Sunday, March 29, 2015

Brigitte Bardot - an album of nudes

Some beautiful women never stop being beautiful, even in their dotage. Bardot is not one of those.

‘Saturday Night Live’ With Host Dwayne Johnson Slips To Season Low

I'm surprised. It's too bad. The Rock does a good job on that show, and the live action version of Bambi was pretty damned funny. I liked the Wrestlemania promo and some other moments as well.

Antarctica has back-to-back days in the 60s

60s? Jeez, Wisconsinites could go there for a tropical vacation. Do they have any casinos?

This is (allegedly) a WD40 ad from 1964

It sounds like bullshit, but it's good for a laugh anyway:

"Do you have tight nuts or a rusty tool? WD 40 makes screwing a pleasure and gives better penetration."

If the advertisers did get away with that in 1964, they were geniuses.

"Whatever" - performance art piece performed stark naked

I went to the trouble of wading through the labyrinthine mysteries of Turbobit in order to get the video which accompanies the picture.

Well ... the woman is beautiful and stark naked, but it's just about the dumbest performance art ever, and that encompasses the history of a particularly dumb art form dating back probably to the first emergence of modern humans on the planet. And I'm being conservative in that estimation only because I don't know anything about Neanderthal performance art. On the other hand, Neanderthals had a pretty good amount of brain power, and they inhabited the planet for nearly 200,000 years, so at least one of them probably came up with something better than this at one time or another.

Seriously, if you've seen the still picture, you've already seen 100% of what there is to see in the video. She just stands there and plays with her stick. And sometimes without her stick. There's more action in a Tarkovsky film.

A brief topless scene with Tanya Fear in episode three of Spotless

Duke makes it three ones and a seven

The new leader in the ESPN contest looks like he will go all the way, barring any major surprises. He has Kentucky and Duke in the semis and Kentucky in the finals. I have to admit, however, that I'll be rooting for the Big Ten teams in both semifinal games and, failing that, I suppose I'll have to pull for Kentucky to run the table because two of my sons attended the University of Kentucky, one grad and one undergrad, and I am therefore treading in shark-infested waters.

There is a #7 in the Final Four

That's not any kind of record. Three #11 seeds have gone to the Final Four, including two in the last ten years (George Mason and VCU in 2006 and 2011 respectively.) It was just last year that the national championship pitted a #7 (victorious U Conn) against a #8 (Kentucky). Even if the Spartans go all the way, they will not get a share of the record for being the lowest-seeded team to win a national championship, because there was one winner seeded even lower than last year's U Conn team: #8 Villanova, who took it all thirty years ago by winning their final game against a Georgetown team led by Patrick Ewing.

At any rate, this year's Spartans weren't even underdogs against the #3 and #4 teams in their region in consecutive games, and had previously knocked off the #2, so they probably never should have been a #7 seed in the first place. (Their tough schedule and five OT losses made their record deceptively mediocre).

After praising MSU, let us also note that the seven guys listed as Louisville guards in the box score went a combined 10-for-38 on two-point shots. Some of that can be attributed to good D by MSU, but some of it was just poor shot selection. The Louisville team was good enough to win, but they were not necessarily smart enough, at least not today.

Ghost Hunter Amy Bruni's First Film [R-Rated] 'Better Than Crazy' is Scheduled for April Release

Top 10 Largest Cruise Ships In The World as of 2015

Weekend Box Office Results for March 27-29, 2015

All three of the new films performed quite well. Home came in much higher than expected at $55M. Get Hard was on the upper end of expectations at $34M. It Follows finished fifth, despite being in a mere 1200 theaters.

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Marcus Bachmann Refused Service in Indiana; Store Owner Assumed He Was Gay

Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Irish take Kentucky to the last second before falling

Notre Dame did about everything they could possibly do. It went back and forth all night with neither team able to break it open. The Irish had the game's biggest lead, a mere five points, with just five minutes to play, hung in there, and finally missed a three to win it at the buzzer. What a game! The only factor that really separated the two teams was Kentucky's nine blocks, including the crucial one Cauley-Stein made with 00:38 on the clock.

Tiger Woods Is Selling His Swedish Island

"The secluded villa, hunting lodge and stables are surrounded by a very large lawn. Here you can land your private prop airplane, play soccer, do some riding or enjoy unstructured golfing. 100 metres from the villa is the private, protected bay, and a 50 metres quay that provides plenty of space for your own, and your friends’ boats. This is the place to begin great fishing trips in your own private fishing waters, take a boat ride out to Mälaren’s over 1000 islands or the beautiful archipelago of Stockholm."

I wonder if Tiger actually ever used this place. The great room looks ... er ... sparsely furnished, to be kind.

You can pick up the whole island for a mere 45 million kronor, the same as one pack of Marlboros at a Swedish 7-Eleven. OK, it's really equivalent to about five million greenbacks, which now that I think about it, is about what a pack of Marlboros costs in Scandinavia. Unfortunately, the Swedes will not accept payment for land in dollars. You must pay in kronor or herring.

SIDEBAR: According to this chart, I had Sweden confused with Norway. (How could such a thing possibly happen?) A pack of Marbs actually costs $14.48 in Norway, but the figure is considerably lower in Sweden. By the way, even that Norwegian price is still a bargain compared to the price in Australia.

The Badgers are in the Final Four for the second straight year

Get this: Arizona shot 56% from the field, held Wisconsin to 21 rebounds, and went 28-for-30 from the foul line ... and lost!

It sounds impossible, doesn't it?

The explanation is that Wisconsin shot just about as well, but from farther away. They scored 36 points on threes, compared to 6 for the Wildcats.

OK, I know Kentucky is next and they will probably kick our asses, but for now I'm just going to savor that 55-point second half.

What happens when you find out a year of college costs $71,000?

When I entered college, a year of school at an elite university carried a tuition tag equivalent to about four weeks of take-home pay for my parents, a middle class couple with two incomes that together placed them in about the 80th percentile of households. Room and board brought the total burden to about six weeks. My mom, who was great at saving and managing money, would have had my entire college education already paid for before I ever stepped foot into a university, even if I had never gotten a penny of scholarship money, but even without her savvy and foresight, my parents could have lived on 46 weeks of wages if necessary. A middle-class couple could send a child to an elite college with a minimum of sacrifice and without fear that either they or their child would have to incur crippling debt.

The income level for an American family in the 80th percentile today is about $100,000, which is about $75,000 take-home, after deducting for taxes and social security. In other words, both parents would have to donate all of their pay for the entire year to send a child to NYU for that year. Today's equivalent of my parents makes about five times what my parents actually made back then, but the tuition at my alma mater is 40 times as much! The elite liberal arts education which gave me such a good life is no longer within reach for people like me with parents like mine.

The crunch is especially difficult for liberal arts majors, because no conceivable career projection can provide a return on their investment in college. If you get an degree in literature or art history from an elite private college, you cannot expect more lifetime cash flow than if you go to work for UPS out of high school. The degree will eventually increase your earning power per year, but you'll lose the first four years of wages and you'll have payments on an onerous student loan bill which will be greater than the presumed wage increase. An elite liberal arts degree is only for those who simply don't have to worry about money. There are not so many people in that category, so the reduced demand will eventually force a reduction in supply until such an education is available in very few universities.

The times they are a-changin', I guess. As my main man, Heraclitus, used to say, "πάντα χωρεῖ καὶ οὐδὲν μένει."

If only I knew what that meant. My fancy-schmancy education, although filled with plenty of equally impractical elements, somehow managed to bypass Greek.

Rimming’s renaissance: Tossing salad no longer taboo

RECAPPED: Celebrity Nudity Rumors [March 28, 2015]

"Sasha Alexander has another nude scene on tomorrow’s Shameless [S5E11]. Sasha shows her ass and breasts during a sex scene. Bojana Novakovic shows part of her ass during a sex scene and later shows her breasts as she is getting changed. Shanola Hampton also shows her breasts during a sex scene. Finally, Emily Bergl is topless during a scene but it may be the work of some special effects since there are booster cables clamped on her nipples."

Naked Trapeze Act

Jimmy Fallon's monologue (3/27/15)

Part 1

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NCAA College Basketball Tournament - round of 16, day 2

I doubt if you'll find any of Friday's results surprising.

Michigan State's victory over stronger-seeded Oklahoma was not an upset. The Sooners were 1.5 point underdogs, and the game was actually that close. If Hield had made the final shot, State would have been up by only one, which would have left them failing to cover the spread! That miss was costly if you took the Sooners with a point and a half.

Did you know that Michigan State had FIVE overtime losses this year. With a few different bounces, they might have been a two or three seed. (They also had two overtime wins, by the way.) Even with those losses, Sagarin rates them 12th in the country, and estimates that they played the 18th-hardest schedule.

Based on the composition of the Elite Eight, The Spartans are now the closest thing to a Cinderella team. They were a #7 seed, while the remaining teams comprise three ones, two twos, a three and a four. But get this - they're not even an underdog in the game which could carry their 7th-seeded asses to the Final Four. MSU is actually favored by 2 to 2.5 against Louisville. (in the other games, the oddsmakers favor Kentucky by 11, Arizona by a point and a half, and Duke by a deuce and a half.)

The current leader in the ESPN contest has all of the correct teams in the Elite Eight. He's only called four games wrong of the 56 played so far.

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