When Erika appeared on the scene, many scoffed at her acting abilities, and nobody could have predicted that she would have a 40-year career in films. Well, she hasn’t taken any roles away from Kate Winslet, but she’s been in 30+ films and a bunch of TV shows, and is still at it at 53. She is filming one more movie at the moment, and has two more in pre-production. So take that, you scoffers.

More to the point of this post, she was just lava-hot in this film!

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“A couple retreats to the island that inspired Ingmar Bergman to write screenplays.”

Whoo-hoo! Party time!

The actual spot, Bergman Island, is regarded as the world’s most depressing vacation destination. It’s the direct opposite of Fantasy Island. Instead of fantasy, there is only grim, somber reality. As you visit, you join everyone else there in staring off blankly into the middle distance while you consider the futility and essential pointlessness of a completely accidental existence that must be endured until a lonely death.

And the buffet is great!

Except maybe a little too heavy on the herring.

Now that I think about it, it’s only the second-worst vacation destination, right after this one.

Anyway, here’s Mia:

Mia Wasikowska in Bergman Island (2021)

Massive update this week (10/22):

If you don’t see any thumbnails below, this link should work.

Noémie Merlant in “les olympiades”:


Lucie Zhang in “les olympiades”:


Camille Berthomier aka Jehnny Beth in “les olympiades”:


Océane CaÏraty in “les olympiades”:

Adèle Exarchopoulos in “rien à foutre”:


Alice de Lencquesaing in “chacun chez soi”:

Garance Marillier in “Warning”:

Vimala Pons in “After blue Paradis sale”:

Mara Taquin in “After blue Paradis sale”:

Claire Duburcq in “After blue Paradis sale”:

Claina Clavaron in “After blue Paradis sale”:

Véronique Berthoud in “Family business”:

French version, with extensive commentary
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El Syd in Night Teeth (2021)

The scene with Sydney and Megan Fox is difficult movie to watch, because the acting is so poor that it tends to break the fourth wall. Alfie Allen (Theon Greyjoy) isn’t much better. Of course, I guess we shouldn’t really care. If the director wanted acting, he would have hired Emma Thompson and Meryl Streep, but that was clearly not what they were going for here.


Complete uncoverage of Sydney Sweeney nude in The Voyeurs.

UPDATE #3: This seems to be the highlight of the release. It seems to be an uncensored version of the watermarked and censored pic that was floating around earlier .

This appears to be the video it was culled from.

Here it is with sound, although there really is nothing to hear.

More details about the other pics and vids accompanying this one.

UPDATE from the comment section:

“A drop? Probably ie it’s only 6 pics/6 vids hence, ergo, therefore not a lot of dripping to be had lol. Nudes? No, only a side view of her left tit in one of the six vids. Plus she pees in a large fast food (?) cup.

But hey, it’s Selena …


p.s. It’s nice being one of the few who actually have her set (currently) and reading all the over reactions/hyperbole re: said set.”

UPDATE #2 from the comment section:

“Upon further review the topless vid you do see both her boobs ~ barely, but the left boob is so prominent you really don’t focus on her right boob. Plus the handbra pics/vid is about it. If not for being Selena totally forgettable.

Having searched for female celeb nudity since the late ’60s the journey is oft times more exciting than the final destination. Being older would like to see Lana Turner full frontal and Shirley Jones’ sex tape, etc. from Hef’s vault 😮 if they exist.

Digressing …”

It’s not really a malfunction. This dress was designed to do this.

I love her name, which sounds like it should belong to a wench in one of Shakespeare’s plays. I had no idea who she was, so I consulted her IMDb bio, which says it all quite succinctly:

“Longbottom not only has been featured in such publications as Nuts, Maxim, and The Daily Sport, but also has worked for various adult websites that include Only Tease, Strictly Tease, and This Is Glamour. Moreover, Sarah was the Playboy UK Cybergirl of the Month for July, 2009.

Outside of modeling, Longbottom is also a qualified make-up artist.”