Saturday, April 19, 2014

APOD: 2014 April 18 - Red Moon, Green Beam

Friday, April 18, 2014

How 420 became code for marijuana

12 Directors Who Hated Their Own Movies

13 ghost towns worth visiting

Six-Layer Pizza Cake Is About to Become a (Canadian) Reality

Olivia Wilde's nudity in Third Person is definitely not a body double.
"My lasting memory of being in Rome on THIRD PERSON is probably running stark naked through the hotel set, which I’ve decided is something that I think I should do on every film as it’s a real ice-breaker with the crew in the first week. Once you do that nothing else is intimidating. There is something to be said for taking risks that shed all pretence, but it takes a really wonderfully supportive crew to make you feel that safe. I will never forget the first time Paul called ‘action’ on that scene — it’s one thing to be naked in a film, and any man or woman can empathize with the idea of being naked in front of a camera, but it’s another thing to be naked and running down a staircase and thinking ‘God it’s a good thing I love this story!’"

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford kicks off reelection bid

Man armed with bar of TOBLERONE tried to hijack plane to Sochi Olympics

Male cop dressed as Amish woman for two months

Completed movies that still haven't been released

Kristen Bell Gets (Kinda) "Naked and Afraid"

Alexis Knapp's bare butt in The Anomaly official UK trailer 1 (2014)
See it around :20 and :58 (same shot both times).

Craig Ferguson's Monologue - 4/17/2014

Conan's monologue - 4/17/14

5 Movies That Made Huge Stars Quit Acting Forever |
"Every single movie actor who has been called "the greatest in the world" has appeared in at least one irredeemable turd. Daniel Day-Lewis did Nine. Marlon Brando did The Island of Dr. Moreau. Sasha Grey was in several episodes of Entourage. And so on."

"Let us stop this nonsense, these meal tickets that we do because it pays well ... bad pictures are very humiliating, I was really sick. It is terrifying to have to do the dialogue from bad scripts, to face a director who does not know what he is doing, in a film so bad that it is not even worth exploring." (Omar Sharif discussing The 13th Warrior.)

5 Scenes From History That Everyone Pictures Incorrectly |
#4. Samurai Were Actually Embarrassed of Their Swords

30 'Star Wars' Facts You (probably) Didn't Know

16 Delicious Facts About Peeps

Karyn Halpin: Nudity in 'Kid Cannabis' [Preview]

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