Yesterday was the anniversary of JFK’s assassination, and …

Those QAnon people were still in Dallas, waiting to see JFK junior or senior or both appear at Dealey Plaza.

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    1. Wow. Our very own QAnon pet nitwit. Hard to get more gapeandflamericious than the Red Jackal but you’re flashing the potential.

      1. Oh c’mon Bill. Someone’s just yanking our chain here. I mean, no one’s actually literally THAT fucking dumb. {Checks 2016 election scorecard} Oh, right; carry on.

    2. We. We will laugh last. You are a Q-Anon nut case. The laughing at you will never stop. Get used to it.

  1. following your last post on Q anon followers showing up in Dallas I looked into the claims and I did find that Qanon made the statement that JFK jr had actually perished in that tragic place crash. If he was just hanging out, man that is a play on the long game there to lie in waiting for 20+ yrs to re-appear…

    There are very passionate people on both sides of the aisle please remember that

    1. That’s right. These people are not in the mainstream of QAnon. Even the regular QAnon pizzagate crazies think these Dealey Plaza people are out of their minds. In essence, their beliefs have become a religion, and as such, are impervious to reason. They consider their truths to be unassailable.

      1. It’s strange but true that the delusional critter who was going to liberate Hillary’s pedophile slaves at the Comet Ping Pong two blocks away from me, but found nothing more sinister than cans of San Marzano tomatoes and bags of 00 flour, was actually a relative moderate in the Q World.

        1. I don’t ever recall jumping on the ping pong pizza train, I am all over the Clinton (Bill)/Epstein connection and still am shocked by the election results but what can we do about it. Something to 4 years with a conservative exec branch and next to no charges speaks volumes to where we are.

          I think that libs are drinking the Kool-Aid supplied by the MSM and are just as crazy as you make the anons out to be but what the hell

          I’m not changing your mind and your not changing mine,

          All in all, I am convinced that we will not ever have a good candidate or elected leaders again as we have moved into media and cultural extremes that only drive a deeper wedge between us all just like what we saw with the KR case this week and seeing our cities burn

          1. Of course you’re aware that another recent horndog President had his own Epstein connection. Right? That “conservative” didn’t exactly go after Epstein when the shit hit the fan two years ago. Defended the Maxwell pimpette even.
            Me a liberal? When pigs and sheep fly. Maybe it’ll take goats too.

          2. I’ve actually been following QAnon since it started way back in 2015 as part of another thing I was tracking. (there will hopefully be a podcast about that eventually, not QAnon)

            Yes QAnon is a full tilt cult that branched out of a simple internet troll based on Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Adrenachrome, child molesting Satanists, all that came from Thompson, of course.

            Q started as a simple troll trying to pretend to have insider info as an intelligence operative in the Trump white house. The actual Q stopped posting early on, then someone injected the Thompson stuff for the lulz.

            I’m not sure if that was 8 Chans’ Watkins or not, but that’s when it went wild.

            Much of this has been documented by “Travis Field” or whoever who wound up making the Netflix doc about it all. See that for details.

            Beyond that, yes, it has splintered. In part, into a religious cult, holding real deal church services online. That cult has splintered as well, and some of them think JFK or JFK JR are part of the literal second coming of Christ and will rule with Trump as part of the biblical end times prophecies in revelations.

            These people are called loonies.

            They’re the cats running around Dallas right now, and yes, some are paying money to the dude in the tin foil hat.

            But somewhere in there are the seriously dangerous QAnon types who follow Flynn who are armed and were part of the Jan 6 coup. Those cats will absolutely kill people to take over the country for Trump and he knows it. He tried to activate them during his walk across the street waving the Bible for the photoshoot, using key words to tell them to start attacking government assets. Thankfully, most of the “Boogaloo Bois” were cosplaying cowards. However, there are a hardcore group following Flynn who aren’t, who didn’t get popped in the capitol, and that makes this group extremely dangerous.

            It’s easy to laugh at the goofy ones, but remember they aren’t all goofy.

  2. By this point, I’m sure it’s like playing the lottery. You haven’t gotten anything out of it so far (ok, some media coverage), but if you leave now, who can say they won’t turn up next weekend?

    1. It’s like Homer Simpson’s explanation for betting on the Washington Generals – “They were due.”

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