I thought this one was wild.

“Terrifying moment car flies over a DOZEN vehicles at dealership – missing terrified man by inches – after driver on nearby interstate loses control”

Here is what is amazing: the driver was shaken up but is expected to be fine, and no bystanders were injured. (There were some wild “what ifs” that could have happened with a different few inches one way or another, but in the real world, everything was A-OK except for some damaged vehicles.)

“And in some places, it doesn’t even make sense to try.”

The evidence of this has been significant for decades now, but Americans have kinda sorta ignored it since it always seemed to affect faraway places like the Solomons and Maldives, or little-known island countries with exotic names, like Nauru and Tuvalu.

Now, however, some of America’s natural treasures, the low-lying Florida Keys, are in immediate danger, and their county is evaluating engineering projects that could cost hundreds of millions of dollars to benefit very few people – in one case affecting only 20-30 homes. Their decision will likely be to give up.

“How do you tell somebody, ‘We’re not going to build (up) the road to get to your home’? And what do we do?” Mr. Gastesi asked. “Do we buy them out? And how do we buy them out — is it voluntary? Is it eminent domain? How do we do that?” Administrators and elected officials are going to have to start to rely on a “word nobody likes to use,” Mr. Gastesi said, “and that’s ‘retreat.’”

It seems that he, Seth Rogan, Bill Maher, Matthew McConaughey, Snoop Dogg and Kevin Smith have all renounced all drugs in order to live healthier. It’s part of their new initiative, Going Against Nug for a Joint-free America

Wait! You mean it isn’t April 1 yet?

All kidding aside, those other guys, to the best of my knowledge, are still firin’ up at every opportunity, and Willie, that ol’ codger, has not stopped USING the ganja. He just stopped SMOKING it.

Hillary Clinton made her debut appearance on Howard Stern’s show Wednesday and spilled her guts. (That link is a very comprehensive summary from Howard’s website.)

Disappointingly, Howard did not offer her a ride on the Sybian.

Among the things we learned:

I may have made one of those up. But which one?