Monday, July 06, 2015

Amanda Peterson Dies -- 'Can't Buy Me Love' Star Dead at 43

Jerry Weintraub Dead -- Mega Producer Dies at 77

"Weintraub's been a giant in music and movies for decades -- producing, promoting, and managing for everyone from Sinatra to Led Zeppelin ... to Bob Dylan, Elvis and John Denver.

In addition to the 'Ocean's' movies, starring Brad Pitt and George Clooney -- Weintraub produced all the Karate Kid flicks and the Chevy Chase classic, Vegas Vacation."

Nudity in last night's Penny Dreadful [S2E10] (Olivia Chenery, Nicole O'Neill and prosthetics)
The demon who gets gunned down while bathed in blue light is Nicole O'Neill. That was the season two finale.

The Atheletic Hotties In ESPN'S Body Issue

Nicky Hilton Booty Cheek Wardrobe Malfunction

FEMEN Topless Fountain Takeover –

Jennette McCurdy pops out during Periscope'd house party (LQ)

Man mistakenly raises 'puppies' for two years - before finding out they're black bears

Florida wildlife officials looking for tattooed woman seen riding sea turtle

Mystery undertaker spotted paddling in coffin on lake next to hospice for terminally ill

I could have sworn Ingmar Bergman was dead, but this appears to be a scene from one of his movies.

Villagers outraged after 500 swingers descend for ‘Swingfields 2015’

"Villagers reacted with outrage on Sunday after more than 500 swingers invaded their sleepy, secluded hamlet for a weekend of debauchery and orgies."

Where shall we hold our weekend of debauchery, Carlos.

I do not know, Roxy. Perhaps Paris? Bangkok? Las Vegas?

I have an idea. How about a sleepy, secluded British hamlet?

You mean we all have sex in the audience in a regional theater?

No, hamlet as in village, not Hamlet as in Shakespeare.

Brilliant, Roxy! Capital idea, pip pip, cheerio, and all those other British movie cliches!

John Oliver: No Time for a Deep Dive, Here's a Bunch of Shallow Ones

Jaimie Alexander and Carla Gugino in The Brink [S1E3]

Various topless women in last night's Ballers (s1e3)

Weronika Rosati topless in last night's True Detective [S2E3]

6 Baffling First Drafts Of Famous Movies |

5 Real Problems That Accidentally Created Pop-Culture Icons |

No Peeing, Or Beer: 6 Realities Of Life Without Kidneys |

Footage Of Nic Cage As Superman

Sunday, July 05, 2015

Women's World Cup final: U.S. defeats Japan, 5-2

The Internet Is Now Officially Too Big as IP Addresses Run Out

A very large HQ scan of the famous pic of Eva Longoria's naked bum

More of Aly Raisman Showing Off Bare Gymnastics for ESPN Body Issue

Greece Rejects Austerity, Votes "No" to Bailout Terms

17 Seconds To Sophie (Note: tasteful nudity)

"The sound of a ticking kitchen timer introduces a slim, nude woman who is standing in semi-profile against a bare, off-white wall. Her expression is impassive. Her image flickers slightly, and we watch her abdomen grow, realizing we are seeing a time-lapse sequence of her pregnancy. After 17 seconds, the timer rings; a baby appears in her arms, and the time-lapse gives way to real time. A mother's beatific smile appears as she cuddles the child."

5 Awful Lessons Disney Teaches You About Relationships |

6 Stupid Infomercial Gimmicks That Have Taken Over Your Life |

The New Era of Canadian Sex Work [VID]

Surprised? Well, their symbol is the beaver.

Comic Strips: Episode 1. Nudity from Jaime Alyse Andrews

It's a web series about an aspiring comedian who secretly takes a job as a stripper "to make fast money while maintaining her independence and following her dreams." It's only about four minutes long, and I'm not sure how many more episodes there will be because it's a Kickstarter project.

Margot Robbie stark nekkid in The Wolf of Wall Street

Actress-model Virginia Petrucci: Nude For The Death Of Youth

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