Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Freida Pinto To Get Naked In John Ridley’s Showtime Miniseries ‘Guerrilla’

40 years ago today: Mark "The Bird" Fidrych makes his national TV debut

He led the league in ERA and complete games in his rookie year, but his presence in the pop culture was based on more than his talent. A lovable kook, he was the most popular guy and the biggest drawing card in the entire game. He was the first baseball player to make the cover of Rolling Stone.

Sadly, that year was essentially his entire career. The following year he tore cartilage in his knee during spring training. When he returned, everything seemed to be normal again until his ninth start, when he felt his arm "go dead." He was never the same pitcher again and his career was essentially over. That injury turned out to be a torn rotator cuff, but it went undiagnosed for years.

He died in 2009 as the result of an accident on his farm. He was only 54.

Fidrych bio at SABR's website.

A Super Yacht which was purchased for a cool billion

I notice that they have started to add many super heroes from various minorities, but I'm thinking Super Yacht would have to be a white guy, along with Super Polo Player.

The estimated annual operating costs on this yacht are a staggering $100 million per year. It is 553 feet long and requires a crew of 70.

The page also includes a link to a slightly larger yacht.

Miami was rated Worst American City to Live In

This is shocking! They consider Miami an American city!

Dakota Fanning swimsuit - quite revealing

NASA’s hot Juno Jupiter mission

Canadian Actress Michelle Vawer Topless

I don't know who the hell she is, but she has an IMDb page.

Marnie Simpson goes commando, flashes all the plumbing

The Geordie Shore star was partying with the cast in Kavos. She exposed the works last Thursday at Buzz Bar.

Sophie Tweed-Simmons in transparent panties

The filmography of Brian De Palma in 6 minutes.

Selena Gomez - bikini

Famous Characters You Didn't Know Were Meant To Die Horribly | Cracked.com

6 Shocking Reasons You Can't Trust Election Predictions | Cracked.com

5 Actors Who Attempted Music (And Failed Miserably) | Cracked.com

I would call Hasselhoff's music career a failure. He had massive album sales (a triple platinum) in Europe and a #1 hit in Germany. He also appeared in several Broadway musicals. Whether you like him or hate him, you can't really call that failure. (I can skip his singing, but I like him in general. I've often laughed out loud at his comedy series, Hoff the Record.)

Donald Trump's bogus Twitter friends

Interesting stuff. It's the internet equivalent of his trick of impersonating his own PR guy! He quotes people in his re-Tweets, but it turns out that the original Tweets can't be found and the accounts they allegedly came from seem to be fake.

How To Find Anyone: 5 Lessons From Serving People Papers

Nine millionth Republican committee finds Hillary did nothing inappropriate re Benghazi

Although that isn't too surprising since, as Secretary of State, she essentially had nothing to do with the entire episode, which was in the hands of the President, the military, and Leon Panetta (then Secretary of Defense).

Ukrainian man claims he caught legendary mysterious blood-sucking chupacabra

PICrama: Sarah Power (Briefly Topless) & Nicole Freese (Topless) in I-Lived (2015)

Nina Agdal Oiled Up Booty Cheeks

Today is the 90th birthday of Mel Brooks

As his birthday party guests he requested rustlers, cut throats, murderers, bounty hunters, desperados, mugs, pugs, thugs, nitwits, halfwits, dimwits, vipers, snipers, con men, Indian agents, Mexican bandits, muggers, buggerers, bushwhackers, hornswogglers, horse thieves, bull dykes, train robbers, bank robbers, ass-kickers, shit-kickers and Methodists.

Au Revoir Anglais? EU Could Drop English as Official Language After Brexit

Cubs' Kris Bryant first in MLB history to hit 3 home runs, 2 doubles in one game

"According to the Elias Sports Bureau, Bryant became the third player ever with an extra-base hit in each at-bat. The others were Josh Hamilton in 2012 and Joe Adcock in 1954, each of whom hit four homers and a double."

Either Elias is incorrect with that claim, or they have been misquoted by the Trib, because there must be a zillion guys who have gone 1-for-1 with an extra base hit. I am assuming they actually meant five extra base hits in five at bats, but even that is incorrect.


On August 28, 1977, Steve Garvey had three doubles and two homers in five at bats. Those were his only five plate appearances.

On July 14, 1946, Lou Boudreau had four doubles and a homer in five at bats. Those were his only five plate appearances. (His team lost the game!!)

Monday, June 27, 2016

Chanel West Coast on Snapchat (tiny thong)

GIF: Natalie Dormer removing her top

This was all the way back in season two, episode three of "Game of Thrones."

By the way, the season six finale of GoT is rated 10.0 at IMDb from almost 10,000 voters as I type this. I've never seen that score before.

Aubrey Plaza looks pretty great in a bikini

Mariah Carey wears a thong on the red carpet At 1OAK

She must spend a lot of time exercising, because she's 46 and that booty is pretty damned tight.

Claudia Romani Booty Cheeks, Rooting For Italy

More of Ariel Winter's butt

A Lesson From ‘Brexit’: On Immigration, Feelings Trump Facts

Very true, and this is a lesson that the EU itself has to learn, lest the UK be the first of many departures. The US should take note of it as well. Donald Trump may not win, but he obviously pressed a very hot button in his tough immigration stances, so others will take up this mantle, and those others will not be burdened by as much extraneous baggage as The Donald.

The people of the UK were aware of the possible economic consequences of withdrawal, but saw that as less important than the long-term strategy of having local control over immigration. Most societies in the world want to regulate their membership, to determine how many immigrants join them each year, where they come from, and what skills they have. The people of the UK were starting to feel that they had lost that control. They built the greatest empire in the history of the world by using their natural sea borders to prevent unwanted foreigners from setting foot on their soil. England's past greatness was attributable in no small part to the fact that their land was "this fortress built by nature for herself against infection and the hand of war; this precious stone set in the silver sea which serves it in the office of a wall or as a moat defensive to a house, against the envy of less happier lands." A lot of their citizens think that the integrity of that fortress is still the way to maintain their culture, and their greatness. It's easy for me to understand why they feel that way.

5 Eerie Conspiracies Theorists Were Right About All Along | Cracked.com

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