Internet legend Johnny Moronic secured an open matte version of The Exception, and it reveals a wee bit of flesh not seen in the widescreen copy. Here are his captures.

Even without the additional exposure, this was #2 among our Top Nude Scenes of 2017. Personally, I would rate this higher than Alison Brie in GLOW, which won that year, although I actually voted for Natalie Krill in Below Her Mouth.

A certain Barbara Klein (aka Barbi Benton, Hef’s long-time girlfriend) in the unforgettable screen romance, Hospital Massacre (1981).

This film, by the way, was directed by Boaz Davidson, the same guy who created The Last American Virgin, a pretty good youthploitation film which was a remake of his earlier Israeli film, Eskimo Limon.

Hospital Massacre was nowhere near his worst film. That would probably be Going Bananas (2.7 at IMDb), a film starring Dom DeLuise and Jimmie (Dy-No-Mite) Walker with a premise so preposterous that it defies summary. IMDb gives it the ol’ college try: “While on vacation in a fictitious African country, the young son of a US senator, his guardian and their guide must stop the corrupt local police chief and the shady owner of a local circus from capturing their new friend – a talking ape.” Going Bananas was probably adapted from a Eugene O’Neill play, or possibly the work of the Bard of Avon himself.