Thursday, April 24, 2014

Up Close on Baseball’s Borders
"Steve Rushin of Sports Illustrated has called the line running through Connecticut that separates Yankee fans and Red Sox fans the Munson-Nixon line. Mr. Rushin came up with the name — in honor of the late Yankee catcher Thurman Munson and the retired Red Sox right fielder Trot Nixon — in 2003, and he had to guess where the line ran: “north of New Haven but south of Hartford, running the breadth of central Connecticut.”

We don’t have to guess anymore.

Fans may not list which team they favor on the census, but millions of them do make their preferences public on Facebook. Using aggregated data provided by the company, we were able to create an unprecedented look at the geography of baseball fandom, going down not only to the county level, as Facebook did in a nationwide map it released a few weeks ago, but also to ZIP codes. We can now clearly see that both Hartford and New Haven are in fact Yankee outposts. We can also determine the precise Chicago neighborhoods where White Sox jerseys stop being welcome and the central California town where the Dodgers cede fan favorite status to the Giants."

Les Actrices Françaises Nues à l'Ecran now has the naked French stars for the week ending April 25th

Insane Handbook: Bills Cheerleaders Are Told How To Wash Their Vaginas

Classic Nudes: Jaime Pressly by George Richardson

Miranda Kerr See-Through Tops Reveal A Newly Single Woman Doing More Than Good

SC Man: Sorry I Was Naked in Walmart, But I Accidentally Took Meth Instead of Ecstasy
In that case, you are free to go.

The chance of a city-killing asteroid striking Earth is higher than scientists previously believed.
Especially now that Bruce Willis is getting older.

British burglar, 58, breaks out of prison to escape incessant hip-hop music

Swedish cops nab a man for having big muscles

5 Iconic Pop Culture Moments That Weren't in the Original |

The 4 Jerks Everyone Has to Deal With |

4 Lesser-Known Halves of Music Duos Who Deserve Your Respect |

5 Math Lessons You Don't Really Need in the Real World |

Seth Meyers' Monologue, 4-23-14

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Did you know that the legendary Count Floyd is in a new music video?
Man, he looks old.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Danish model Freja Beha Erichsen: Topless Document Journal #4

Suspect uses potato in attempted robberies

Accused Killer Fears 'Murder' Tattoo Sends Wrong Message

This Guy Is Trying to Collect Every Single Copy of the Movie 'Speed' on VHS

Cops find loaded gun in Tennessee woman’s vagina

Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Definitive Oral History of a TV Masterpiece

David Foster Wallace's family object to biopic The End of the Tour
"This motion picture is loosely based on transcripts from an interview David consented to 18 years ago for a magazine article about the publication of his novel, Infinite Jest. That article was never published and David would never have agreed that those saved transcripts could later be repurposed as the basis of a movie."

What difference does it make that the article was never published? In other words, they are saying: "We object to your using his own words to form a picture of him. And so would he."

In still other words: "Where's our cut?"

Tanning Mom Is A Celebrity Boxer Now

PETA Protestors Topless Outside The Tower of London
"If a topless woman asks a dude to give up the slaughtered flesh of baby lambs, he’ll say yes without hesitation. The minute those tits disappear, he’ll be biting into the neck of a llama to fulfill his carnivorous destiny."

Cora Keegan Topless and Tasty Artsy for Finnish Trends

9 Famous Thinkers Who Were Total Hypocrites |

6 Real How-To Guides You Won't Believe Anyone Needs |

5 Plot Lines Erotic Novels Desperately Need to Adopt |

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Fucks a Clown For GQ

"Justin Bieber Apologizes for Tribute to Japanese War Criminals"

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