Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fappening II - the hackers and hoarders release more naked celebrity leaks
Monday's leaks:

A gallery of Jenny McCarthy pics. Of course, everyone has seen her naked already, but there are some very intimate pictures in that collection. The naughtiest ones are gynecological, but have no identifying head shot.

A rear nude of volleyballer Misty May. (UPDATE: I've been informed that this one had been released many weeks earlier. Reckon it slipped past me.)

A Candice Swanepoel selfie with her clothing pulled up to expose her bottom. This one does clearly show her face.

Two topless pics of comic Abby Elliott

Two topless pics of Lizzy Caplan, one a selfie that almost exposes her crotch. Almost.

AnnaLynne McCord in the bathtub with one nipple visible.

A rear nude of Emily Browning with a sunburn that looks very painful

A tiny topless pic allegedly of pro surfer Alana Blanchard.

There was another large dump of "fappening" leaks Sunday. Some of the new material included:

Two spectacular 720p sound films which purport to be Abigail Spencer masturbating - and it certainly looks like her! I have not read any reports questioning their authenticity. There are also a few pictures of her.

A large collection of Rihanna images, including a full frontal and a full rear nude in hi-res.

Four naked selfies taken by Megan Boone. Poor lighting, but nice size (2448x3264).

A massive collection of Rachel Nichols images. She's naked but there's nothing very engaging - small images, low-res, odd angles, poor photography

Dozens of images of Amber Heard, but basically just topless shots, so really nothing that you have not seen before in her movie appearances.

More of the Scarlett Johansson images that were hacked years ago. The two best images in this group were already released back in the day. The other ones are face shots, hand bras, headless torsos, etc.

A small gallery of Meagan Goode topless shots.

Four topless selfies taken by Leven Rambin.

A few very nice nudes which are allegedy Candice Swanepoel, but do not include a recognizable face in the same frame as naughty bits.

A large collection of Leelee Sobieski images, almost all of which are too small or too filtered or too dark to be interesting. This is something of a shame, because it is apparent even from the poor images that she has one of the best female figures ever bestowed by God or Darwin upon any member of our humble race. If ever there was a woman who should do nude scenes in every film, she is the one.

Three images of body parts that may or may not belong to JoJo. Some contend they are inauthentic.

Yet another gallery of random body parts that are said to belong to Yvonne Strahovski. Is it really YS this time? Beats me. It's mostly just legs and crotches. I can tell you that it is not Chris Christie, but not who it actually is. It is believed to be Yvonne because the guy in the pictures can be identified as Josh Schwartz, one of the creators of "Chuck."

There was, of course, an immense flood in Saturday's releases, far more images in this release than there had been in Part 1 of the Fappening in late August. I'm really not sure who was behind it, or how many leakers worked on it, but it took hours and seemed to include too much to absorb in a single day.

Once again many leaks seemed to emanate from 4chan, while various subReddits tried (and are still trying) to keep up with the leaks in real time. This reference source tries to report updates in real time, or as close to it as possible. This site and this site try to convert leaks to albums as they occur, but the sheer quantity of leaked photos seemed to leave all archivists and reporters struggling to keep up at various times during the weekend.

The Saturday leaks included:

Several spectacular nudes of Vanessa Hudgens in good light, high def, with her face in the frame. (Some of them are slightly out-of-focus, but are clearly her.)

A tremendous gallery of Kate Bosworth nudes, including one shot of her bending over, with the camera behind her.

Two full nude selfies of Kim Kardashian, front and rear. Several people have pointed out that she can't have been part of the compromised iCloud because she's using a Blackberry. The most cynical observers have suggested that she probably leaked them herself, in order to sail in the wake of the Fappening's popularity.

A three-part video of Aubrey Plaza masturbating. It really seems to be her.

A large gallery of Hope Solo pics in full resolution. These are extremely explicit images.

Even more pics of Jennifer Lawrence naked. One shows her fully nude in a bathtub in clear light. One shows her bending over bottomless, although that one is of amateurish quality. There are dozens of others, some unconfirmed, which range from explicit to whimsical. One thing seems apparent: that woman seems to like being photographed naked. Of course, if I looked that good naked, I probably would as well.

Some quite explicit nudes alleged to be of Melanie Laurent. There is doubt about their authenticity.

A massive collection of Emily Ratajkowski. It's a mixed bag, from what I saw without going pic-by-pic, which could have taken from now until Christmas. A couple of explicit shots - head and all, plus headless close-ups of naughty bits, modeling-type nudes, homemade topless shots, even some with her clothes on.

A high-res, albeit slightly out-of-focus, full frontal nude of Lake Bell.

A large gallery of Gabrielle Union, including a lower frontal and an upper frontal in good light.

A large gallery of alleged Sarah Hyland pics. It's impossible to ID the nudes, which are headless, and most of the pics are non-nudes.

One nipple from a Kaley Cuoco selfie, which seems to be genuine, based on this proof. There is also a dark video which is supposed to be her, but it's not really clear who it is. There is, however, a HD video of that incident where her boyfriend catches her in the toilet, pulling on her panties. Her crotch is visible for several frames.

Some naughty pics which may be Dove Cameron, Maisie Williams (Arya on Game of Thrones), Bella Thorne and McKayla Maroney. Those women are usually deleted by most sites as soon as they are posted, since they are either underage by US standards, or were at the time of the photography.

Some weird, sexy non-nudes of Jennifer Lawrence in a black wig

Several of the Michalka sisters in various stages of dress and undress, but nothing either explicit or very alluring.

A gallery of Avril Lavigne in underwear and bikinis. There are a couple of boob shots, but there is no way to make a certain ID on those, at least as far as I can tell from a cursory glance. One of the links below, repeated here, shows somebody's effort to establish a certain ID. I think the topless pic probably is Avril, but this proof is not really all that convincing.

A few pics of Leelee Sobieski. Mostly sexy hand-bra action. One very dark topless which is impossible to ID.

Many sexy non-nudes of Hayden Panettiere, and one shot that may or may not be her crotch (no visible face).

One look at a Mary-Kate Olsen downblouse as she plays with her dog in a brief, low-res video. There are two tiny topless pics that are supposed to be Mary-Kate, but there's no way to confirm that.

Who is NOT represented, but might be in the future?

The originator of The Fappening claimed that he was in possession of hacked pictures of about 100 celebs. From his original list, the following stars have not been compromised to date: Alison Brie, Emma Watson (??? I doubt this one, but one never knows), Jessica Alba, Kat Dennings, Anne Hathaway, Winona Ryder, Dave Franco, and several lesser-known figures.

Natalie Portman is not on the original list, but the big leaker from Saturday said on IRC that he has a crapload of Portman pics and will sell them for the right price, which is very high at this moment. Unlike some earlier stashes like Rihanna and Hope Solo, the Portman collection has not been previewed with samples or thumbnails.

The Definitive Fappening 2 List of Leaked Celebrities
(No pics or links to pics. Just info about whose pictures have been released.)

"I am Lady Gaga, These Are My Tits"

The Seth Meyers monologue - 9/22/2014

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Jimmy Fallon's monologue (9/22/14)

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CONAN Monologue 09/22/14

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New mushroom species discovered in London grocery store
It's always the last place you look.

5 Terrifying Things I Learned While Buying Guns on Facebook | Cracked.com
#5 You can buy guns on Facebook

#4. Some Sellers Are Fine Selling to Anyone. "In 2011, the New York City police launched an investigation of private online gun sellers and found that 75 out of 125 of the vendors contacted agreed to sell guns to people who straight-up admitted they wouldn't pass a background check. So, let's go online as an obvious candidate for a school shooting and see how far we get."

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WHO Report: More Than 20,000 Cases of Ebola in Africa By November
"The numbers of cases of and deaths from EVD are expected to continue increasing from hundreds to thousands per week in the coming months."

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Monday, September 22, 2014

Protesters Call For Metropolitan Opera To Cancel ‘The Death of Klinghoffer’
“This sends a message to terrorists that you can do this kind of thing and you’re going to be presented in a glorified, sympathetic way. We are going to be back here — everyone here and many, many more — every night of the Klinghoffer opera until the set is burned to the ground.”

Kris Jenner files for divorce from husband Bruce Jenner after 23 years of marriage

Is Pluto a planet? Kinda, sorta, well yes, maybe

"The Fappening Part 3? Male Celebs In A Panic Over 4Chan's Latest Nude Photo Leak"

Helen McCrory On Stripping For Action at 46...

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Red-band 'Interview' trailer promises North Korea trip, bald Rob Lowe ...
... which, when you get down to it, are the only two things you really need in a movie, or for that matter, in life itself.

"Obama Sleeping With Louisville Slugger Under Bed Now"

John Oliver Wants to Know: How Is Miss America Still a Thing?
I've watched every episode of John Oliver's show and I have to say this guy may be the greatest satirist since Jonathan Swift. He's ideological, to be sure, but he pulls it all off with a brilliant array of jokes, references, allusions and metaphors. I find myself roaring out loud with laughter at line after line, even when I think he's wrong or unfair. He rarely goes for the obvious joke, but tries to reach for the absurdly, imaginatively funny. When Colbert and Stewart set up a bit, I can usually predict exactly what they will do for a punch line, but Oliver surprises me more often than not.

And, by God, I learn a lot from watching his show!

My hat is off to this guy.

"Texas Court Affirms Creeps' Right to Take Upskirt Photos"
In an 8-1 decision!

Over the centuries, our great civilization has gradually recognized the rights of men of all races, of woman, and of children. Finally, at long last and eons overdue, we have recognized the right to be creepy (at least in Texas). I see a time when our children and their children will not only recognize that right, but will celebrate it. I can see a sun-warmed day when a Nobel Prize is awarded for creepiness, and the following evening when that award will proudly adorn the mantelpieces of Donald Trump, or Perez Hilton, or the TMZ offices. And on that golden day, we will finally have achieved Faulkner's eloquent prediction that mankind would not merely endure, but prevail.

Best Taco Truck Ever Was Also Selling Meth

"Which Celebrity Nudes Are Leaking Next?"

The list is not 100% accurate (some of those women have already been victims of the leakers), but it's, well - "close enough for government work."

The Vain and the Desperate - How Media Invasiveness Transformed Politics
Some of the most respected men in American history could not be elected in today's climate.

* FDR had Lucy Mercer as his mistress during his marriage.

* JFK recklessly fucked any woman capable of drawing breath, including the mistress of a Mafia boss, and every reporter in America knew it. Almost all of them kept his secrets.

* Thomas Jefferson - well, you all know this story. He owned slaves until his death, and he had several children with one of them.

If we applied today's rules to those men, none of them could ever become President. Would the country and the world be better if we had elected some bland, sanitized individual instead of FDR or Jefferson?

For that matter, has anyone ever established any correlation between conservative sexual behavior and competency? Not to my knowledge. Some of our greatest leaders have been horndogs, while some of our weakest presidents, like James Buchanan, Jimmy Carter, Barack Obama, George Bush and Richard Nixon, were monogamous or asexual. Hell, Hitler was monogamous! The two variables of promiscuity and competence seem completely independent, yet we continue to hold that a great man or woman can be disqualified for his or her private behavior, thus inevitably pushing the blandest mediocrities into office.

This is an article "about a new brutality on the campaign trail, about uncharted frontiers of media invasiveness and about the way both would wind up culling the herd, not in favor of the strongest candidates but in favor of those so driven or vacuous that the caress of the spotlight redeems the indignities of the process."

Caitlin FitzGerald Makes Her Nude Debut in Masters of Sex [S2E11]

KTVA reporter quits on-air, reveals herself as owner of Alaska Cannabis Club

"Charlo Greene, a reporter at CBS affiliate KTVA in Anchorage quit her job on air last night, telling viewers, 'Fuck it. I quit.'

Greene was reporting on the Alaska Cannabis Club. Following the story, she revealed she is the owner of the medical marijuana business and was going to be leaving TV news so she could devote her time to pushing for marijuana legalization in Alaska.

At the end of the report, she stunned viewers, and the newscast anchor."

"Emma Watson Nude Photos To Be Leaked By 4Chan Hacker?"
Color me skeptical that such things exist.

"4Chan hacker"?

3 Most Perverted Looking Japanese Movies on Netflix: Tested | Cracked.com

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