The final recap is ready, including links to film clips.

  • Here is the extensive list of nominees. Open nominations were permitted for a full month, and ninety names were submitted. That list includes links to captures from each nominated performance.
  • Here are the results of the qualifying round, which determined which of the nominees would appear on the final ballot, and how they would be seeded. Fifty six actresses moved to the final round based on having received at least one first-place vote, and four others were advanced based on a good overall score. In that round, Emma Corrin had the most first-place votes and Sydney Sweeney had the best overall score. In the final voting they would finish #4 and #3 respectively.
  • Here is the final vote tally. In this portion of the balloting, voters had to choose only the one scene they felt to be the very best, so some of the scenes that did fairly well in the qualifying round (like Aubrey Plaza in The White Lotus), dropped far down the leader board because they clearly were not the very best scene of the year.

Boryana Manoilova completely naked from several angles in s3e3 of Gomorrah

Boryana is awesome, but there are other cool things about this scene as well. They managed to secure a shooting location which appears to be directly next to and overlooking Nevsky Cathedral, the most famous landmark in Sofia, and the very heart of the city. The location is so close that the cathedral is actually a backdrop in some of the shots.

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Say what you want about Satan, but he really runs a top school: Lucifer Prep has the top SAT scores in the country, and is a perennial national powerhouse in hockey, which is Satan’s personal favorite sport, although he really only enjoys the fights.

Their supporters chant “Rah-rah for the old black and even darker black,” and the fans of the Ol’ Ebon Tide really build a helluva bonfire for the homecoming game.

It’s probably the only school that closes for religious observances on October 31 and April 20 (Hitler’s Birthday).

Collages by Brainscan from Tuna’s captures:

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