All the famous “harem girl” shots are from an alternate version of Era Lui, Si! Si! (1951)

Per IMDb, “Nude scenes — including one featuring a topless Sophia Loren — were filmed for the alternate French release.” Sophia told an interviewer: “For the French version, they wanted me to have my chest bare. I did not want to but … I was hungry. After the scene, they come and say they must do some still pictures of me with nothing on top. I thought it had to be.”

If that French version still exists, it has never made it onto the internet at all. The rumor is that Sophia’s husband, producer Carlo Ponti Sr., destroyed all the prints of the topless version, so that only the stills remain.

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Even the tame Italian variant has been impossible to find for years (I have never seen it), but the Cinema Sirens site, as shown below, did claim to have that version for sale some years ago. I don’t know whether that is still true.

After years of searching I am pleased to share the fact that on Friday we mastered for DVD distribution a piece of movie…

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I always thought of Leann Rimes as a better-than-average country singer. Dumb me. This shows that she is one of the best damn vocalists on the planet. I was floored by the range of her performances. I think she was a better Janis Joplin than the original – and I love Janis Joplin. And she brought the entire house to tears with her version of “When the Party’s Over.”

Dawn’s death leaves Tina Louise (Ginger) as the only surviving cast member from the Île de Gilligan.

Dawn did no nudity in her career, but there was the scene below in a 1965 episode of Gilligan’s Island, specifically s2e2, which was titled “Gilligan Saw My Ass Cheeks.”

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This was probably my favorite episode except for the one where the professor built a speculum out of palm fronds and gave Ginger a complete gynecological check-up. Gilligan accidentally stumbled upon the makeshift examining room, and the professor had to hit him on the head with a coconut so he would forget the traumatic sight.

Things were going well until the application of Gilligan’s First Law, which states that any memory loss caused by a falling coconut will be reversed when the victim is struck by a second coconut. For years after his memory was restored, Gilligan was a haunted man, fearing to gaze upon any sort of opening, because his mind would automatically replace the object with the image of Ginger’s coochie.

Gilligan was in therapy for years after they left the island.

They say he never recovered, but some of the mental illness might have been caused by the many concussions he received from being constantly thrashed by the skipper’s hat.

Not to mention falling coconuts.

21 W 52nd Street is a NY landmark. If you got a reservation at 21 in its heyday, you might have spotted Al Jolson, Jack Kennedy, Judy Garland, Frank Sinatra, Papa Hemingway, Mickey Mantle, Marilyn Monroe or Steve Allen as they moved in and out of one of the many private areas. They were some of the many patrons recognized by the general public, but there were just as many regulars whose faces were unfamiliar, but whose bank accounts could support regular visits.

Like many institutions in the hospitality industry, it is unable to function profitably as a restaurant during the COVID crisis. Nobody can predict what will happen when the crisis ends. It may yet re-emerge.

I don’t know whether I really give a crap, but I don’t think Trump ever dresses like this. I think he always golfs in a white shirt and unpatterned pants.

I was interested in this, but not to vote. I don’t know enough of the choices. I just wanted to find out who and what were getting dissed these days.

While I was there, I cast my vote for The Last Days of American Crime. I’ve seen a few films in my day, and that was one of the worst, featuring a truly bizarre performance from Michael Pitt, who once seemed to have a respectable career but now seems to be headed for the unenviable status as the Grade-Z Nicolas Cage.

“His performance is gross and offensive, the worst gayface in a long, long time. It’s horrifically bad.”

“I used to think that it was permissible for a straight actor to play a gay character in some circumstances; now I’m willing to go hard-line against it if it means denying James Corden even one future role.”

Wait! James Corden is straight? Go figure.

I’m trying a new system this year (we used it with some of the specialty polls, but never with the “Scene of the Year” voting). I didn’t pre-screen any nominees. I accepted anyone’s nominations. As a result, we need kind of a screening process to winnow the choices down to a manageable number. So this is not the actual vote, but rather a preliminary process to determine which candidates make the run-off. I can then take a reasonable amount of them and set up the balloting with thumbnails and links.

Make your selections here.

I know there are way too many choices. The choices are listed in random order, different for every voter, so the ones you ignore will balance out. Therefore, I think the important thing is for you to order the ones you think are your personal top twenty or thirty (or less if you just don’t know enough about the choices). If you want to try to split hairs all the way down, you can, but I didn’t. I stuck with the ones that really made enough of an impression on me that I could recall them without references. I just tried to drag my top favorites into approximately the right order.

Page uses both he/him and they/them pronouns, and describes himself as transgender and non-binary, meaning that his gender identity is neither man nor woman.”

Back in his woman days, Elliot placed two since in the top eight in our best nude scenes of 2016, and then of course did an epic nude scene with Kate Mara last year in the best nude scenes of 2019.

He was 6’7″ and 275 pounds of solid muscle, and pretty much had to be in order to wear Vader’s 40-pound costume through grueling filming, often in hot weather.

Something I learned from the article, but you megafans probably know already: given Prowse’s size and strength, George Lucas gave him two options – Vader or Chewbacca.

In the original trilogy, Vader was not a one-man effort. Five guys contributed. Prowse basically just did the bit of walking around and looking intimidating. James Earl Jones did the voice, another man did the heavy breathing, and two others did specialty scenes: a trained swordsman did the lightsaber duels; another actor provided the face for Vader’s unmasked death scene.

I’m thinkin’ those scientists may want to tinker with their formulas a bit. Put Bella Hadid and Gal Gadot side by side and ask a hundred people, fifty of each gender, which is more beautiful. I’m guessing Gal wins something like 75-25.

You don’t need to use Gal Gadot in the example. I’m sure you can find a hundred famous women who would beat Hadid by similar margins.