wore robes and aprons to hide it because her character was not pregnant, but it was painfully obvious whenever her contour could be seen. (Note how in the scene above she was in a very odd outfit for wandering around the apartment.)

Later in the episode, there was an obvious product placement. Fred and Ricky each drank a bottle of Ruppert beer on camera, and when they set the bottles down, the labels were conveniently turned toward the camera and in focus.

Variety’s obit

Although critics liked it, The Addams Family series was not particularly successful, having been abandoned by ABC after only two seasons. It nonetheless left a strong impression, far greater than expected for a black and white sitcom with anemic ratings (62nd in its second season). It is clearly remembered by all my boomer friends, and I can recall that it had cultural resonance at the time. It made the cover of TV Guide more than once, and there was a short period back in the day when my asshole high school buddies and I would always substitute “Why, thank you, Thing” for a simple “thanks.”

It endures in syndication, and has been lovingly rebooted again and again. As a commenter notes, both seasons are available on archive.org for those interested. Thank you to commenter (and of course, to Thing.)

After “The Addams Family” finished its two-season run, Loring joined Phyllis Diller’s sitcom “The Pruitts of Southampton.” The critics were somewhat less enthusiastic about that series. In 2002, TV Guide ranked The Pruitts of Southampton the 20th worst show of all time. (Full list.)

As an adult, Lisa did turn in one nude performance, in an obscure, low-budget 1989 horror film called Iced. She did a lot of tubbing, including a full (partially underwater) frontal:

image host

Way back in 2007, Brainscan did a collage from this poor-quality VHS.

image host

Those actually look like they would be damned sexy scenes if we had them in high definition.