I’m afraid that I won’t understand this film, not because I don’t understand Polish, but because I haven’t seen Fuks.

Joking aside, this really is a sequel to a 1999 movie called Fuks, written and directed by the same auteur. The lead character from the first film, now 50ish, comes back as the father of the lead character in the sequel.

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Katarina’s nudography is here.

Johnny’s remarks:

“Sneaking in a quick update mid-week as there’s not a lot of movies with nudity released in 1980 and I’ve already capped all bar one making my job easier. A real lull in 1980 for Australian movies as the money that was flowing from the mid-70s has dried up. Having said that there’s some decent nudity in movies released this year so it’s not all bad.”

To find Johnny’s reviews of previous years, just scroll down from 1980.

Chloe Bailey showing off her body in a skin-tight dress at the 2024 Vanity Fair Oscar Party!”

The Bailey sisters are rapidly approaching supernova status as internet favorites. (And for good reasons. Lots of looks, lots of talent.) Chloe is about seven inches taller, so if you want a tall daughter, I suppose Chloe is the name to use. (Khloe Kardashian is 8 inches taller than her full sisters, Kim and Kourtney.)

OJ was a great running back. His college coach said, “Simpson was not only the greatest player I ever had – he was the greatest player anyone ever had.”

He was loved as a public figure, good-natured pitchman, and movie/TV star.

And then the dark side emerged.

When the glove didn’t fit
He was full of shit

CNN’s obit

“Melanie Lynskey (aka Rose the stalker from “Two and a half men”) in all her nude scenes from TV and films + some lesbian action with Kate Winslet”

I have a question for crowd discussion:

This scene is identified as a clip from Heavenly Creatures. I do not doubt that it is genuine, but I have watched and reviewed that film and didn’t see that scene. Tuna did his usual thorough job on the captures from this film, and did not see that scene. Mr. Skin has a section on this film, but does not show that scene.

So what is the deal? Is it from a deleted scene? Are there multiple versions of the film? Was the DVD issue censored for the USA?

I have two working hypotheses, as follows:

(Possibility 1) The movie was lensed in Christchurch between March and June of 1993. Melanie Lynskey was born in May of 1977, so she turned 16 during filming, and was either 15 or 16 when Peter Jackson shot that sex scene. I am guessing that does not run afoul of the law in New Zealand, but the scene had to be cut for release in North America. Is that correct?

(Possibility 2) Or is it just a matter of full screen versus wide screen, as I had previously thought.