Venezuela could eventually have 1 million percent inflation. 

“The situation in Venezuela is similar to that in Germany in 1923 or Zimbabwe in the late 2000s.” It’s a reminder that even a failed state such as Venezuela can still fail some more. Which it almost certainly will.”

“$333,333 worth of bolivars in 2012 would be worth $1 today.”

End of an era: Necco wafers have ceased production

“They were manufactured by the New England Confectionery Company (hence “NECCO”), the Boston candy makers who claimed they were the “oldest continuously operating candy company” in the land, even providing Civil War soldiers with Necco Wafers. And that’s just the thing you want to snack on in our age of sugary excess: a candy that even a syphilitic soldier who just saw his brother die of a musket wound would call the most disappointing thing about his day.”