That’s a pretty unlikely group. What could they have in common? The day was October 27, 1986, and they were all honored by the Ellis Island Honors Society for different reasons, all centered around their ethnic origins, as a celebration of the American diversity symbolized by Ellis Island. Trump was chosen as a man of German heritage who benefited New York City as a developer.

An Oct. 16, 1986, New York Times article lists Trump as a recipient, with ‘German, developer’ alongside his name. ”

(Hillary Clinton has also received the Ellis Island Medal of Honor.)

Hilariously enough, a Facebook meme has claimed that the society was honoring Trump for his contributions to the black community! You can’t get much farther from the truth. In reality, the Trumps’ most significant contribution to the black community was to refuse to rent to them. An undercover government agent caught the Trumps red-handed in blatant discrimination. When cornered by the feds, Trump’s manager on the scene said, “I’m only doing what my boss told me to do — I am not allowed to rent to black tenants.”

Trump has disingenuously claimed that he settled the case for “zero with no admission of liability,” which conveniently twists the intent of the actual settlement, which read “without adjudication of the merit and without any admission as to the existence or absence of liability,” and which forced the Trump organization to jump through many hoops to prove that it intended to comply with the law. In layman’s terms, the ruling was “We won’t talk about the past at all. The important thing is that you do the following in the future.”

So it’s not likely that a guy caught red-handed practicing racist housing discrimination would be given an award for his progressive racial policies!

Trump lied that he attempted to stop the chant Wednesday night by resuming his speech “very quickly” after it started. When he makes up these lies, he must think there is no visual record of his standing there, nodding and listening to the crowd for 12 seconds. All that was missing was holding his hands to his ears, ala Hulk Hogan.

Donald Trump and his press secretary were directly involved in discussions that led to an illegal hush-money payment to Stormy Daniels during the 2016 election campaign, according to the FBI. The new disclosures raise the possibility that Hicks lied to the FBI. Hicks told an agent in an interview that ‘she did not learn about the allegations made by Clifford until early November 2016′”

(In April 2018, Trump claimed that he didn’t know anything about the hush money payment to Daniels.)