The nudity in Shattered, a new release

The movie itself disappointed me because I was expecting a twisty erotic femme fatale thriller, and it really turned out to be a splatter film in which the obligatory femme fatale is batshit crazy. The film revealed the mystery before the halfway point, then spent the last half with the main characters torturing, maiming and slashing one another

Not only is Shattered not that thrilling, but it’s not that erotic either. The nudity is disappointing.

  • The Lilly Krug sex scenes are dark and oddly edited.
  • Ash Santos is naked for about three frames, and she’s a corpse.
  • The naked yoga woman is pleasant to look at, but is just an unidentified extra whose scenes have no bearing on the plot other than to keep John Malkovich looking through a telescope so he can see other scenes which do relate to the plot. (Not that I mind totally gratuitous nudity. In fact, I encourage it.)

Of course, my low opinion is based on my expectations rather than on the film’s actual presentation. I wanted a twisty thriller. I wanted good nudity. I got neither. If you want to see splatter, you might like it more than I did. Some people seemed to like it. It has a most respectable 6.4 rating at IMDb, although that is based on a mere 87 votes, and the more reliable rating from the top 1000 voters is 3.7, which is more in line with my evaluation.

This cheap-jack quickie may mark the low point of John Malkovich’s career. He plays a low-rent hustler and peeping tom. That said, he did bring some creative touches, some humor, and his usual weird energy to the film, which made him the best thing about it. (Although I would have voted for Lilly Krug if her sex scenes had featured some clear nudity, because she’s a mighty fine-lookin’ woman and she even managed to out-weird John Malkovich.)

naked yoga woman

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Ash Santos

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Lilly Krug

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