Here is the complete COVID report for Wednesday.

The worldwide numbers are starting to give us cause for alarm. This Wednesday’s reported fatalities are 13% higher than last week, with even some highly vaccinated populations like Singapore struggling to maintain control. Central and Eastern Europe are still facing a raging pandemic.

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  1. The time is coming & the case is being made that talk of putting CoVid behind us has not turned out to be our likely long term prospect. We are going to have ups & downs. What we need to talk about now, realistically, is shifting in & out of a lower gear. Probably on an as-needed basis. Which means, geographically, a patchwork of outbreaks & counter-measures. Like so many other diseases & pathogens.

    1. Not hatred, informed self interest. Kids can’t get the shot, they aren’t safe, duh. Now I know you couldn’t care less, not being a kid. But won’t someone, please, think of the economy? The sooner we get to herd immunity, the sooner people can get back to work, unload the container ships, drive the trucks and get you that Baby Yoda doll you’ve had your eye on.

        1. Dang Roger, I was trying to keep it classy and soft-pedal that detail. For the same reason, I will not describe *how* Baby Yoda gets blown up nor speculate whether he opted for the deluxe model with the vibrating anus.

          1. You are right, Nature Mom, and I apologize. I forgot that “classy” is the one word that sums up the essence of this website and its master, Uncle Scoopy. I have dishonored an American monument of dignity and good taste.

            And OF COURSE steve is getting the deluxe version. I defy anyone to imagine that he would do otherwise. “It is to laugh!”

    2. You think anti-vaccine idiocy is new?

      Prior to the pandemic we’ve had measles outbreaks because of anti-vaxxers thus setting the stage for where we are now. We needed to push back against this before, we really need to do it now.

  2. Back on Sept 10th I posted a comment about anti-vaccers. At the time I had discovered that two of my co-workers were anti-vaccers.
    As a quick update, I have since learned that there is a 3rd co-worker of mine that is anti-vaccine. And for the record, I’m part of an IT group of around 20 people total. These are allegedly intelligent people.
    I have also learned that my own sister and her husband are anti-vaccine.
    So far, out of the 5 people, here’s what they all have in common:
    1. Conspiracy theorist
    2. Strong religious belief (to be clear, for my sister, the religion is catholic)
    3. Foxnews

    For myself, I don’t believe there is a mysterious invisible sky God, anymore than I believe in the Great Pumpkin, so from the outside looking at all of the anti-vaccers, it looks to me like they all show a willingness to believe in something that is not real as a form of mental comfort.

    (I realize my amateur analysis doesn’t apply to everyone. No need to bombard me with replies. It’s just a tiny sampling of what I have observed. )

    1. Yeah, almost all of it is the willing disbelief. I also have a Catholic sister. She literally – *literally* – always has Fox on, except maybe when everyone’s asleep. It’s spooky, the endless TV as much as the Fox.
      But there’s also this privilege subtext (not very sub) of “I’m white and fairly well-off, this shouldn’t be my problem”.

  3. Seriously, how is CBS not slapping this map up every night during the evening news – ideally with a big “Breaking! News!” buildup. Even the whackos who are dead (and I mean dead) set against getting the shot might think to do what we were all doing pre-vaccine – stay in, WFH, bake some bread maybe…

    1. Repeating, not a problem as Trump said covid-19 would miraculously disappear by summer 2020. So it shall be written, so it shall be done!

      Do you believe in miracles? Indeed, many hearken back to the glory days of 2020. šŸ˜›

      Yielding back the balance of my time …

      1. Yes, I as recall, Trump said Covid would “go away like a thing that goes away.” How much more concrete and specific can you get?

        1. In cases where Trump’s words conflict with reality, reality has it wrong. Trump’s word is definitive. And don’t even get me STARTED on the man’s eloquence.

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