Alicia Silverstone is naked for PETA again

This time she’s campaigning against leather.

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The previous time she did this, it was part of an anti-wool campaign

8 thoughts on “Alicia Silverstone is naked for PETA again

  1. Apple leather?!? Now they’re just sticking words together. Plus you know if this ad works in a few years it will be “Do you know how many apples died to make that belt?”

    Nice ass though

  2. I had no idea wool was considered murder now. I suppose now that fur is pretty much a think of the past, they needed a new crusade.

  3. As the sheep are bred to be shawn is she advocating killing all the sheep.
    Given the choice of a hair cut or bolt gun i’d go for a number 4

    1. I think the word is either shorn or sheared. Sorry, sometimes I like to show off my vast vocabulary or whatever it’s called.

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