Thursday, May 28, 2015

Woman hits self with bowling ball as cover for robbery

Chart: The Qatar World Cup Death Toll Is Stunning [Update]

Karrueche Tran Tempts Fate –

Chris Brown is like Dr Banner - you wouldn't like him when he's angry.

"The whole thing appeared to die down after it was discovered most tough guys don’t get catty on Instagram."

Just in passing: the Warriors are heavily favored to win the NBA championship

Putting money on the Warriors doesn't seem like a smart bet to me. I think they are likely to win, but (1) if they do, the payday is small relative to the risk; (2) do you really want to bet against LeBron?

5 Movie Stars Who Demanded Hilariously Insane Plot Changes |

A little sexism here:

#3. Jim Caviezel Refuses To Do Sex Scenes Without Clothes On

Big deal. Kristen Bell does that in every film and cable show, and nobody calls her insane. She wears more clothing during screen sex than most drivers wear in the Iditerod. Remember in Forgetting Sarah Marshall where she was having "wild" sex with a rock star - while fully dressed?

6 Video Games That Accidentally Make You The Bad Guy |

The 5 Most Unintentionally Offensive Things Done For Charity |

5 Lessons All Movies Should Learn From 'Mad Max' |

APOD: 2015 May 27 - Approaching Pluto

The coolest thing about this video is the demonstration of how Pluto and Charon orbit a common spot.

Giulia Cezini & Mariana Rezende topless in Morning Love

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Amanda Seyfried topless on stage in The Way We Get By (Pic, Vid)

The rumors were definitely correct.

The Way We Get By is an off-Broadway production at the Second Stage Theater until June 21st. Thomas Sadoski and Amanda Seyfried play a couple who seem to have recently completed a one-night stand (Or not. Plot twists ensue). She comes out wearing his special autographed Star Wars t-shirt and he freaks out, which works out great for us, since she eventually feels compelled to remove it.

The latest exposed nipple and crazy wig from Miley Cyrus

87 images of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in various stages of undress

Alex Rodriguez of New York Yankees now holds the all-time official AL record for runs batted in.

He has passed Lou Gehrig.

He has not actually passed Babe Ruth. The RBI became an official stat in 1920, but Ruth had a ton of 'em from 1914-1919., which is not official, says that Ruth has 2214 RBI, 219 more than A-Rod. A-Rod will next pass Barry Bonds, who has only one more. That will leave A-Rod fourth on the unofficial all-time list behind Aaron, Ruth and the great 19th century star, Cap Anson. On the official list, he will be listed second behind only Aaron.

I have actually picked up some respect for A-Rod this year. He has - at age 39 - won back the number three hole in the Yankee order with an OPS of .940. His career OPS is a virtually identical .942, so he's now hitting as well at age 39, without steroids, after a year layoff, as he hit when he was in his prime, with steroids. He's on pace for 38 homers. And he has done that with all eyes upon him and almost everyone rooting against him. And he has pulled it off in those difficult circumstances without being an ass.

I can't say I like him now, but I like him much more than I did before the season started.

It is apparent that, as they say, he cudda been a contenda, instead of a bum, if he had just played fair and square.

Exactly one black person lives in Industry, California.

Although City of Industry is quite a large place - 80,000 people work there - the population was only 219 in the 2010 census (it's all industrial and commercial), and the official demographic breakdown notes that it is 0.5% Black or African-American. Do the math. That is exactly one person.

Diora Baird & Shannon Twins topless in Cocked (2015) [Pilot]

Kylie Jenner More Tits, More Theories –

"Stupid chicks with big racks are the world’s most precious commodity and a necessity if you want to throw a successful backyard BBQ. If you can put aside the image of a D-list rapper bukkake party on her face, Kylie Jenner could easily be your best girlfriend ever. I agree that jet engine condensation trails are really an experimental Hydra poison and you agree to swear to the hotel manager you’re eighteen. Spit in your palm and rub my dick and we have a binding Kardashian contract."

Chrissy Teigen Topless Beach Peeks For Dujour

Big Brother Poland is filled with nudity

Video: Self-Driving Volvo Tries To Run Some People Over
This was the original plot of the new Avengers movie before they decided that Ultron needed to be more powerful than a Volvo. After all, they wouldn't need all of the Avengers to defeat a Volvo. Any one of them would be enough.

Well, except for Black Widow. She tops out at a mini-Cooper.

Marijuana-Infused Smoked Salmon Is The Future Of Breakfast

Ah, the Boho Coho!

That Sexy Sand Snake On ‘Game of Thrones’ Has A Secret Squeaky Clean Nickelodeon Past

6 Hilarious Ways Science Is Tackling Serious Issues |

6 Drug Busts That Went Embarrassingly Wrong |

6 Things You Learn Getting Paid To Troll People Online |

The video for Death Team's immortal music classic "Fucking Bitches In The Hood"

I believe it's a Sinatra cover.

Rumer Willis: Memorial Day Bikini Photoshoot in LA

She's "playing" football in a bikini.

LeBron will go to the finals for the 5th consecutive year.

The Hawks never had a prayer in this game, and they lost the series 4-0 despite winning 60 games this season and being the #1 seed in the East.

Bernie Sanders: A 90% tax rate sounds fine to me

Well, that should pull in some votes.

Not to mention some rich contributors!

"A fraternity that maintained a well-curated secret Facebook page full of pictures of unconscious, naked women will lose its official recognition until 2018"

"Johnny Depp could face up to 10 years in prison or a maximum fine of $340,000 for illegally bringing his two dogs into Australia."

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