Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Monica Bellucci Mega Gallery

Letterman's Top Ten Things You Don't Want To Hear From Your Weatherman During A Blizzard

CONAN Monologue 01/26/15

The Late Night TV Page - Talk Show Guest Listings

Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers are on vacation this week.

‘The next Anna Kournikova’ drops dead at tennis practice. She was 23.

"Details about what caused Degtiareva’s heart failure are unknown."

Hey, researchers, has she criticized Putin recently?

Giant snow penis demolished at Texas Tech University as students protest

"Nothing says 'I love you' more than getting your butthole bronzed and possibly turned into an edible delicacy."
A direct quote from the linked story: "This video is full of amazing moments, including Irvin pondering what his 'dream anus' would be. Just the fact that the term 'dream anus' exists makes life worth living."

Koch brothers to spend ... (raises pinky to lips) ... one BILLION dollars on 2016 political campaigns.

Actually only $889 million, the skinflints! C'mon fellas, dig deep in the couch cushions and find that extra $111 million.

Gigantic ring system around J1407b much larger, heavier than Saturn's

Neil DeGrasse Tyson bungles science of Deflate-gate scandal

Tyson made a simple error in his calculations.

Bill Nye also screwed up his reaction to deflate-gate. Nye said "to really change the pressure, you need one of these, an inflation needle." That is incorrect. The temperature will also change the pressure, as Belichick explained, and as anyone knows who has ever owned a car in an area which experiences winter conditions (tire air pressure drops considerably when it gets colder). Yes, you already know this, but if you want the details, you can go to pretty much any page on Goodyear's web site, which says repeatedly: "NOTE: Air pressure in a tire goes up (in warm weather) or down (in cold weather) 1–2 pounds for every 10 degrees of temperature change."

If you are a nerd like me and care about the precise calculations, it goes something like this:

The balls were inflated to 27.2 PSi (12.5 gauge pressure plus 14.7 atmospheric pressure). I'm going to assume that they were inflated in a room where the temperature was 75 degrees Fahrenheit, or 297 Kelvin. The temperature on the field at halftime (when the balls were confiscated) was 47 degrees, or 281.5 Kelvin. Since all other factors affecting air pressure were constant, therefore, the pressure should have declined to 94.8 percent of its original amount (281.5 divided by 297). 94.8% of 27.2 is 25.8 total pressure, or 11.1 gauge pressure. In other words, the balls should theoretically have declined by an average of 1.4 PSi to 11.1 PSi.

I made no effort to adjust for rainy conditions. A testing lab in Pittsburgh actually ran the experiment with real footballs rather than my theoretical ones, simulated game conditions, and found that the footballs dropped by an average of 1.8 PSI.

The strange, sad part of this experiment is that Bill Belichick got the science right, while Neil Tyson and Bill Nye got it wrong. It's strange because it shows that friggin' Belichick really is some kind of evil genius. It's sad because those two guys are our country's official public metaphors for scientific genius, which is a sad comment on the state of education in our country.

In Nye's defense, he is NOT a science guy. His undergraduate degree was in engineering, and he has no advanced degrees in any subject. He's actually Bill Nye the entertainment guy.

Tyson, however, is a real scientist with a Ph.D in astrophysics - and just plain screwed up. In Tyson's defense, this is not an astrophysics problem, but it is covered in basic high school physics.

By the way, I am not a Patriots fan. I am about as far from it as possible. But the facts are the facts.

Monday, January 26, 2015

2015 Adult Entertainment Expo Day: Jillian Jansen, Riley Reid And Phoenix Marie

If you plan to scroll through the photos, you should not do so at work.

Model Kacey Athena naked on Hollywood Blvd

This costume is so much nicer than another Elmo!

Miss USA contestant loses her bikini top!

The video has the usual silly TMZ censorship stars. I think we'll get a better look in time.

Jennifer Aniston, Ariel Winter, Sofia Vergara and more at the SAG awards

Plumber posed as film director to con actress into recreating 'Basic Instinct' sex scenes

94-year-old vet can't file tax return because IRS says he's dead

Naked violinist sues over arrest

More naked modern dance

... and some naked performance "art"

More naked modern dance

Brooklyn graffiti artist paints portrait of Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg using his own feces

Frenchman creates Valentine's Day fart pills

What You Need to Know About Today's "Crippling" Blizzard: Monday Update

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