If you live in the UK or watch the BBC, you probably know who she is. If you’re outside that circle, here’s Wikipedia‘s quick summary:

“Humble is an English television presenter and narrator, mainly working for the BBC, specialising in wildlife and science programmes. Humble served as President of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.”

Anyway … she’s been naked on camera twice, 27 years apart.

When she was an aspiring actress at age 21, she had a part in Spymaker, a biopic about Ian Fleming.

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And as a distinguished presenter and the Royal and Ancient Bird Lady, she went skinny-dipping at age 48 on the premiere episode of one of her reality shows, Kate Humble: Off the Beaten Track.

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You remember her most fondly from Blame it on Rio (1984).

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She next did a very brief topless scene in Genuine Risk (1990).

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Her episode of Tales From the Crypt (s3e11) aired seven years after Rio and she had changed quite a bit.

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She would do one more nude scene after that, but exposing only her booty, in a film called Body Shot (1994).

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According to Mr. Skin, she was also topless in an obscure 1987 effort called Beaks: The Movie. You can see from the image below that it is impossible to confirm that, and it has all the earmarks of a body-double scene, but Skin’s IDs are generally reliable.

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  • She is now 56 years old. According to IMDb, she appeared in a 2018 movie after not having acted on camera for 14 years.
  • For a few years, back at the turn of the millennium, she was married to slugging third baseman Matt Williams.

All comments, captures and collages were created by Brainscan (as were the film clips in the members’ area).

To Love a Clown, 2015 (sort of)

To Love a Clown is a re-edited version of Amuse Me (2015) about a clown that captures and drugs women to get them nekkid and stuff. The whole thing runs for some 80 minutes but stars (?) only 2 women, each of whom spends a half hour on camera, without clothes.

Lydia Leal

image host image host image host image host image host

Jordana Leigh

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I should tell you that Lydia does a particularly good job with the little material she is given in this movie, but her character has a very bad day. She escapes from the basement of an abusive clown and runs away without clothes and with the only pair of shoes she could find, but since it is a clown’s house, all she could rustle up is a pair of clown shoes. ‘Tis a good sight gag to have her trooping through the woods with shoes the length of her legs. But the first guy she runs into is a serial killer so off she goes to another basement for some more open-legged naked time. Her loss, our gain.

The Lesser Evil, 2014, 1080hd

You think To Love is minimalist with only two women? The Lesser Evil has only one. The plot here has Rachel Crow submit to the unwanted advances of a masked villain because he has kidnapped her daughter. I think. Not sure. I put together the best five minutes, but Rachel is nekkid for more than a hour of screen time, some of it with the kind of restraints that I find unappealing in the extreme. If that is your cup of tea, you can find this disc on Amazon.

Rachel Crow

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