Monday, April 20, 2015

Young Madonna Rare Nude Photos Uncensored

The Fabricated Four: Were The Beatles Real?

Sony Demands Censorship in the Name of Free Speech

Mr. Toilet And Mr. Condom Think Jokes Will Save The World

Mr Vibrator is not so sure.

Epic Trailer Roundup: Batman v Superman, Fantastic Four, and Jurassic World

Hookers 4 Hillary

The 7 Most Baffling Pieces Of Art (Made With Genitals) |

What 4 Internet Celebrities Did After They Got Famous Part 2 |

8 Weird Ways Celebrities Were Friends Before Fame |

The "Waiting for Godot" author used to drive Andre the Giant to school.

Norway Will Be the First Country to Shit-Can FM Radio

Rihanna Relaxes Ass –

Sunday, April 19, 2015

MLB's play of the day: Watch Cubs' Jon Lester throw his glove to make an out (video)

According to a Tribeca attendee, Diana Agron has multiple topless scenes in "Bare"

Abbey Clancy upskirt (lip-slip)

This is from last July 17. Story and more pics here.

Republicans Unlearning Facts Learned in Third Grade

“The biggest strike against Jeb is that he graduated from college Phi Beta Kappa,” the aide said. “It’s going to take a lot of work to get his brain back to its factory settings.”

"But while some G.O.P. candidates are pulling all-nighters to rid themselves of knowledge acquired when they were eight, the campaign of Rick Perry, the former governor of Texas, is exuding a quiet confidence."

God will root for the Eagles next year

But unless He intercedes directly, the Creator is going to have a frustrating season.

Billie Piper's frontal and rear nudity in tonight's Penny Dreadful (s2e1)

Scott Disick Trims Kourtney Kardashian's Lady Parts | Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Penny Dreadful | Season 2 Premiere | Full Episode

This is not an illegal rip. It has been supplied by Showtime as a teaser. It has, however, been edited from the original version, which means (I presume) that they cut nudity, violence, or both.

Police, Officials Resign After Missouri Town Elects Black Woman Mayor

The town of Parma has six police officers. Five resigned.

Also resigning: the town attorney, the town clerk, and the supervisor of the waste treatment plant.

Just wondering - why does a town of 713 people need six police officers?

My town has 21,000 people and there are 37 police officers, including seven part-time "community service" officers who are basically college students training in law enforcement. In addition to our 21,000 residents, we have 10,000 non-residents who work in the town, and 40,000 daily visitors to our regional mall, and they handle all of that with 30 officers.

A controversial swinger's club may now open as a church

Dave Barry's comment: "Oh, come, all ye faithful."

Penis returns to Hurricane, Utah restaurant's famous bull

"The large party-hat-shaped penis, removed from Hurricane’s Barista’s restaurant bull signage just over a week ago, has been returned to its original location."

Reagan Shooter Finds Rejection, Indifference in Future Home

Miley Cyrus in leather dress and nipple pasties at Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

‘Furious 7′ No. 1, ‘Mall Cop 2′ Bags $23M+, ‘Unfriended’ In 3rd

6 Bafflingly Petty Crime Sprees Nobody Can Solve |

The 7 Most Awkward Promotional Uses Of Beloved Characters |
"#7. The Star Wars Musical Crossover With Donny & Marie"

5 Facts Of Life You Learn As A Prostitute In Vietnam |

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