“After making history by being impeached, (the President) lambasted his political opponents, painted himself as a persecuted hero and skipped his successor’s inauguration as he finished up his single term in office. In a bitter farewell address, he railed on about his many grievances and insisted he had no regrets from his time in office.”

The president in question was Andrew Johnson.

Johnson was still expected to attend the event as of the very morning of that Inauguration Day, but he begged off when his carriage came for him, and stayed in his office until the very last minute of his Presidency. “The last minute” is not a figurative expression in this case. He left the White House at noon, precisely as his term expired.

Here is the short cut to the COVID report for Tuesday.

The light continues to shine at the end of the tunnel. At the moment, the world’s vaccination efforts seem to be outrunning the spread of the virus. Yay, us! (Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the new, faster-spreading strains don’t reverse this trend.)

Here is the “new cases” trend for the last eight days:

USA World
Last Tuesday versus the previous Tuesday -2% -3%
Wednesday versus last Wednesday -9% -6%
Thursday versus last Thursday -16% -9%
Friday versus last Friday -18% -9%
Saturday versus last Saturday -19% -16%
Sunday versus last Sunday -17% -18%
Monday versus last Monday -34% -19%
Tuesday versus last Tuesday -23% -13%

In addition,

  • US COVID hospitalizations declined for the seventh straight day.
  • US COVID patients in ICU declined for the fifth straight day.
  • The number of COVID patients on ventilators declined for the second straight day.
  • The percentage of positive tests in the USA stayed out of the red zone.

Another great Dodger laid to rest. Although he won 324 games, as many as Nolan Ryan, he was rarely the first starter for any club (he made the All-Star team only four times in 23 seasons in MLB). He did have a great run in the early 70s, but for most of his career I guess you can argue that he was the greatest “second starter” of all time. Even in the twilight of his career, he was still a dependable guy in the rotation:

Age 39: 14-12
Age 40: 15-10
Age 41: 13-8
Age 42: 15-11

For a Hall of Fame pitcher, he had an odd run of bad luck in World Series action. He made it into the Series four times, three with LA and one with the Brewers, but those teams lost all four.

The Brewers held a 3-2 series lead in 1982 (the “Harvey’s Wallbangers” year) when Sutton got the nod to start game six of the World Series against the Cardinals. He was hammered hard in a 13-1 shellacking which allowed the Cards to tie the series and knock all the wind out of the Brewers’ sails.

The 1978 Series was even more embarrassing. After Burt Hooton and Tommy John staked the Dodgers to a 2-0 lead, Sutton dropped game three, then came back to lose the final game as well, allowing the hated Yankees to win the whole magilla.

All the famous “harem girl” shots are from an alternate version of Era Lui, Si! Si! (1951)

Per IMDb, “Nude scenes — including one featuring a topless Sophia Loren — were filmed for the alternate French release.” Sophia told an interviewer: “For the French version, they wanted me to have my chest bare. I did not want to but … I was hungry. After the scene, they come and say they must do some still pictures of me with nothing on top. I thought it had to be.”

If that French version still exists, it has never made it onto the internet at all. The rumor is that Sophia’s husband, producer Carlo Ponti Sr., destroyed all the prints of the topless version, so that only the stills remain.

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Even the tame Italian variant has been impossible to find for years (I have never seen it), but the Cinema Sirens site, as shown below, did claim to have that version for sale some years ago. I don’t know whether that is still true.

After years of searching I am pleased to share the fact that on Friday we mastered for DVD distribution a piece of movie…

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