Brie Larsen shows off that tight midriff

Nice abs!

4 thoughts on “Brie Larsen shows off that tight midriff

  1. Sure seems like she is headed to eating disorder territory; it’s really difficult for women to get to that body fat level in a healthy way

    1. Really no need to women to even try to get to that body fat level. The layer of fat is what makes their bodies smooth, curvy and soft. Seeing ab muscles is quite unattractive.

      1. I agree and the same level of ultra low body fat on men is a result of unhealthy habits. People who have eating disorders don’t even see themselves realistically and it’s almost impossible to convince them that they are not overweight…anyway plenty of books and movies about this disease and I have some personal experience.

    2. Oh Jesus Christ dude, look at any man starring in a Marvel movie. Any body fat on those fuckers has to be glued on for Fat Thor.

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