Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Dave's Monologue - 8/26/14

Jimmy McMillan prepares to run for governor again on 'Rent is 2 Damn High' ticket

Zara Apologizes For Holocaust-Themed Shirts

"Four factors point toward re-election of Mayor Rob Ford in Toronto's municipal election."
Good news for Conan, Fallon, etc.

Brock Lesnar and the Swamps of Sadness

Did Katie Couric Accuse Diane Sawyer of Handing Out BJs Like Candy?

What Happens When You Make an NC-17 Movie

Giant panda ‘faked pregnancy for extra treats and nicer accommodation’

La Tomatina 2014: Watch The Epic Spanish Tomato-Throwing Festival

Nick Cannon Left Mariah Carey Because She’s Crazy

Sofia Vergara Suffers Nip Slip

Rachel Jessee Topless Ginger Candid Perfection at Go-Topless Rally in NYC:

Eclipse Comes Just In Time To Save John Kerry From Tribe of Island Cannibals

The 6 Most Hilariously Misleading Movie Trailers |

5 Movie Jokes You Missed If You Only Speak English |

6 BS Stories That Went Viral: Siri's Not a Murder Accomplice |

Jessica McCann: 10 years later (NSFW)
On The Rebel Billionaire, she was the gorgeous female contestant who was forced to streak a rock concert.

10 Incredibly Dangerous Banned Toys

Gary Busey Reportedly Hit On Courtney Stodden, Then Slapped Her Mother

Mizzou Fraternity Accused Of Title IX Violations For Dancing Teletubby

CSI Canada: The mounties investigate a theft of silly string in break and enter
"The only thing that appears to be taken is silly string, so, someone wanted silly string"

Man fakes his own kidnap to keep partying
Man fakes his own kidnapping to stay later at a party!

OK, this is impressive, but I have yet to see anyone top my feat of faking my own death to avoid going to a Julia Roberts movie. The woman I was supposed to go with still lays flowers on my gravesite every year on the anniversary.

From Texas, where everything is bigger, the 99-pack of beer

VIDrama: Christina Ochoa topless in Matador [S1E7]

Liv Tyler In A Bikini

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Keira Knightley goes totally, clearly topless in Interview magazine

Paul Heyman turns the Ice Bucket Challenge into a Luci Ford wet t-shirt display

Mystery glow over the Pacific Ocean

Justin Bieber -- rear-ended in his latest douchebaggery
I think he's stepped up to two d-bag moves per day.

"Bieber was driving his red Ferrari in West Hollywood early Tuesday afternoon when he noticed a photog following him in a Prius. We're told an annoyed Bieber slammed on his brakes and the photog crashed into him. Bieber wasn't hurt, but he's pissed, tweeting, 'We should have learned from the death of Princess Diana.'"

If every state had an official dessert, what would it be?

CBS Slapped With Lawsuit Over Farting Hippo

CBS responds to the suit, saying, “We believe this to be a flatulent abuse of the legal system, and we intend to clear the air on this matter immediately.”

Lara Bingle goes naked to top up her tan on romantic Hawaiian holiday with Sam Worthington

The Addams Family House Is For Sale For the First Time in Almost A Century

PICs: Rachel Brosnahan & Tailinh Agoyo in Manhattan [S1E5]

PICs: Anna Van Hooft in Witches of East End [S2E7]
She does take her top off, but the good stuff is kept dark and/or hidden.

Three former girl group members star in upcoming erotic movie 'Pharisee'

Paula Patton looks great in a transparent top, no bra

30 Pics Of Jelly Devote’s EPIC Swedish Booty & Boobs | Girls In Yoga Pants

Justin Bieber Got Into a Fight at a Dave & Buster's Last Night
Yesterday I asked whether the Biebs could get through a day without douchebaggery. I guess the answer is no.

"Making this incident a bit trickier is that Bieber is currently on probation stemming from a DUI charge he picked up in Miami. The parameters of that probation require Bieber attend 12 hours of anger management classes, and nothing quite says 'I need to attend anger management classes' like getting into a fight at a Dave & Buster's."

Sarah Silverman discussed her boobs after her Emmy award

Good to know: "Walking around naked in Kansas is not actually against the law."

Canada's brief national nightmare is over: the LobsterCam in Halifax harbour is live once again

GIFs: Louise Brealey naked in Delicious (2013)

9 Failed Designs That Would Have Changed Times Square Forever

A Louisiana coroner says a black man shot himself in the chest with his hands cuffed behind his back.

David Letterman's Monologue - 8/25/14

5 Things You Learn About Rich People Working at a Nice Hotel |

5 People Who Invented Entire Languages From Scratch |

The Bizarre Story of How American Cops Became Stormtroopers |

7 Gross Foods Your Grandparents Ate (That We Taste Tested) |

Breaking Bad wins everything

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