A .gif of Joey King totally naked in The Act (2019)

This scene represents her only nudity to date.

4 thoughts on “A .gif of Joey King totally naked in The Act (2019)

  1. It’s obvious that when they told her she had to shave for the role, she misunderstood.

    Is there a still frame when you can clearly see her nipple? Cuz otherwise it’s just an ass/side-boob shot, and “totally naked” might be technically true but quite misleading.

  2. I think we’re waiting for the right role. She’s whipsmart with her career. Does exactly what she wants. She never showed skin, then got this massive award bait role and bam, naked.

    You get her an offer of an Oscar bait role that’s got serious skin time? Joey’s clothes will vanish. For art and the chance at a statue, she’ll show whatever she needs to show.

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