Yeah, that’s right, season 20.

Or as they call that in Germany, a Johnny-come-lately. (Heini Nachzügler? Heini Neuankömmling?) I just made up those German expressions, but the point is that Tatort has been running since 1970, so anything from this millennium is still in its infancy.

OK, back to the nudes. Mersiha is the blonde:

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This is some serious Bond-villain action. He (allegedly) took bribes in gold bars!

I used to be thrilled when I found a quarter in a seat cushion at my grandpa’s house, but a court-authorized search of the Menendez house found “over $480,000 in cash — much of it stuffed into envelopes and hidden in clothing.”

Why couldn’t this guy be my grandpa? I could have bought a lot of baseball cards with a few hundred grand.

MOM: Hey, did you waste money on baseball cards again today?

ME: No, and I will never have to again. I bought TOPPS.

If only the DP had enough money to buy light bulbs, this coudda been a contender, Charlie, instead of a bum, which let’s face it, it is.

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Virginie is a regular contender in our annual polls. In 2021, she took the #12 spot for her full-frontal nudity in Benedetta. She followed that up last year with another-full-frontal performance in En Attendant Bojangles, which earned 13th place on the annual poll. She has another full-frontal entry from earlier this year in Les Enfants Des Autres.

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