One of Bev D’Angelo’s earliest topless scenes (.gif)

Beverly D’Angelo in First Love (1977)

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She made her nude debut (of sorts) the previous year in an unlikely place – a broadcast network mini-series! Her areola was barely perceptible for a frame or two in Captains and the Kings – but it was clearly there (see below). The first three episodes of that series represented not only her nude debut, but her film/TV acting debut as well.

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Time slips away from us, as marked by the fact that Bev, an early crush for some of us, is now 70 years old, although I think she looks younger.

2 thoughts on “One of Bev D’Angelo’s earliest topless scenes (.gif)

  1. Beverly D’Angelo possesses one of Hollywood’s all-time great racks. The mid 70s was a time where tv was pushing some boundaries. Elizabeth Montgomery had a little bit of similar nudity as Lizzie Borden and there were fully topless women in Roots. There were a few movies here and there with some nudity left in. Before cable so this is all we got. I wonder what would have happened if the Supreme Court had gone the other way in the FCC censorship case? The FCC only won the ability to censor broadcast media by a single vote.

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