That’s a mighty fine booty from a woman who once dated Alexander the Great. (She was actually 54.)

She looks even better from the front. In pics from the same day in the same bikini, she could pass for 30 – possibly lookin’ better than Hurley, who is about the same age. (There is also a pretty nice and fairly current nude of her further down that page.)

That means “Naked French Chicks Onscreen,” and some of them this week are especially naked, notably Laetitia Dosch and Laure Massard.

new pics 02/19:

Laetitia Dosch in “passion simple”:   naked again



Laure Massard in “passion” & “loup et chien”:   hot!



Camille Rutherford in “plein noir” & “neuf meufs”:   just nominated for a Cesar award


Megan Northam in “Iemanja”:

Valérie Dashwood in “Paris police 1900”:

Laure Millet in “ta robe cintrée” & “elle et lui”:


Laura Sepul in “Hey Joe”:

Fanny Alie in “Hey Joe”:


Hsiao-Yin Lin in le rideau””:


Gala Besson in “cold ground”:

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French version of this week’s update, with comments.

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