Two scenes we will probably never see on HD media

Back in the VHS days, there were uncut releases of Chained Heat (1983) and Cat Chaser (1989), but all post-VHS versions have been censored.

The digital versions of Chained Heat include some of the Linda Blair nudity, but have completely cut the scene where she is raped by … Dean Wormer!

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The post-VHS versions of Cat Chaser are not missing an entire scene, but they don’t include the very graphic frames where Kelly McGillis completely opens her legs on camera

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10 thoughts on “Two scenes we will probably never see on HD media

  1. Linda should’ve had the Oscar for The Exorcist. She put in a brilliant, powerful performance for a young teen new to the biz. But they shafted her, and she went downhill from there. When your boyfriend is Rick James and you’re starring in Sybil Danning prison flicks, your career path is bound to suffer. But with her outstanding tits, I can’t really blame her. Good scripts weren’t coming in, so she went that route and presumably made a few bucks back in the day.

    1. She did get an Oscar nomination, but lost out to an even younger actress, Tatum O’Neil.

      1. Plus it was revealed after the nominations that Mercedes McCambridge had been Satan’s voice, not Linda so she was considered flash in the pan after that

  2. Heard McGillis was so disturbed shooting this scene for Abel Ferrara it was the main reason she went to TV movies for the rest of her career

  3. I spent the summer after my second year of law school and my entire third year working in a legal clinic assisting inmates at the Alderson Federal Prison Camp for Women. Ever since then I like to joke that all those women in prison movies lied to me. The women in those movies were generally much more attractive than the inmates I met through the clinic. But the work was gratifying in many other ways in that most of the women we assisted really needed our help. While we did occasionally assist women with appeals, most of our work involved other issues. For instance, we would draft temporary custody awards that technically didn’t have any legal authority. But they would generally work to allow whomever the women had designated to care for their children to do things like registering them for school or to get them medical care. Many of the women would have minor state charges pending for things like shoplifting or bad checks. But so long as those charges were pending they would be ineligible for placement in halfway houses or other programs designed to help them shorten their sentences. So we would reach out to the state authorities to help them resolve the charges.

    Some of those women had stories that would break your heart or infuriate you. For instance, I had a recent Alderson arrival come to see me because she had been raped by a guard at the Federal Transfer Center in Oklahoma. One lesson you learned in the clinic is that you couldn’t believe everything an inmate told you. But she appeared truthful to me and I had also read about a similar attack at the same location in another inmates file. She filed a complaint with the Alderson officials and my professor reached out to someone he knew at the Justice Department. I hope they nailed the guard’s ass to the wall. After working in that clinic, I am OK not watching the missing Linda Blair/John Vernon scene.

    But the story that really infuriated me was something else. An African-American woman came to see me and began with “I am 54-years old, I have never been in trouble with the law in my life, and I don’t know why I am here.” I read her presentence investigation report and the answer made me angry. Her son, who lived at home, was a crack dealer. She told me she knew what he did, but told him to never bring anything illegal into her home. But she had been charged with maintaining a facility in furtherance of a drug conspiracy. Reading between the lines, it was clear that the prosecutor had wanted the son to testify against someone, but he had refused. So they must have told him, if you don’t testify, we are going to send your mama to prison. He must have refused because they sent her to Alderson. Her lawyer advised her to take a plea because they had enough evidence that the son would keep drugs at home and if she had lost at trial she would have gotten a longer sentence, possibly at a harsher prison. While I get that the threat won’t work if people don’t think you will go through with it, that is still no excuse for sending an innocent woman to prison because her son is a criminal.

  4. Never say never. These were shot and released on film, and film turns up in the darndest places. For most of my movie-going life, there has a constant trickle of silent movies that were thought to be lost being rediscovered. Argentina turned out to have a full-length, original release copy of Fritz Lang’s “Metropolis” (reduced to 16mm, but still full length).

  5. I remember back in the day Linda would go to swinger parties. I remember a picture of her sitting on a bed with one of her boobs out while other where having sex around her in a magazine. She looks hot as hell.

    So many great nude scenes lost. Time for Hollywood to sink into the pacific.

  6. Fucking travesty. Just another reason to turn your back on Hollywood. Before you know it, they will be out of business.

    1. None of the top 100 all-time box office movies had nudity except Titanic so cutting to the chase, you’re a fucking idiot! Full stop!

      Have a lovely day …

      1. Hell even a lot of the top selling R Rated movies don’t have any skin or have very little.

        I guess capitalism has decided most of us are prudes and only want to see horrible violence. The top selling R Rated movie of all time has no skin and its a half-assed Falling Down remake.

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