“Trump Moves to Deport Vietnam War Refugees”

This is even a bigger dose of WTF than usual.

“Many pre-1995 arrivals, all of whom were previously protected under the 2008 agreement by both the administrations of Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, were refugees from the Vietnam War. Some are the children of those who once allied with American and South Vietnamese forces, an attribute that renders them undesirable to the current regime in Hanoi, which imputes anti-regime beliefs to the children of those who opposed North Vietnam. This anti-Communist constituency includes minorities such as the children of the American-allied Montagnards, who are persecuted in Vietnam for both their ethnicity and Christian religion.”

Note that ONLY applies to people who have been living in the United States for 23 years or more. Since a 2017 ruling already declared the intent to deport any in that group who committed crimes, and this new policy would exempt those who have become citizens, this new policy would therefore deport people displaced by the war in Vietnam who have been living in the USA for 23 years or more as law-abiding residents, but without the protection of citizenship. It would deport them to a country that persecutes them either for being Christian or for their own or their parents’ support of America.

Does that make sense to anyone?

“In 1938, Centaur Publications was formed. In the four years of its lifespan, this company produced comics exactly like everyone else’s, only crazy and worse. Their Hawkman was called “The Air Man.” He wore a yellow penis costume and fought crime with a bucket.”

Step aside, Marvel. I’m ready to start making films from the Centaur Cinema Cosmos, starting with Air Man the Yellow Penis and his youthful ward, Little Dicky. That villain-destroying bucket is awesome, and it also comes in handy if Little Dicky wants to build a sand castle. Suck it, Mjölnir!

To be fair, the CCC efforts couldn’t be worse than the DC movies.

Hillary Clinton bootylicious

And Slick Willie as well. Woohoo!

One more, without President Horndog.

All due credit to Hillary. If the Presidential election had a bathing suit competition like an old-fashioned beauty pageant, she’d be in the Oval Office now. You know you don’t want to see Trump in a speedo.

(You know every possible bad idea finds its way to the internet, like a site dedicated to Presidents in bathing suits. Sorry, no Taft!)

“One of the published photos, and probably the last straw that broke the camel’s back showed the couple explicitly having sex on top of the pyramid.”

The thing that amazes me is not that they were able to have sex there, but that there is no security to prevent them from climbing the Great Pyramid at night.

“Pecker offered to help deal with negative stories about that presidential candidate’s relationships with women by, among other things, assisting the campaign in identifying such stories so they could be purchased and their publication avoided.”

(“AMI” is the company which publishes The National Enquirer. “Pecker” is the head of that company.)

“It’s a critical admission because, if true, it transforms the payment into a criminal violation as opposed to simply a private transaction.”

It’s weird to hear old guys who don’t understand tech at all try to tell a tech expert how his own company works.

Here’s a classic exchange:

LAMAR SMITH: You’ve never punished a Google employee for manipulating search results, is that right?

GOOGLE CEO SUNDAR PICHAI: It’s not even possible for an individual employee to do that.

SMITH: I disagree. I think humans can manipulate the process.

Now here’s the really good part – by bringing this matter up in a public forum, covered by every news site and many bloggers (even me), Smith just made it even MORE likely that a search for idiot will turn up a story about Trump – or about Lamar Smith! If a Google search for “idiot” should actually lead to Lamar Smith, the picture would certainly be convincing!


But here’s the really sad part: this simple, elderly fellow who can’t understand the very basic concepts behind a Google search, is (at least for a few more weeks) the chairman of the House Committee on Space, Science, and Technology!

Gee, I can’t imagine why American students keep falling farther behind the rest of the world in science.

At least Smith seemed alert enough to know who he was talking to. That’s an indication of genius by congressional standards. He seemed like Dr. Steven Hawking compared to Louis Gohmert, who complained to the CEO of Google about Wikipedia, or Steve King, who complained about Apple.

“Congressman, iPhone is made by a different company.”

Gohmert’s complaint at least sounded like something that really happened. In King’s case, he not only addressed his concerns to the wrong guy, but it was pretty obvious that he had totally fabricated his complaint, but was too tech-challenged to realize how transparent his lie was.

These images demonstrate why Jennifer Connelly is a legend of film nudity. She was ubiquitous in our annual top twenty lists from 1996-2003, including three finishes in the top three, and two top-ten appearances in the same year.

Her nude scenes:

The Hot Spot, 1990

Of Love and Shadows, 1994

Mulholland Falls, 1996 (The top nude scene of 1996)

Inventing the Abbotts, 1997 (The #2 nude scene of 1997)

Waking the Dead, 2000, with additional nudity in deleted scenes. (#9 among the top nude scenes of 2000)

Requiem for a Dream, 2000 (#3 among the top nude scenes of 2000)

The House of Sand and Fog, 2003 (#15 among the best nude scenes of 2003)

Shelter, 2014

American Pastoral, 2016