AKA Неверные

New Russian series:

“Having lost herself, Olga Shilkovskaya loses her only son. When her husband takes her child away from her, she decides to return to the practice of law and pursues a career in divorce and family lawsuits. But saving yourself turns out to be more difficult than becoming a successful lawyer.”

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AKA “Black Flies”

This is a gritty slice-of-NY-underbelly film starring Spicoli.

“Ollie Cross is a young paramedic assigned to the NYC night shift with an uncompromising and seasoned partner Gene Rutkovsky (Sean Penn). Each 911 call is often dangerous and uncertain, putting their lives on the line every day to help others.”

The supporting cast includes Mike Tyson in the unlikely role of Chief Burroughs, the superior officer of the EMTs!

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Ah, the 90s!

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Denise earned the #4 spot among our top nude scenes of 1998

I love this film (Tuna did not). Wild Things was obviously not an Oscar candidate but it is a terrific watch. It’s sexy and it’s filled with over-the-top plot twists, making it just plain fun. It is the first film I can remember in the “nothing is as it seems” genre that used the final moments to show all the the hidden schemes, thus exposing everything as it really was.

Wild Things was followed by three direct-to-DVD “sequels” over the next decade or so: Wild Things 2 (2004), Wild Things: Diamonds in the Rough (2005), and Wild Things: Foursome (2010). I used the quotation marks because they were not true sequels, but films that used the title and the same basic formula.

The sequels failed to recapture the magic. While Wild Things has achieved cult status and is rated 6.6 at IMDb, the sequels are all rated approximately 4.5.