“Let me finish. Let me finish. Answer me: Did you or did you not try to put a new spin on the classic Christmas tale? The nation needs answers.”

“At press time, Universal Pictures had banned Acosta from doing any press interviews for their film.”

“The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 says migrants can claim asylum regardless of how they crossed the border and some legal experts have said the changes could violate that law.”

Wait! So what? Since when did Trump worry about some wimpy-ass laws? He and his team don’t need no stinkin’ badges.

He has already declared that the President doesn’t have to obey any laws he considers unconstitutional. In essence, this means he doesn’t have to obey any laws at all, since he can simply say he considers any inconvenient ones to be unconstitutional. Of course, the Supreme Court can overrule him, but that takes time, and he’s got them on his team now …

So laws are merely pieces of paper to be crumpled and discarded.

Those are some amazing numbers. I guess it must be a seller’s market, because Harper has been hot and cold. The biggest plus is that he’s only 26 and probably has his best years ahead of him, but he has batted below .250 in two of the last three years, and is averaging only 29 homers and 91 RBI per year in that period.

If that’s Harper’s market value, how the hell much would Mike Trout be worth on the open market?

Anyway, back to the point …

The White Sox are supposedly pursuing Harper, but several people have concluded that only about three or four teams in the game (1) can afford him; and (2) can offer him a chance at a ring. The Sox are never mentioned in that group. NBC Sports thinks he’s destined for the Phillies, but acknowledges the interest shown by the White Sox.

I have stated this many times, but if I were his age and had his talent, I would proactively try to play in Colorado, where my talents would produce the best results. Coors Field is a place where a hitter like Altuve could approach .400 and a slugger like Stanton could challenge Bonds’ homer record without any help from the needles. Playing there for a decade would punch Harper’s ticket for Cooperstown. All of that would be true at any time, but there is a special bonus in doing it now, because the Rockies already have a contending team without him, so he could be their entry pass into the post-season.

Can they afford him? I dunno. That part of the equation is beyond my pay grade, but if I were their owner and knew that Harper was interested, I’d try to find the money.

The latest White House shenanigans.

First Sanders claimed that reporter Acosta “put his hands on a young woman.” This lie was ridiculous enough because the press conference was filmed, but then she doubled down by issuing a fake video produced by Infowars to support her claim.

It doesn’t seem to me that Sanders would have either told the lie or presented the crudely edited video on her own authority. Not because she lacks the initiative, but because she’s not totally stupid.

Oh, I just realized that Sean Spicer claimed the 2017 inaugural crowd size was larger than the one in 2009, when evidence clearly demonstrated the contrary, and he’s not stupid either.

I can’t imagine who could have been behind these obvious and foolish lies. Only a complete idiot would have made the decision to do this.

Oh, never mind.

A look at the exit polls

The sharpest divisions are, in order of the distance between them: race, religion, age, gender, education. (Age and gender are actually about even in terms of the splits.)

In general, minorities voted 76% blue, compared to 44% for whites.

In general, Protestants and Evangelicals voted 42% blue, compared to 60% for all others. This is a key division because the two groups are not only sharply divided, but of nearly equal size.

In general, people under 45 voted 61% blue, compared to 49% for older Americans. (Surprisingly, people under 45 represent only about 1/3 of the voters.)

In general, women voted 59% blue, compared to 47% for men.

In general, the college educated voted 59% blue, compared to 49% for others.

Here’s an interesting fact I never noticed before: there are no additional significant splits within the minority votes. Younger minorities vote like their elders. Female minorities vote like their male counterparts. College-educated minorities vote like those without educations. This is completely opposite to the white group, which is deeply divided in all respects: males are more conservative; older people are more conservative; and the poorly educated are more conservative.

On the basis of the aggregated data, education doesn’t seem to divide Americans as deeply as other factors, but that is misleading because of a point I just noted: educated minorities vote exactly the same as uneducated minorities. When you look at the splits among whites alone, they become more sharply defined. That is Trump’s base: the poorly educated white people. And that’s the them-vs-us that defines America at the moment. It’s the uneducated white people against everyone else, and they are more than 40% of the electorate, so they are pouring red all over the ballot boxes. (See the chart below)

If you consolidate the info in that chart, it looks like this:

Voted Democratic Voted Republican
whites with no college degree 37% 61%
everyone else 64% 34%


There is no specific exit poll data for older white men with no degree, but you have to figure that is the truly major red territory. It may split 4-1 for the GOP. President Trump and some of his surrogates know exactly how to play to that audience. (Sean Hannity is a good example of someone who not only plays to them, but is actually one of them. Trump himself is not an older, uneducated white man, but you would certainly assume he was if you came out of a coma not knowing who he is, then met him socially.)

Maitland in interracial porn

The site is tricky. The words “free download” are written in tiny print
between two ads, and then you have to keep watching that same space for the follow-up links (after an annoying Capcha). The download is a four-minute extract.

You should be able to watch the entire tape in quite HQ here. (I watched a few seconds of the beginning, then fast-forwarded to somewhere about 60% in, and everything went OK. I didn’t have the patience to watch 33 minutes of porn.)

Poor Sarah Sanders. Can you imagine making a living trying to defend Trump?

I know that Trump is a weak person with a fragile ego, and thus is terrified to appear before any audience that is not hand-selected, but it’s difficult to conceive that the President of the United States is afraid of some wussy reporter asking questions.

Cue up Count Floyd and his 3D (White) House of Terror

Arooooo! Did you hear those questions, kids? With all those adverbs and other parts of speech? They were coming right at you. Right at you. Mighty scary. Arooooooooo!

Two out of every three voters say Trump was a factor in their House vote, with 26 percent saying they cast their vote to express support for the president and 38 percent saying their vote was to oppose the president. The remainder — one-third of midterm voters — said Trump’s performance as president was not a factor in their House vote.

He has Stone dead to rights on a little-used law that makes it illegal to be a bullshitting buffoon.

Stone would probably be an important figure in the investigation if any of his bragging and wild-eyed claims were true. The chances of that are about the same as the chances that Keanu Reeves will play King Lear with the RSC.

In a way, Stone is kind of an idiot savant. He has made himself the McGuffin! At one time or another, he has probably claimed to be wielding more influence that the Illuminati, so all of the things he has told people need to be investigated. All of his silly claims to have important contacts and influence have been an effective red herring, distracting Mueller’s investigators when they could have been following real leads instead of learning that Stone did indeed claim a direct line to Putin or Assange or Guccifer, but was actually just lying to make himself seem more important.

Neal said he intends to obtain (Trump’s tax returns) using a law that gives heads of the congressional tax-writing committees the right to request any American’s tax returns. The panel could then make them public with a simple majority vote.

He’s going to do it using a law?

That fiend!

Fortunately for the GOP, Trump does not believe in laws.

(Although, oddly enough, he does believe in the Tooth Fairy, which left several hundred million dollars under his pillow when he was little. And, luckily for Trump, money from the Tooth Fairy is not taxable income.)

Sessions has resigned at Trump’s request

The acting Attorney General, Matthew Whitaker appears to be a political hack who has criticized the Mueller investigation. In 2017, Whitaker told CNN’s Don Lemon that he could see a scenario where Sessions is replaced with an attorney general who “reduces (Mueller’s) budget so low that his investigation grinds to almost a halt.”