If you read this page and/or watch Domina, you know she still looks great with her clothes off at 43.

Here’s an overview of her past nudity, all of which is centered in Italy, where she settled after migrating from Poland.


When she was about 20, she worked as a model. This layout was published in 2001 or earlier in an Italian magazine. (It was in a 2001 edition of the Fun House)

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In 2007 she appeared topless in Nelle Tue Mani

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in Ma il cielo e sempre piu blu (also 2007)

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in Allacciate le cinture (2014)

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In Maraviglioso Boccacio (2015)

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In Loro (2018)

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In Diavoli (s1e5, 2020)

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She was also nude in several Playboy appearances, including a pictorial shot in 1959 which proclaimed her the as Playmate of the Month in January of 1960. It took more than a decade for her to make her movie nude debut in The Ballad of Cable Hogue (1970, when she was already in her 30s).

She did nude scenes in:

The Ballad of Cable Hogue (1970, age 31)

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Las Vegas Lady (1975, age 36)

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Monster in the Closet (1986, age 47)

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Stella passed away this February. She had not performed in nearly two decades, and had been in a long-term care facility since 2016.

Now that’s a protest I can support. (They have been doing this for years.)

Not that I really care that much about the cause. It’s just that I am easily duped by naked women, with or without the horns. Thank heaven that topless women never protest in support of Putin or beets. I’m OK if they are pro-bulls. I always root for the bulls.

Especially Rodman.