This is a scene from Sirens, one of the greatest movies of all time for those who like to see famous women naked. It features full-frontal nudity from Elle, Portia de Rossi, Tara Fitzgerald and others. Elle gained about 20 pounds for the role to make herself seem more like her character, a sensuous and beautiful rural tomboy.

The movie is well worth a look if you need to place one on your “to see” list. As I wrote in my review, the film would be watchable without the nudity, and the nudity is spectacular. Even Hugh Grant is good in this movie. His role called for an intelligent, but immature, man filled with false modesty. When you get right down to it, the screenwriter must have been picturing Grant when he wrote it. It’s like writing a part for a totally unfunny douchebag who imagines himself humorous, and then casting Pauly Shore.

Writer/director John Duigan has nothing else in his resume that compares to this in terms of nudity, but (to quote myself):

“Writer/director John Duigan has had some disappointing outings, but his work in the 90’s had a remarkable blend of intellect, flair, and sensuousness. I want to think that the absolutely terrible ‘Paranoid’ was just a huge aberration in his career. If St Peter asks my opinion, as he so often does, Duigan gets into heaven just on the basis of Sirens alone.

Although, frankly, we’re gonna miss this horny bastard down in hell.”

As far as I know Duigan, now 69, is still alive, although he has no IMDb credits in the past six years. Not sure what he’s up to.