Saturday, August 29, 2015

Man with 'world's longest penis' says women are too afraid to have sex with him

The Gospel according to St Trump

"California Man Was Not Actually Human-Alien Hybrid Sent to Save Humanity"

"Change the national bird of the United States of America to fried chicken"

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Friday, August 28, 2015

An In-Depth Look at Ronda Rousey's Not-So-Secret Desire to Be a Marvel Super Hero

She has my vote. I can't think of a single woman more qualified. She has the looks. She has the abs. She has the athleticism. And nobody has to teach her how to kick ass. She was born to be a superhero.

Can she act? Who cares? (1) She seemed OK in Furious 7 and that old guy action movie. (2) Let's face it, superhero dialogue doesn't really need Meryl Streep at the helm. (3) She's Ronda Frickin' Rousey. Has anyone ever noticed whether Chris Hemsworth can act? He could be anywhere between Hayden Christensen and Daniel Day Lewis, and nobody would care. Same idea with Ronda.

And, by the way, although Daniel Day Lewis is probably off somewhere doing Strindberg in the original Swedish for an audience of 12 blindfolded hippies, and although he eschews this kind of crap in general, he would be an awesome Dr. Strange. Just sayin'.

Reader comment:

She was awful in FF7. Its a hell of a lot easier to train an actor to punch, than it is a fighter to act. And Captain Marvel's powers are such that most of the action will be CG anyway, so her fighting skills would be irrelevant.

Scoop's note:

True enough about the CG. Even without CGI, simple fast-cut editing made Kate Beckinsale look like a credible action hero, but Ronda has the additional advantage that she actually looks like a superhero in the suit. Frankly, you may be right about FF7, but I watched that flick and never even noticed whether she sucked, just as most women have never noticed or cared that Hemsworth's biggest credit before Thor was the Aussie version of Dancing With The Stars.

Lena Headey (Evil Queen Cersei) naked for real, without a body double, in Zipper

"Lindsay Lohan in nude wedding rampage"

Here's a tip for you youngsters: don't invite Lindsay Lohan to any event with an open bar.

That is all.

Florida Mom Allegedly Plotted to Murder Homeless Man for Giving Her Grandkids Lice

That headline is deceptive in that it creates sympathy for the homeless man. This homeless man was not a stranger. He was dating her daughter and abusing her grandchildren. Lice was merely the last straw.

So tell me guys, what would you do if a homeless guy was abusing your grandchildren?

Let me see you find a jury who will convict her.

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Unlikely claim o' the day:

"#5. Birthday Clowns Get Birthday Clown Sex"

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Rachel McAdams Open Robe Lingerie In "Southpaw"

And that is a very skimpy bottom.

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Fake sprouts growing out of your head is now a thing in Beijing

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Tila Tequila -- Booted from 'Celebrity Big Brother' Over Hitler Rant

"Back in 2013, the reality star took to her blog and Facebook page to post a racy photo of herself in Nazi gear standing outside of Auschwitz."


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