The COVID mini-update for Monday is here.

About the only major update from last week is that America’s testing percentage is now on the decline. It’s not a rapid decline, but it is moving in the right direction.

The overall stability of the numbers (27.2% positive tests vs. last week’s 28.8%) does not reflect the situation accurately. The USA is a large country, so different parts of the land are hit at different times. The deceptively steady national number actually includes some large increases and some large decreases. In some states where the Omicron wave hit early (e.g. New Jersey, which dropped 11 points last week) , the rates are dropping fairly rapidly, while the states with delayed Omicron waves have not yet turned the corner, so some of them (e.g. Idaho and Oklahoma) are still rising sharply.

219 thoughts on “COVID update

  1. New local update: Steady. Beds/ICU, plateau. Cases, still exploding. Test+, up to 15%. As @US says, good news. Contingently. Things will change. Not all of it will be good. Context, high local buy-in: 1+ shots, 88%. 3+ shots, still rising, now 42%. Yet, end doesn’t seem in sight.

    See latest Ed Yong reporting on tests: too little, too late. Consensus rising that CDC broken. Leaders Walensky/Fauci strived to make do with a bad hand, finally resorting to breaking ranks, but still a mess.

    My summary of failures would be… Mainly, many little things could have been done, but were locked out by institutional inertia, turf protection by medical professionals & healthcare industry.

    Like, masks, ventilation, mass tests (home/antigen, comprehensive gene sequencing), more vaccines, emphasis on low-skill delivery, mass distribution (freezer bottleneck a deal-breaker).

    Funding trials for solutions (vaccines & treatments) would’ve been trivial next to mfg prepay (which in our system is necessary for mass prod). But fans, opening a window, funding masks & cheap antigen tests, many lost chances to mitigate, get on top of the situation early. Finally, we’re starting to shut the barn door, but the horses are long since gone. Well, nuff said.

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