The Covid-19 baby bust is here

Nine months after the pandemic began, birthrates began to fall

One thought on “The Covid-19 baby bust is here

  1. Evangelical conservatives: have a bunch of babies as our cult intended!

    Also evangelical conservatives: fuck off if you ever want to have a child and be able to afford it, become a wage slave to the rich.

    None of this is shocking. I don’t see why anyone would willingly wish to have a child in this era. Old ass conservatives boomers have essentially scorched the earth for their own greed, and expect people who can’t even make a living wage to have plans for the future with owning a house and having a child? The fuck if that’s ever going to happen when half this country is brainwashed to complain about what Dr Seuss books are in circulation or not, as opposed to why the people they vote for willingly funnel their labor and money to billionaires.

    At this point with how sad this species is, it’s probably better to let the birth rate collapse.

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