Brie Larsen working out in a skin-tight outfit

Her outfit seems to be made of vinyl, although that would probably be too hot for a workout. Whatever the fabric, it’s tight, it’s shiny and it’s bright blue.

And it’s eye-catching.

3 thoughts on “Brie Larsen working out in a skin-tight outfit

    1. Or so some guy with a bunch of latex to move will have you believe…anyway, mainly just amazed to see Popoholic guy go an entire post without using the word “drool”. Star the course, big guy, and keep that thesaurus handy.

  1. I’d call it latex rubber. There was a fad for dresses made of it some years ago, and you can still buy them. I could not find a quick example that was not a sales link, but just do a Google image search for latex rubber dress and you can see lots of them.

    That seems just as bad, or worse, than vinyl for exercise gear, but I assume the appearance is the point.

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