Here is the short cut to the full COVID report for Monday.


The USA’s same-day-of-week comparison of “new cases” has now dropped for 26 consecutive days, the percentage drop has been in double digits for 14 consecutive days, and the percentage has been in the 20s for the past two days.

The USA’s same-day-of-week comparison of fatalities has now dropped eight days in a row.

The 7-day average of positive testing percentage again stayed at the all-time low of 3.3%, and the most recent day reported (Sunday) was even better at 2.6%.


In the Monday-to-Monday comparison, the non-India portion of the world dropped 12% in cases and 9% in fatalities.

Internet legend Johnny Moronic secured an open matte version of The Exception, and it reveals a wee bit of flesh not seen in the widescreen copy. Here are his captures.

Even without the additional exposure, this was #2 among our Top Nude Scenes of 2017. Personally, I would rate this higher than Alison Brie in GLOW, which won that year, although I actually voted for Natalie Krill in Below Her Mouth.

The Giants threw him a bash.

He’s now the oldest living player in the Hall of Fame, and many say he’s the greatest player ever to take the field. I don’t know about “ever,” but I think he’s the right choice among those who have played since WW2, and I can’t name a position player from any era who could do as many things as well.

You may not know: Willie’s home and road stats look like carbon copies.

Per 162 games 2b 3b HR R RBI Avg
Home 28 6 36 110 100 .302
Road 28 8 35 112 105 .301