You may have seen that 2160p videos, aka 4K videos, are starting to appear more and more often in The Fun House and elsewhere.

If you are frustrated by playback on VLC and elsewhere, join the club. I’ve read every tip on the internet for playing 4K on VLC, and there are many of them, but none of them worked for me. The videos would stutter, or the video playback would stop while the audio continued, or the audio and video would be out of synch, or the playback would just freeze. I just assumed that my old but trusted computer just didn’t have the necessary processing power.

Then I got frustrated, and ambitious to try other solutions. It turns out that Media Player Classic handles any 4K video with ease. MPC is an extremely light-weight, open source media player, which unfortunately, runs on Windows only. It supports all common video and audio file formats. I’ve had it sitting on my computer for years, but rarely used it, because VLC always did the job. Until now.

However …

Since the MPC itself comes with no native 4k playback ability, you will have to install the K-Lite Codec Pack before you can play 4K videos with it. This is a breeze. MPC uses very little processing power and, once you install K-Kite, handles 4K like a dream. It is the cat’s pajamas. (And it also takes good 3840×2160 screenshots using ALT-I.) I tip my cap to the open source guys who keep MPC and K-Lite up to speed and gain nothing from doing so!

Perhaps some of our contributors will offer other solutions for other operating systems.

UPDATE 2: “If you’re using iOS, grab the app ‘Infuse’ — it handles the files without issue.”


“I have the VLC mobile app installed and use that to watch them when using phone/tablet. It’s slightly inconvenient because VLC opens to play the file and then you have to exit it to get back to the browser but it works (i.e. it doesn’t just play in the browser like with desktop).”


“I always just choose to ‘show desktop version’ in the android Chrome app, and they work.”

(Thanks for the tips, everyone!)

UPDATE: Other Solution. I’ll just use both the direct link and the container file when I can find it.


Original post:

I wasn’t aware that gfycat was using a format incompatible with mobile. Thanks for telling me. I won’t link to any more of those .webm files unless I also offer an alternate.

(Too bad, because they look great on a computer, and – because it is a direct link to a media file – they contain no bullshit links or pop-ups.)

To anyone who gets them downloaded, can’t play them, and knows how to rename files: they are just simple .mpg files. There is no trick to them. You can rename them .mpg or .mp4 and they should play fine.

On my desktop computer: (1) they play automatically on the internet in Chrome with no special plug-ins; (2) when I play them from a file on my hard drive, I just set Media Player Classic or VLC as the default “open with” and they will play without being renamed; (3) when I load one to the Fun House, which is extremely rare because there is usually a better version available with sound, I rename them .mpg so that they should work universally.

As far as mobile goes: Weird!

I normally use an emulator to simulate Android phones as well as two common iPhones, and these links play fine on all three. Just now I switched to a different emulator, and again everything worked fine.

They are just .mpg files with a proprietary extension, so you’d think they would be playable by anything that can play .mp4s. You can probably set your mobile device to interpret them properly. One viewer offered: If you’re using iOS, grab the app “Infuse” — it handles the files without issue.