Friday, July 31, 2015

Les Actrices Françaises Nues à l'Ecran now has the naked French stars for the week ending July 31

Courtney Stodden Really Knows How to Use Instagram

Former White Sox great Billy Pierce dies

Although he was not a large man (officially 5'10", 160 - but probably smaller), we won more than 200 games and he still holds the White Sox career record for most strikeouts.

Other trivia:

He was the only pitcher with an ERA under 2.00 in any season of the 1950's. He had a 1.97 ERA in 1955. Unfortunately, he was pitching for the powerless White Sox, so his record was a so-so 15-10.

He led the league in complete games three years in a row, and completed 193 games in his career. No pitcher has since led the AL in complete games three years in a row.

Although he never won a Cy Young award, he was the only man to win The Sporting News Pitcher of the Year award twice in the American League in the 1950's.

After he was traded to the Giants late in his career (1962, age 35), he had a home record of 12-0, helping them win their first pennant in San Francisco.

He faced Mickey Mantle more than any other pitcher.

He was such a fast runner that he once pinch-ran for Minnie Minoso.

He was the last pitcher to defeat the St. Louis Browns.

In 1953 he became one of the rare pitchers to start and finish a game in which he did not throw a complete game. A right-hander came in to face two batters while Pierce played first, whereupon Pierce went back to the mound and won the game. Pierce could theoretically have been awarded both the win and the save, but the official stats do not report it that way. (The official rules do not cover this rarity.)

A nice topless paparazzi shot of French presenter Enora Malagre

Florida's giant snails are the size of tennis shoes (pic)

R.I.P.: Roddy Piper is all out of bubblegum

Sad. Hot Rod was only 61.

He was probably my favorite wrestler ever. He always came to kick some ass and chew some bubblegum

... and he never had any bubblegum.

Forward or Delete: This Week's Fake Viral Photos

July Cybergirl Of The Month Brittney Shumaker Gets Her Kit Off

Man calls police to arrest his cat for eating his bacon

"Me girlfriend has let the cat eat my bacon. I want to press charges."

The dispatcher kept her cool when she asked if the man wanted to press charges against his wife or against his cat. When the man replied that he wanted them both arrested, the dispatcher said: "Sir, it's not an offense to let your cat eat your bacon. And we don't arrest cats."

Texas man shoots himself after his bullet richochets off an armadillo

At least that's his story.

"Consumers in Asia are being sold clothing with offensive phrases on them - but they have no idea because they don't speak English"

Lion-Killing Dentist Disappears as Zimbabwe Requests Extradition

I know where he is. He's hanging around Scoop's Politically Incorrect restaurant, where the manatee steaks are always fresh, and you have to love the leatherback turtle soup and the spotted owl wings, done-up Buffalo-style.

It works just like those seafood restaurants where you pick out your own lobster. We have a bunch of manatees swimming in a tank out back. You get to kill your own, then we slap it on the grill and cook it in the blood of a Black Rhino. That's good eatin' - and great killin'!

Chris Mortensen Won't Talk About Being Fed False Ballghazi Info By The NFL
Reporters are supposed to protect their sources, but that rule is null and void when the source lied to him. At that point, the lying source IS the story. (HINT: If you're looking for someone with a penchant for false statements, at least one Federal judge has already ruled that a certain NFL honcho lied in the Ray Rice case.)

Moreover, if Mortensen does not reveal the real culprit in the story, there's nobody left to blame but him. I guess we should assume he just made the whole thing up?

Putin "Personally Ordered" Brutal Killing of Russian Dissident

What, Vladdy? Who could have dreamed? He's normally a smashing bloke.

Obviously he had to, didn't he? The dissident had obviously transgressed the unwritten law.

Like Dinsdale, Vladdy is a cruel man, but fair.

Why Won’t the Times Burn Their Sources for Botched Clinton Story?

Who cares? I'm still fantasizing about the Hillary perp walk.

Of course, even if she were in jail for life for brutally murdering a toddler, she'd still beat the leading Republican candidates, although the margin might be a bit narrower. Plus, who among them hasn't killed a toddler or two to get elected. OK, maybe not Bobby Jindal, because any normal-sized toddler could kick his ass.

Even if she were a criminal, she'd just have to be under house arrest in the White House, or as we'd have to rename it, the Big House. (Would they have to paint bars on Air Force One?)

Another historic precedent - the first president wearing an ankle monitor!

5 Dumb Accidents That Made 'Star Wars' A Classic |

5 Insane Police Forces That Have Zero Right To Arrest You |

6 Stupid Characters That Hollywood Now Puts In Every Movie |

Live Exorcism Coming Soon To TV

Heidi Klum Sunbathes Topless In Sardinia

The 50 States Of America If They Were Actually People In A Bar.

I noticed that North Dakota doesn't get mentioned except as a throwaway in the Minnesota entry. That's about right.

(Oddly enough, South Dakota has the longest entry of all.)

Brazilian model Amanda Paiva very naked for NIF Mag [July] 2015

Porn star explains: The Difference Between Porn Sex & Your Sex

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Tom Cruise's reported new squeeze, Jessica Cediel, is a perfect 10, maybe an 11.

Emmanuelle Chriqui Discusses The Need To Make Her Boobs BIGGER For The "Entourage" Movie

That's probably the most effort anyone made for that movie.

For language buffs: The frequency of use chart for flammable and inflammable since 1900

The word "flammable" was basically non-existent a century ago. Now the word "inflammable" is nearly extinct.

Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser (2015) - A perfect 0% on Rotten Tomatoes

It's not surprising, because the original only managed 11%.

I tried to watch Joe Dirt 2 and made it through 32 minutes before I realized that I had not laughed once. It's a compilation of callbacks to the original and a few jokes that 4th graders probably told on the playground in the 1950s. Utterly deplorable. Jesus himself could not redeem this.

Linda Evans as she posed naked, exactly 30 years ago

Whitney Cummings, covered topless, from her Twitter feed

10 Books You Pretend to Have Read (And Why You Should Really Read Them)

Marlins Play ''Fart Noises'' During Nationals Batting Practice

Priest performs exorcism from a helicopter

You Can Buy This Ridiculous Flamethrower If You Are an Insane Person

The 10 Most Essential Marlon Brando Performances

9 Actresses Who Are Only Remembered For A Single Nude Scene

6 Historical Myths You've Lapped Up As Fact |

5 Movie Villains (Who Are Actually The Good Guys) |

4 Disney Kids Who Should Have Been Traumatized For Life |

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Micaela Schaefer Sexy Topless Calendar Behind The Scenes

Kate Moss Topless Sheer Peeks

I'm not really a big fan, but you can't deny she looks great for a woman who is well into her forties and has consumed more Yayo than Tony Montana.

Blonde Beauty Elsa Hosk Barely Covered Goodness in GQ Mexico

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