In 2017, Moss appeared in a Swedish movie called The Square. God only knows why, but for some reason she elected to do a topless sex scene while wearing obvious nipple patches. Was that somehow appropriate in context? I dunno (haven’t seen the film), but it gave the entire scene a surreal appearance.

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The compilations come from that superstar compiler, the Britannica of Breasts, the Diderot of Derrieres, the ultimate encyclopedist of screen nudity, OZ, whose work has appeared in the Fun House nearly every day for about two decades. If there is a movie or TV show he has not seen, I could not name it.

Here is a .gif version

Here is the short cut to the full COVID report for Wednesday

It has been reported that Mississippi and Texas are both returning to full business-as-usual, with no restrictions or mask requirements. This is flat-out crazy.

  • There are only three states in the triple red zone (fatalities, new cases, positivity rate), and Texas is one of them. The state is currently running a daily fatality rate (23 per million) higher than any country in the world (Slovakia is highest at 18)!
  • Mississippi, meanwhile is still running a 17% percent positivity rate, sixth highest of the 50 states, and even higher than Texas.

There are still many good signs across the land:

  • US COVID hospitalizations declined for the 51st straight day.
  • US COVID patients in ICU declined for the 49th straight day.
  • The US number of COVID patients on ventilators declined for the 46th straight day.
  • The current 7-day testing percentage is 4.2%, the lowest since October 4th.

At last, some sensible laws! Kudos to the UK.

Noise officers said they also received specific complaints about Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton’s Islands in the Stream.

I wonder what the charge would be for singing Terry Jacks.

Or even for singing the original Jacques Brel version of Seasons in the Sun:

I think the (loose) translation to English was actually written by the alleged singer/songwriter Rod McKuen, who was covered in even thicker treacle than Terry Jacks, if that was even possible. His song “Jean” is one of the few that can reasonably be presented as a counter argument when “Seasons in the Sun” is held up as the worst ever.