“Colorado high schoolers Jaxson Remmick and Gavin Hamann have already won a pair of national championships in the American Cornhole League. This fall, both head to South Carolina to play Division One cornhole.”

Pickleball is next!

In fact, pickleball makes more sense than this.

How long before division one Twister?

Is there anyone Fani hasn’t fooled around with? I can see her smoochin’ it up with the sexy lawyer, but … well …

Kidding aside, I am having a hard time believing this story. Michael Isikoff is a respected journalist, but I would like to know his source for these anecdotes, and whether he followed the standard practice of getting another source to confirm.

Supposedly Graham said, “If you told Trump Martians stole the election, he’d probably believe you.” That’s kind of true, at least as hyperbole. If he could believe the Hugo Chavez and Ruby Freeman stuff, he would believe almost anything. This reminds me that I once worked with a market research expert who told me this anecdote about a time when his client insisted on introducing a product that had been summarily rejected by consumers in test markets.

“Since he insisted on a roll-out, I had to come up with a target market for his commercials. Do you buy ads targeting old people? Teenagers? Housewives? Since the product’s use applied more or less equally across all demo groups, and was rejected across-the-board by all of them. I got the idea of developing a gullibility score outside of the traditional demos. The client looked at my questionnaire about his product and asked me why I had included a question about the Rapture. ‘How can that be relevant?,’ he asked. I said, ‘Look, your ad claims are dubious, so you need some gullible people. If people believe in the Rapture, they will believe absolutely anything.’ He scoffed, but it turned out I was right. There was a tight correlation between people’s responses to his ads and the Rapture question. He ended up buying ads on conservative religious programming and cable networks friendly to evangelicals. It worked like a charm. The product picked up tons of first-time customers. Unfortunately, they turned out to be one-time customers because the product didn’t do what the ads implied. The lack of repeat purchases and the bad word-of-mouth soon killed it. But I still contend that my idea was Nobel Prize material.”

She never shows any embarrassment about walking through Manhattan in revealing outfits. Props for that. But this one just seems like a needy, Britney-like demonstration of exhibitionism.

Follow-up. It’s an ad for Maybelline. Apparently her outfit is just designed to attract attention and is probably unrelated to whwtever product she’s hawking. (As far as I know, Maybelline doesn’t sell garish Barbiecore clothing.)


image host

Rest assured that there is a very good reason:

The company has acknowledged to passengers that it has no ship

That does seem like a major obstacle to a successful cruise, not to mention a significant impediment to success in the cruise indiustry in general.

Joking aside, this is a nightmare for the passengers who signed up, many of whom sold or rented out their homes in anticipation of living at sea for three years. Furthermore, the company waited so long to make the announcement that many passengers are stranded in the original departure city.

There’s nothing new to see here, but I linked to it so you can see that the Christmas tree is gone, although this one is supposed to be from Monday – so we might presume it was filmed after the ones of her in the purple lingerie.

This leads me to wonder when all of these dance videos were actually filmed. Could Soused Stepdad be right with his theory that Britney is either dead or in seclusion, and that all of these videos are either from a vault of old footage or (less likely) a body double? Could the purple lingerie one really be new? October 8th or 9th is a little early for a Christmas tree, even for crazy people.

(Having made that statement, I have to hedge my bet by noting that I stopped in Lowe’s for some duct tape today, and the first thing I saw as I entered was a Santa-bedecked display of Christmas trees. In contrast, my cable provider has two Hallmark channels, and they have not yet started running Christmas movies. You know you’re jumping the gun when you’re celebrating Christmas before Hallmark.)

Hey, look what it did for Danny Trejo!

‘Medical experts’ are sounding the alarm over a new bizarre TikTok trend that has people hitting themselves in the face with hammers in hopes it will make them more attractive.”

Medical experts were needed? Did they have to call in the NIH to figure out that hitting oneself in the face with a hammer might have some negative effects?

If they commit suicide, he’ll teach them a lesson!

Obviously one cannot punish somebody for having committed suicide, so Kim Jong Un has declared that he will punish any local authorities unable to reduce the suicide rates in their domains.

Kim Jong Un characterized suicide as an ‘act of treason against socialism‘ in the directive and emphasized that local government officials would be held responsible for failing to prevent such incidents within their jurisdictions.”