Friday, February 27, 2015

Topless FEMEN Protesters Protest Laws Banning Protests

"In Spain the government doesn’t appreciate its citizens protesting what a shitty job it’s doing with its financial collapse so it passed a bunch of laws saying you can’t publicly say what a shitty job they’re doing. You can’t protest in the streets or carry signs or take pictures of anybody protesting or carrying signs. And you definitely can’t run down the street with your tits bouncing screaming about the new laws preventing you from doing so. They’re not having much luck against these flapjacked Women’s Studies majors."

4 Useful Things Forging Documents Taught Me About Your World |

4 More Unwritten Rules Hollywood Needs to Stop Following |

#4. Every Husband Is a Bumbling Idiot

I dunno. In this case the Hollywood rule makes sense to me. They got married, didn't they?

Naked woman 'dancing with cop' at police station triggers "huge police investigation"
I never realized that the Brits have a different meaning for "investigation," as they do for so many other things:

Cor, luv, before we get into the lorry with me bruv, let's stop this lift and shag between floors. I got a huge investigation.

Serbian woman gets mobile phone stuck in her vagina

It is considered a rite of passage in the Serbian Orthodox Church, so all Serbian women have a phone in their vagina.

But only this one got stuck.

Tip o' the day: do not give a dolphin a golden shower

You must follow this rule even if you speak fluent dolphin and your oceangoing friend specifically requests a snoutful. Don't be confused by the pictogram, however, in that not every liquid coming from your penis is forbidden. You may continue to practice dolphin bukkake.

Google reverses decision to ban adult content on Blogger

Chinese tourists flood Japan to buy toilet seats

Strange, creepy ScarJo: Travolta Isn't "Strange" or "Creepy"

As one commenter pointed out, ScarJo has dated Sean Penn, so her creepy radar may not be tuned properly.

Or at all.

But to be fair, I'd note that just about everyone who has ever worked with ol' Vinnie Barbarino has said that he's a sweet guy with a big heart.

But, let's face it, he is kind of an odd duck.

ScarJo is right in that the widely circulated still of Travolta and her is missing its proper context, but his encounter with the wickedly talented Adele Dazeem should get an award for pop culture's most uncomfortable public moment not involving Crispin Glover.

Leonard Nimoy Dead at 83
Considering that he was a smoker, he lived long, and prospered.

Olivia Luccardi nude topless - House of Cards (2015) s3e1
The award-winning Netflix show is back, for your binge-watching pleasure!

"Milo Moire’s newest piece of work entails her walking around a museum naked and carrying a baby."

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Dakota Johnson in 50 Shades of Grey - in 1080HD!

E! gives the Kardashians $100 million

Mike Myers was right about the existence of Dr. Evil. He just got the gender wrong.

Keith Olbermann ... yadda yadda ... douchebaggery

Olbermann must be jealous of the recent attention given to fellow douchebags Kanye, Trump and Bieber. He needed his share of the spotlight. Haters gotta hate. Douches gotta bag.

That reminds me. Why is their fellow uberdouche Alec Baldwin so quiet lately? Is he planning something big?

The Disturbing Rise In “Hillbilly Porn”

I don't even want to know why Jethro sometimes dresses as Jethrine, or what Elly Mae is doing with those critters. I do kinda want to see Mr Drysdale and Miss Hathaway in their B&D lair.

Lindsay Lohan told to do more community service

Some of her UK activities submitted as community service reportedly included ... (clears throat) ... "meeting" fans in London.

Shockingly, the judge ruled that giving blow jobs to influential guys does not qualify as community service.

Unless the guys in question are judges, of course.

LeBron James angry his 10-year-old son already being recruited by universities

Damn you, Harvard and Oxford. Let that poor kid master his differential equations before you start distracting him.

Natasha Poly Black And White and Hot All Over - Naked in the Latest Edition of Lui

Charli XCX Vs Daisy Lowe Sideboob Vs Cleavage Showdown

Lydia Hearst Topless Big Tops At The Circus

Les Actrices Françaises Nues à l'Ecran now has the naked French stars for the week ending Feb 27

Seth Meyers' Monologue, 2-25-15

Part 1

Part 2

Jimmy Fallon's monologue (2/25/15)

Part 1

Part 2

CONAN Monologue 02/25/15

David Letterman's Monologue - 2/25/15

Important scientific breakthrough: Why a coffee is more likely to spill than a latte.

Clear some space on the mantel for that Nobel Prize.

Rob Ford auctions off memorabilia on eBay

"New police squad aims to curb drug use, shoplifting, defecating"

Sounds like a shit job.

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