Trevor Noah’s theme was that Trump’s speech was exactly identical to his 2016 speeches

Colbert noted the same thing, but his most hilarious take was when he made fun of Trump’s brags about crowd size. (Contrary to what you might have heard, there was zero overflow, there were empty seats inside, and Colbert’s staffers were able to buy tickets at the last minute after their press credentials were denied.)

R.I.P. Zeffirelli

More important to us than his artistic accomplishments, he introduced many to Olivia Hussey’s chest. Oh, yeah, and to some guy named Shakespeare. That was Z’s real triumph, I suppose. His Romeo and Juliet brought a lot of young people to the theater to watch something written by Billy Shakespeare, the ol’ Bard himself.

“In stark contrast to official statements offered more than a decade ago, a 2008 fire at Universal Studios Hollywood destroyed a staggering number of original master recordings stored there by the Universal Music Group. The devastation, which company officials downplayed or outright dismissed after the fire was extinguished 11 years ago this month, is breathtaking in scope.”

I have no problem with these, but it seems to be an error of omission when you introduce this topic without making Groundhog Day one of the choices.

Groundhog Day is deep. Bill Murray’s character doesn’t get it right the first time, or perhaps for years. He does what any human would do in the situation. Early on, he uses his knowledge of that day to play God. Then, he uses it to have fun and get women. Then, he is filled with despair and tries to end it with his own death. Then, after trying every crass and immature thing he can think of, he finally realizes that he can actually enjoy his fate if he is reliving a great day, so he makes it so. He makes himself a better person, but the transformation happens only after many missteps. Exactly what would happen to anybody really caught in the situation.

And how many screwball comedies do you know in which the lead character quotes Chekhov and recites French poetry?

“This August at the Prospect Park Music Pagoda, Torn Out will present its fourth au naturel production: an anthology called Mere Flesh and Blood. The show will include scenes from all three of the group’s previous offerings, as well as excerpts from other works, including Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew and Richard III.”

Richard III?

“Some pants, some pants! My kingdom for some pants!”

“When Rowdy Herrington’s ‘Road House’ kicked its way into U.S. movie theaters on May 19, 1989, the vast majority of American moviegoers avoided it like the local dive bar notorious for stabbings and spent shell casings in the parking lot.”

If you read this page regularly, you know that the hero of this film, Dalton (Patrick Swayze), is a philosopher-bouncer upon whose teaching I have based my life.

To quote the greatest philosopher-pornographer-critic in history, “Roadhouse is a cinema classic and one of the most entertaining movies ever made. It is the White Trash Hamlet; the Redneck Romeo and Juliet; Macbeth with a Mullet; Timon of Athens, Georgia. I doubt whether making a great comedy was the original intention, but as gamblers say, ‘The cards speak for themselves.'”

Just about nobody has seen this film in years. It was almost as if it had never existed. Although it is nearly 30 years old, it has only 108 votes on IMDb, and only four external reviews, all from minor sources, all written in the past month, following release of a new Blu-Ray. Here is an excellent commentary about the the film and the new Blu-Ray release.

At any rate, we now know why there seems to be a 20-year nudity gap in Melissa’s career from 1985 to 2005. There wasn’t any gap after all. It turns out that she was getting naked, but nobody saw it!

Following the jump is a summary of the film from IMDb, if you are interested. (Total spoilers)

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“The Episode 6 teaser trailer and photos only include the sorts of things you would expect after watching Episode 5, which means there’s plenty of speculation to go around.”

Of course she will die. Obviously she has become her father, yet another mad Targaryen.

The only question is how she will die.

Geeky commentary follows:

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He participates in a circuit called “Bar Wrestling,” which I assume is like “Saloon Singing,” except potentially fatal.

Although I guess saloon singing could have been fatal if you stole a prime gig from Sinatra.

“Last November Arquette was hospitalized after suffering an infection when his neck was slashed by a glass tube in an extreme exhibition match against Nick Gage. The 47-year-old admits that the ‘scary’ injury came just centimeters from his main artery and could have been his last moment on earth.”