The good news: that’s better than none at all. Summary:

“The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window is available to stream on Friday. Near the end of episode 5, there is a montage of Kristen Bell naked and having sex all around her house. Lots of side boob from Kristen but don’t think you can see nipple. The parts in the shower make it kind of hard to tell. There is one snippet where you can maybe see her butt from behind as she rides the guy but it’s pretty dark. There is also some partial butt from the side in another snippet. It’s possible you can see more if you freeze and enhance some of those scenes.”

If we were to give a lifetime achievement award for filmed nudity, who would be the very first recipient?














Russ Meyer?

Jesus Franco?

Tinto Brass?

Uncle Scoopy?


Here is an interesting supplement to the discussion: “Actors And Actresses Who Spend The Most Screen Time Nude.” I have no idea whether it is accurate or who they chose to exclude. I take it that it’s just A-listers (or close), but in that case Emmanuelle Beart should qualify, as she spent more time naked in one film (La Belle Noiseuse) than any of those actresses have done in their entire careers. And how did Kate Winslet not make the list?

Kay came very close to major stardom. She has a solid TV resumé, but never really got an important part in an acclaimed film. You know how it is in show biz. Some people get more of a career than they deserve, some get less. Kay probably deserved a little bit better than she got. You might say she is the poor man’s Diane Lane, a capable enough actress who also just happened to be a sexy woman with a good body.

She certainly got out of the gate quickly. She was only 19 when she landed her first big role, starring opposite Bill Holden in a film directed by Clint Eastwood. That’s some big time Hollywood, right there. Later in the 70’s she made some interesting films with stars like Lee Marvin and Oliver Reed, and she was always part of “the beautiful people” spotlight because of her marriage to teen idol David Cassidy. Unfortunately, none of her films were really big winners, either as commercial hits or critical successes, and by 1987-1988 she was reduced to doing grade-B films to keep her movie career alive.

But she is still working today, as she approaches 70. She’s no longer a star, but she’s working.

Captures from a new set of HD clips by the clip master, Aesthete.

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