“In 1938, Centaur Publications was formed. In the four years of its lifespan, this company produced comics exactly like everyone else’s, only crazy and worse. Their Hawkman was called “The Air Man.” He wore a yellow penis costume and fought crime with a bucket.”

Step aside, Marvel. I’m ready to start making films from the Centaur Cinema Cosmos, starting with Air Man the Yellow Penis and his youthful ward, Little Dicky. That villain-destroying bucket is awesome, and it also comes in handy if Little Dicky wants to build a sand castle. Suck it, Mjölnir!

To be fair, the CCC efforts couldn’t be worse than the DC movies.

From deep inside another thread:

Both Romeo and Juliet were minors when the film was lensed, at least by the definition of every country in the Western Hemisphere except Cuba. Whiting had just turned 17 the month before filming began, Hussey was 16 years and three months when filming began, and about 16 1/2 when it was finished.

Whiting and Hussey reunited in 2015 to play a married couple in Social Suicide. It was Whiting’s first film role in 40 years.

This year marked the 50th anniversary of the release of Romeo and Juliet, further proof that both patrick and tempus fugit.

How five pals turned ‘Sex Island’ into a raunchy tourism empire for the rich

“Private parties run throughout the year, but Sex Island is designed for the everyman who can drop $6,000 on a ‘golden ticket’ to a private island in the Caribbean with unlimited booze, food and women ready to satisfy them at any hour of the day.”

The biggies:

Best Motion Picture – Drama
Black Panther
Bohemian Rhapsody
If Beale Street Could Talk
A Star Is Born


1. Bohemian Rhapsody? Metacritic score – 49!! How did that make the list?

2. Although Alfonso Cuaron’s Roma is nominated in the foreign language category, it almost certainly should be on this list, possibly on the top of it. Overall, it is probably the best of the year with both IMDb visitors (8.6) and reviewers (99%). It beat A Star is Born (8.2, 88%) in both categories.  (Cuaron was nominated for Best Director.)

Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy
Crazy Rich Asians
The Favourite
Green Book
Mary Poppins Returns

Best Director – Motion Picture
Bradley Cooper
Alfonso Cuaron
Peter Farrelly
Spike Lee
Adam McKay

Somebody raised this question in another thread.

To my knowledge, there is no such scene yet, but if I were making book on it, this lady would be my betting favorite:

She has two things going for her: (1) family nudity legacy and sibling rivalry; (2) she may be the oldest female celebrity born in this millennium (January 8, 2000), so she’s had the most time past her 18th birthday to ease into it.

Virginia Madsen in the tub in Candyman (1992)

Great musical starring Sammy Davis, Jr., who sang the title song.

Just fuckin’ witcha. It’s a horror film starring Tony Todd. It’s based on an excellent Clive Barker story. The movie doesn’t really make sense (although the original Barker plot was tight), but it’s good genre fare if you ignore the plot holes, and the Candyman became a horror icon thanks to Todd’s powerful presence. My review.

Bernardo Bertolucci obituary.

His contributions to cinema, great as they are, pale in comparison to his contributions to cinema nudity.

Yes, he directed 21 feature films and won Oscars as both a writer and director.

But the name of this blog is not Other Great Stuff. I’ll leave the encomiums to the experts, like Marty Scorsese.

From our perspective, he’s the one who directed Eva Green in The Dreamers and Maria Schneider in Last Tango in Paris. He’s the one who got a young Thandie Newton naked in Besieged and even got Debra Winger to strip in The Sheltering Sky. He managed to film nude scenes from Liv Tyler and Rachel Weisz in the same film (Stealing Beauty). And that list only scratches the surface. There’s Stefania Sandrelli, Dominique Sanda …

We owe him so much.

Enough to forgive him for Little Buddha.


UPDATE from the comment section:

The death of Nicolas Roeg should also be noted. He gave us Jenny Agutter in Walkabout, Amanda Donohoe in Castaway, the classic sex scene in Don’t Look Now, and one of the most memorable nude classics in Full Body Massage. The Man Who Fell to Earth had some memorable nudity as well. He was married to Theresa Russell and she was naked in Bad Timing. Oh yeah, he was also one of the most interesting and innovative filmmakers of all-time, though I don’t know how much I actually enjoyed his work.

Trivia: He was second-unit cinematographer on Lawrence of Arabia. He’s the second 90+ year old crew member on that film to die this year after editor Anne V. Coates passed in May.


Scoop’s note:

I didn’t know how to eulogize Nic Roeg without breaking the rule about speaking ill, which is to say honestly, of the recently deceased. Roeg was a perfect illustration of the Peter Principle. He was a wonderful cinematographer, who reached his level of incompetence as a director. He had absolutely no sense of narrative or pacing, although his films always looked great because of his cinematographer’s eye. In fact, he took the rare split roles of director/cinematographer in Walkabout.

In all of his years in the film industry he was never nominated for an Oscar, and was only nominated for three BAFTAs, two of which were for cinematography. He lost all three times. To be fair, he perhaps should have received an Oscar nomination for his outstanding cinematography in Far From the Madding Crowd.

He did win the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award from the “Transilvania Film Society,” so we know he was huge in the vampire set! (Wikipedia says “Transilvania” is the Romanian spelling.)

Too soon?

As the commenter noted, there’s no disputing his contribution to screen nudity, and thanks to the internet, we don’t actually have to watch any of his boring and poorly edited movies to see the nude scenes. So, Nic, thanks for the mammaries.

“Meade who plays a porn actress on ‘The Deuce,’ demanded she have an intimacy coordinator for sex scenes on the latest season of her hit show. While common in the theater world, such a demand was unprecedented in the TV and film industries. HBO not only said yes, they decided that from now on all of their shows involving sexual content would have intimacy coordinators.”