Phun has reported a list of the rumored celebrity leaks of 2019:

Kate Beckinsale (about a dozen pics nude)
Natalie Portman (full nude)
Brie Larson (topless)
Gemma Arterton (explicit, 1 long masturbation video with dirty talk)
Elizabeth Olsen (nude)
Jennifer Lawrence (unleaked pics from an old set, plus new ones from an old boyfriend)
Mila Kunis (topless with face and a few full ones without face)
Kaya Scodelario (20 pics, including explicit)
Maggie Q (full nude and bend over artsy-fartsy pics, two explicit videos)
Catherine Bell (full nude and a few masturbation videos)
Natasha Hamilton (1 short video touching panties, over 60 explicit pics)
Sarah Hyland (already released)
Bijou Phillips (a few topless pics and a long full nude stripping video)
Kristanna Loken (Explicit set)
Nicole Scherzinger (already released, little more than a slight areola-peek)

Comment in the thread: These are pics that some guy claims to have, and he has not said he will release them.

Best comment in the thread: “Consider all lists fake until proven otherwise.”

Alexandra Daddario & Scarlett Johansson – the theme here: labia

These two scenes came out in the same year. They finished first and second among the Top Nude Scenes of 2014, with Daddario taking the top spot. The two of them totally dominated the voting that year. Oddly enough, neither has appeared on the list since then.

Charlie’s site has produced another big update:

Mélanie Thierry in “le vent tourne”:


Adèle Haenel in “un peuple et son roi”:

Natacha Lindinger in “Sam”:


Nathalie Odzierejko in “am”:

Leslie Medina in “Mike”:


Valeria Nicov in “Mike”:

Athena Zelcovich in “Mike” & “Elle”:


Elsa Carmen Jarriau in “au delà des apparences”:

Alix Bénézech in “on ne parle plus beaucoup aujourd’hui”:

Lola Dubus in “on ne parle plus beaucoup aujourd’hui”:

Jodie Ruth in “on ne parle plus beaucoup aujourd’hui”:


“A Tampa man reported an income of $18,497. The IRS sent him a refund check for $980,000.”

This was not a clerical error or a typo or a misplaced decimal point. He actually filed a tax return saying that a million had somehow been withheld from his paychecks, even though his gross income was less than $20,000, and the IRS system processed it unquestioningly.

Although the IRS eventually figured out that his claim could not be true, it’s amazing to me that there is nothing built into their computers that automatically raises a red flag and forces a human review if the withholding amount is greater than the amount of gross income.