Before their elimination, they had 107 regular-season wins, the highest NL total in 35 years, the third-highest total in the NL in the lively ball era, and the fifth-highest NL total of all time.

1906 Cubs 116
1909 Pirates 110
1986 Mets 108
1975 Reds 108
2021 Giants 107

  • There will probably never be another team like the 1906 Cubs, with 116 wins and only 36 losses (.763). They had the greatest pitching staff ever assembled. The 1907, 1909 and 1906 Cubs have the three lowest ERAs in the history of the modern pitching distance (1.73, 1.74, 1.75). In addition, all of their eight other positions featured one of the three best in the league at their positions. Consider the bottom of their line-up: their 6th and 7th hitters were Hall of Famers in their primes, and their 8th hitter was the league’s best catcher. They were basically the all-star team, but wearing the same uniform. Yet somehow, they managed to lose the World Series!

The Giants’ opponents last night, the Dodgers, set the all-time MLB record for the most regular season wins by a team that did not lead the league in wins, 106, topping the 104 wins of the 1942 Dodgers and 1909 Cubs.

  • Those wartime Dodgers blew a 10-game lead in the final going as they were overtaken by a Cardinals team that had a pretty good rookie on the roster. You may have heard of him. They eventually called him The Man.
  • The 1909 Cubs began the century-long “curse.” The 1908 team had won the World Series, but the Cubbies could not repeat in the subsequent years, and would not being a championship to Wrigley Field until 2016.

Here is the complete COVID report for Thursday.

  • World-wide, cases are down 6% versus the same day last week, and fatalities are 6% lower.
  • In the USA, cases are down 17% versus the same day last week, and fatalities are 19% lower.

In the USA, new cases have declined from the same day of the previous week for 29 consecutive days, but the country is still in the red zone, as are 45 of the 47 states that filed reports. (That shows how bad things were 29 days ago!)

Romania topped every country in the world in both the rate of new cases per capita and the rate of fatalities per capita, yet Idaho topped Romania in both of those criteria.

On the one hand, he’s told his lackeys and sycophants that he’ll run again in 2024. On the other hand, he’s telling Republicans not to vote in 2024 (or for that matter in 2022). He said that this is the single most important thing Republicans can do.

We can usually figure out his con because his moves are so obvious. This time, it seems baffling. This same strategy cost the GOP the Senate because of the two Georgia elections.

“Unless these unprecedented scarcities are reversed soon, hundreds of thousands of Americans could be forced to learn that there is more to life than material objects,’ said White House press secretary Jen Psaki, cautioning that delays in shipping of clothing, toys, and other common gifts had the potential to make this Christmas the most communal and brotherly of any on record.”

Council to stop paying The Wizard $16,000 a year after 23 years on the payroll

“The Christchurch City Council will stop paying The Wizard $16,000 a year after more than two decades on the public payroll to “provide acts of wizardry” for the city. The Wizard of New Zealand said the council had decided to stop paying him because he did not fit with the modern image of the city. Over his 23 years on the payroll, the council has paid him a total of $368,000. ‘They are a bunch of bureaucrats who have no imagination,’ he said.”

Follow-up: all members of the council have been turned into newts.

This picture provided the cover of the May edition of Vogue in Czechia. It was shot on March 26th of this year.

Story here

Porizkova’s official birthday is April 9, 1965, so she would have been 15 when she posed for her first Vogue cover, which appeared in May of 1981.

Here is another cover in which she was 15:

“Millennial mafiosos in New York have been accused by veteran mobsters of going soft, becoming obsessed with their phones and using text messages rather than fists to intimidate victims. Growing up in wealthy suburbs as social media exploded, the new generation is said to have become less brutal, and less versed in traditional face-to-face tactics like pistol-whipping.”