Brainscan contributed some new looks at one of Mia’s sisters.

Tisa kicked around as an actress for a decade or so in the USA, then made three Eurocrap movies in Italy before finally calling it quits and going to nursing school.

Tisa Farrow in Some Call It Loving (1973)

She was 21 then, and very lovely. Her career seemed to be on a solid foundation, as she got some good notices for a starring role in a movie with Richard Pryor.

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Tisa Farrow in The Last Hunter (1980)

Although she had a starring role in this Italian film, she decided that her career had not turned out as expected, and she gave up acting.

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UPDATE: a gallery of 2160hd caps

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Film clip here


This is her best nude scene, and the best lit by far, but she has done screen nudity in the past:

In 2015, she appeared topless in two episodes of Rogue

Rogue, s3e15

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Rogue, s3e18
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Here’s a compilation clip for her Rogue scenes.

And in 2021, she had a short topless scene in Aftermath

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This is the latest spam theme that pops up in my email.

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Plus I don’t really have time to control the world today. I have to get a haircut.

I believe I have may have rickrolled myself by clicking on something I posted a decade earlier, so that would be a simple self-rickroll, but since he is Rick, this constitutes the dreaded meta-self-rickroll.

Is this now the most famous song in the world? I’ll bet Rick could sing this in any country to a crowd of any age group, and the audience would sing along enthusiastically in English. He is now the world’s cultural ambassador because the world has been rickrolled. (Possibly excepting North Korea?)