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Large album of Maitland Ward in body paint

One more of Maitland Ward in body paint

Science Explains Why Narcissistic Jerks are More Likely to Be Successful

Blogger John Foelster said...

"Respondents also provided their leadership position and pre-tax monthly salaries..."

So, did the guys doing the study take the time to verify the incomes and career history of the people they surveyed?

Because I can think of an alternate explanation as to why narcissists would report higher earnings and career attainment...


The 7 Dirtiest Tricks Politicians Use To Make You Like Them |

First poo-themed dessert cafe set to open in Canada |

"The restroom-restaurant will be a first for a city that is renowned for its varied and international culinary scene."

Pop singer Tove Lo flashes the audience [gif]

Gallery: Maitland Ward naked, painted

Get Ready for Another Record T206 Honus Wagner Sale Price in 2016

This one could clear $3 million.

Friday, July 22, 2016

"Trump also said that the National Enquirer, which published the bizarre and totally unsubstantiated story about Rafael Cruz and Oswald, should win a Pulitzer Prize."

That will happen right about the same time Trump wins the Nobel Peace Prize.

Blogger The Gent said...

He didn't say The National Enquirer should win a Pulitzer Prize for an expose on Cruz' father, he quoted several stories on different issues that the magazine had run and said He "didn't know why they hadn't won a Pulitzer. They should have won a Pulitzer." And as for the Nobel Peace Prize being won by someone unqualified for it, as memory serves, Obama was given the prize for, apparently getting elected US President. He hadn't done anything else when he was awarded the prize.


Blogger Uncle Scoopy said...

Actually, he did:

“This was a magazine that, in many respects, is respected. They got OJ [Simpson], they got [John] Edwards, THEY GOT THIS. If that was The New York Times, they would have gotten Pulitzers for their reporting."

Trump mentions three stories that merited the Pulitzer. "THIS" refers to the Cruz story.

"Gent": I'd offer you a tip. Never believe the talking points from either Fox News or the Trump campaign. I don't believe I've seen a single case yet - not one - when they have ever been right. They serve the same function as defense lawyers with a guilty client who won't plea out. They have to say something, so they just make up some crap that the masses might believe because they don't bother to check the facts.

As for Obama winning the Peace Prize, there's no question that he didn't deserve it, but that has nothing to do with why Trump can never win. The prize is awarded to people with a certain internationalist point of view. Trump is not their kind of guy, which is the reason he'd never win the prize, even in the unlikely event that he did something to deserve it.


RealClearPolitics - Election 2016 - General Election: Trump vs. Clinton

There are two recent polls of likely voters. Rasmussen shows Trump up by one. The LA Times calls it a dead heat.

The recent polls of all REGISTERED voters show Hillary up by a pretty consistent 4. It's too early to draw any conclusions, and polls are traditionally influenced by conventions, but one thing that seems clear right now is that Hillary would only win today if she could get all the people that prefer her to the polls. It does little good to be preferred by registered voters unlikely to vote.

Blogger John Foelster said...

Worth noting, the current spate of tightening of the race looks to have started on or very shortly after July 7th, ie. the Dallas shootings.

Unless shootings of police officers at BLM protests become a regular occurrence, I suspect we're looking at an ephemeral Trump bounce that will fade away as the shootings slip out of the popular consciousness in the next month or two.


Hillary Clinton picks Tim Kaine, Virginia senator and former governor, as her running mate

Alan Cumming asks Dairy Queen to add non-dairy products

I guess he probably understood the "queen" portion of the name. Maybe the "dairy" wasn't as clear.

[Dave Barry] The mood at Republican convention

"The highlight speaker was Chris Christie, who had the crowd on its feet when he presented DNA evidence linking Hillary Clinton to a 17-state string of bank robberies."

7 Strange Beliefs About Nudity In Western History

8 True Story Movies That Are Full Of Lies |

I watched Ben Cheadle's Miles Davis movie last night, then started to read up about Miles and found that the film was full of completely fictional people and events.

Not sure why.

6 Celebrity Kickstarters That Failed In Hilarious Ways |

When CGI Won't Cut It: 6 Realities Of Being A Movie Monster

.gif - Kristen Stewart in a thong bottom in Welcome to the Rileys

Nathalie Kelley - Beautiful Art Nudity

Blogger The Gent said...

I fancy myself to be a bit of an amateur photographer and THIS is the kind of photography I want to be able to do! This is beautiful.


Mena Suvari topless on a beach

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